Routine ultrasound during pregnancy: date, week


Pregnancy is a complex physiological period in a woman’s life. It is very important at this time to comply with the regime, and another time to pass all the examinations, especially those that are included in the screening.

Why ultrasonography is indicated for all pregnant women.

Earlier in the medicine instrumental methods of research were not applied for pregnant women. But after the invention of ultrasound and its widespread distribution, it was included in the screening examination of pregnant women. Due to the need for imaging of the fetus. It is looking at the child can fully appreciate the degree of its development, to identify pathological conditions, and if necessary to conduct a comprehensive therapy. Ultrasound examination allows to assess the condition of the placenta, amniotic fluid, etc.

Abuse ultrasound is not necessary

Ultrasound is the safest method of research for the child and for mother. The method is based on the pitch of ultrasonic sounds (not audible to the human ear) which are reflected from the surface of various organs and tissues and thus form the image. The signal itself lasts for a very short time, then for a time it is processed and produces a picture. The duration of the test is usually 30 minutes. This time will allow us to estimate all the parameters.

Despite the relative safety of ultrasound do not consider that it is harmless. Routine ultrasound during pregnancy is done better in certain terms, and to increase the frequency of treatments are only as directed by your doctor.

When to do the first ultrasound during pregnancy?

Many women wonder at what time an ultrasound shows the baby during pregnancy? And learned about his interesting position, striving to do an ultrasound as early as possible. But do not hurry, because until a certain age can only see the gestational SAC and see the development of the embryo impossible. Gynecologists after registration of pregnancy will tell what month and when to do the procedure ultrasound.

When to do ultrasound the doctor will decide, but usually a routine ultrasound that all pregnant women have to go through in the following terms:

  1. 12 weeks;
  2. 20 weeks;
  3. 30 weeks.
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Screening at 12 weeks pregnant

In 12 weeks it is best to go to the U.S. for the first time. Worldwide, this term is included in the screening. As the size of the fetus and its degree of development at this time is best suited for study. In the period of 12-14 weeks coccyx-parietal size of a fetus is 45-84 mm. At this size the CTE the doctor measures how many mm is the thickness of the nuchal translucency. Need is to identify chromosomal disorders. Normal CTE to 3 mm. At a larger size have a chance of having the disease.

In the case when the 12 weeks runs intravaginal ultrasound, it is possible to determine the length of the cervical canal (cervical canal). If the length is less 30 mm, you may experience the isthmic-cervical insufficiency. With this diagnosis there is a possibility of miscarriage, so pregnant is more under observation.

12 weeks also measure:

  • biparietal head size (BPR);
  • fronto-occipital size (LZR);
  • the volume of the chest and abdomen (EXHAUST gas and coolant, respectively);
  • the length of the thigh (DB).

But these figures are of great value in case of ULTRASONIC screening at a later date.

Ultrasound at 20 weeks

20 weeks is the most informative study. The fact that to this date, the baby was formed, almost all organs may be assessed.

The heart has 4 chambers (like an adult) and 2 duct, which disappear after birth. Kidney and pelvis also formed. The stomach and gallbladder have a cavity, liver and spleen are formed as a body.

Screening at 20 weeks involves measuring the length of bones of the upper and lower limbs. Thigh length of 29 to 37 mm, the length of the shoulder from 26 to 34 mm.

Go to determine the gender of the future heir to the best in 20 weeks. This term is already formed sexual organs, although not completely. In girls, the ovaries already contain a large number of sexual cells, the uterus looks like a full organ, and begins to form a vagina. In boys the sex glands are starting from the abdominal cavity to move into the scrotum.

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20 weeks ULTRASOUND screening is carried out only transabdominal. At the discretion of the doctor to do a Doppler ultrasound. This will allow you to assess the condition blood flow in the placenta. Such a study is usually prescribed when there is a threat of miscarriage.

Ultrasound at 30 weeks of pregnancy

The third ultrasound, according to the screening must be done within the period of 30 weeks, sometimes doing 1-2 weeks later. When to go to the examination decided by the doctor. Almost always at 30 weeks along with an ultrasound scan Doppler.

In this period the baby begins to actively grow and accumulate fat. The child more and more like a baby. Weight is about 1500 grams, and a height of about 40 cm.

Produce a measurement of bone, as in the previous ultrasound. Thigh from 52 to 62 mm, and the shoulder is considerably less femoral bone – from 49 to 57 mm.

Heart is good at his job, very active liver, in utero because she plays the role of hematopoietic organ and reaches large sizes. The baby makes breathing movements and is preparing to take its first breath. In the lungs actively produced surfactant (it is necessary to the alveoli in the lungs did not spadolini). Ready breathe, baby first tries to use the diaphragm, which resembles hiccups.

There is an intense development of the nervous system develop as the nerve cells themselves, and the relationships between them. 30 weeks fiber nerve cells begin to be covered by special myelin sheath. In the brain emerges grooves and convolutions between them.

The baby’s skin is still wrinkled, but due to the increase in subcutaneous fat begins to crack. The hair that covered the skin in the first weeks, it becomes less and they are more thin and soft. Sometimes babies are born with body hair is lanugo, during the first weeks they roll out and leave no trace.

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Due to the intense growth of the child changes the ratio of fetal waters. In the later stages they become relatively small. All this leads to the fact that the kid is getting harder to move, and you have to choose the position in which the child will remain until delivery. The mother in the later stages all the wiggling child become more tangible, so sometimes it’s hard even just to go.

As a rule, the third ultrasound coincides with the release of the pregnant woman on maternity leave.

Sometimes the question arises: in what period an ultrasound shows what is the weight of the child? It is important to understand that the weight of the baby during pregnancy is constantly increasing and a mass determination of the fetus only has value at the last scan.

Any of the routine ultrasound can be done with the child’s father and give the entire family plenty of fun. At the first ultrasound and see the entire baby on the screen, since it’s still small enough. At the second screening, at 20 weeks, it is possible to determine the sex of the child, which is a very important moment for some parents. In 30 weeks you can see the well-formed bodies and prepare for the most happy day. But it’s up to the mother to go alone or with the baby’s father.