That shows ultrasound of the knee joint?


Injuries or inflammatory processes lead to pathologic changes in the joint and surrounding tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons). For correct diagnosis, the doctor prescribes ultrasound. This diagnostic allows you to see the entire affected area and accurately determine the disease.


  1. Ultrasound differs from other diagnostics with its availability due to the small value.
  2. This examination method is absolutely safe even for newborns.
  3. In contrast to x-ray the doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics can explore all the damaged tissue of the joint (articular bags, cartilage, tendons, muscles), to identify the cause of the inflammation.
  4. Ultrasonic diagnosis can be carried out repeatedly. This allows to monitor the recovery process throughout the treatment.
  5. Preparation of the patient before performing the procedure is not required. And the ultrasound takes very little time.

Ultrasound examination of the knee joint

The knee is the largest joint in the human body. Him every day is a big load. Therefore, unlike others, most often vulnerable to the occurrence of pain, which appear due to injury or inflammation of the menisci of the knee joint. Pain complicate daily activities of the patient, and sometimes even lead to disability.

The doctor diagnoses and to confirm the diagnosis, appoints an ultrasonographic examination. Uzist scans front and sides of the knee joint of the patient in the prone position, his legs straightened and relaxed. In order to better examine the articular cartilage of leg bend. If it is necessary to examine posterior, the patient turns onto his stomach for the subsequent ultrasound scanning. Upon completion of uzist handed out the minutes of ultrasonogram.

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Ultrasound Protocol contains the following information:

  • is there any effusion in the upper inversion of the knee joint;
  • if there are foreign bodies;
  • joint fluid is homogeneous or not;
  • injured whether the direct muscle of the thigh;
  • whether the smooth contours of the patella,
  • whether injured ligament of the knee joint;
  • the structure of the fat bodies, the presence of hypertrophy;
  • changes in the structure mediareleases folds, presence of injuries;
  • changes in the structure of the lateral ligaments, the presence of diastasis;
  • the smoothness of the articular surface of the femur, tibia of the knee joint, the presence of bone spurs;
  • the evenness of the surface hyaline cartilage, wear and tear;
  • form, structure, fragmentation, calcination of the inner and outer side of the meniscus;
  • is there a Baker’s cyst.

Ultrasound examination of the ankle joint

Injury of the ankle ligaments most commonly occurs in athletes. The main cause of damage falls on the exposed foot in the inner or outer side. And also, the base may serve as a strong eversion of the foot ago. With such uneven loading of the ankle joint is injured as articular and periarticular tissue. Pain may also occur in inflammatory processes in the ankle area.


  • Trauma (sprain, strain or tear like ligaments and tendons).

  • The inflammatory processes.

When you sprain the patient marked pain, swelling, mild bruising, instability in the ankle joint. Diagnosis and treatment occurs under the supervision of a physician.

Please note! Even when mild symptoms after an ankle injury should have to go to the emergency room for first aid or trauma for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment appointments. Even the slightest damage can be devastating to the ankle in the future, and to contribute to the development of serious diseases.

When rupture of ligaments of a patient is limited in movement or even unable to walk, relying on a damaged ankle joint due to severe pain. Significant tissue swelling, pronounced swelling, and instability of the ankle joint. Often the rupture is accompanied by a hemarthrosis when the blood accumulates near the joint. In this case, the doctor performs a puncture of the ankle. The accumulated fluid is sucked, and after the novocaine is injected.

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Inflammation of the tendons:

  • tendonitis occurs due to chronic stress, which contribute to degenerative changes and tears;
  • paratenon — inflammation occurs due to repeated trauma, is accompanied by the deposition of fibrous tissue.

Tendon rupture ankle joint occurs due to direct blow with a blunt object or a sharp reduction in muscle.

Despite the etiology of the damage to the ankle, the doctor in any case appoint an ultrasound. Since this diagnosis with accuracy shows the presence of injuries to the ankle, the extent of damage, what kind of tissue affected. Even ruptures of the Achilles tendon after 6 weeks remain clearly visible. This allows you to monitor the rehabilitation of a patient using ultrasound.

In the case of surgery on the ankle joint, the doctor over time to designate the ULTRASONIC diagnosis for monitoring vascular response in the area of operations and in the periarticular tissues and also to eliminate the inflammation.