That shows ultrasound of the stomach


Ultrasound examination of the stomach can be called one of the most secure and simple methods of diagnostics of this body. In order to get meaningful results, you need to prepare for the ultrasound of the stomach helped to carry out this procedure at a high level, as it has some features and can not be ignored.

Image acquisition during the ultrasound is due to the fact that the tissue of the organs reflect the sound waves are short range in different ways, depending on its density and structure. Thanks to the sensor image is sent to the monitor screen where you can see all the changes in the internal organs.

  • nausea, profuse vomiting in infants, vomiting;
  • diarrhea, constipation, change in the character of the chair;
  • flatulence;
  • the temperature rise for no apparent reason.

This method in children can be diagnosed a blockage of the esophagus, gastritis, impaired motility of the gastric walls, to see if you have hernia and polyps.

What the ultrasound shows

This study allows the surgeon or gastroenterologist to evaluate the condition of the walls of the stomach, to see if the development of various pathologies, it can be a complement to x-ray and endoscopic examination.

States that shows ultrasound:

  • Polyps and tumors of various etiologies (carcinoma, lymphoma, and mesenchymal tumors).
  • Peptic ulcer disease.
  • Gastritis.
  • Varicose veins of the stomach.
  • Edema of the gastric walls.
  • Pyloric stenosis.

  • The hiatal hernia.
  • The esophagitis.
  • Diffuse changes of the walls.

Your doctor may recommend to make a comprehensive examination of the stomach and intestines, as their work is interrelated, and thus it is possible to determine what problems the patient in the digestive tract. Examination may show the effectiveness of the treatment, to determine if there is a recurrence of the disease.

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In preparation for the examination

In order to see the condition of the stomach, he during the ultrasound must be completely empty, otherwise it is impossible to show an objective picture. A strict diet before ultrasound mandatory – you can not eat for three days foods that cause flatulence and flatulence. That legumes, rye bread, cabbage, water with gas, you can not eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

It is not recommended to eat for 12-14 hours. In such diseases, when long-term starvation is unacceptable (e.g., gastritis), you can drink a glass of sweet tea.

Because most often the study is assigned to the first half of the day, before it is recommended to take 2 capsules of Espumizan, and three-time Enterosgel 1 tablespoon. On the day of the ultrasound is not recommended to smoke, especially for gastritis! 15-20 minutes before the procedure, you need to drink one liter of any liquid (water, diluted juice) to the stomach wall expanded, and it was evident all of its features.


The study is carried out lying on your side or back with a special sensor that is moved by the doctor in the abdomen in the area of projection of the stomach at a different angle. Thus, the monitor screen shows more accurate information. Sometimes a more objective picture of the examination start on an empty stomach, and then carry out filling it while watching the next stage in the emptying of liquids. This multi-stage study takes about one hour, normally from 7 to 15 minutes.

When interpreting the results, the doctor evaluates such indicators:

  • The position and size of the stomach;
  • The condition of the mucous membrane;
  • The wall thickness of the body;
  • The condition of his blood vessels;
  • The intensity of the contractions of gastric wall;
  • The presence of inflammation and tumors.
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The only drawback of this ultrasound can be considered that when it is impossible to take the material for research, if necessary, one has to resort to other methods of diagnosis.

Ultrasound of the stomach are assigned rarely, a more informative method of examination is considered fibrogastroscopy (EGD). It is conducted with sensitivity to EGD, the rejection of her subject or contraindications for this procedure.

Ultrasonography of the stomach is able to assess its condition, identify pathology, to follow the effectiveness of treatment and occurrence of relapse. It is convenient for children and adults, is completely safe, takes very little time.