Thyroid ultrasound: how to prepare?


In modern conditions, thyroid ultrasound is quick, informative, and accessible survey.

The procedure is absolutely safe for the patient and allows to determine:

This is a simple and frequently used method of diagnosis. It is not surprising that it make almost all the patients who went to the doctor with suspected disease of this organ. Although this procedure does not require special training, there are nuances that need to be considered. When to do and how to prepare, we will tell in our article.

Quick tips for accurate results

If you have already passed the examination earlier, it is desirable to take the results of previous surveys that the specialist can assess the trend of the disease. Also better to have a towel to put under his head, when to start the study, and then wipe the gel from her neck. This is especially true if you are observed in the public clinic, where a disposable cloth, usually do not issue. That’s all you need to do.

Despite the fact that adult men there are no limits and prepare they did not need it: you can do the survey immediately after receiving the referral from the GP or other specialist, other categories of patients before the examination you should observe the following recommendations.

A few recommendations for parents

To keep the session tests went without any problems, you first need to properly dress your child. Do not wear sweaters, turtlenecks, that is all that will hinder the access to the neck.

Also, you need to prepare for the fact that young children with a strong gag reflex, the pressure sensor on the thyroid, can often cause nausea and vomiting, so it is advisable not to eat immediately before the examination. Choose the morning hours for the passage of the ultrasound.

Ultrasound procedure is painless, and usually brings the child of fear, but the promotion of «for bravery» will help him in the future to undergo the procedure without resistance and unrest.

What should the elderly

First of all, pay attention to the clothes: it should not interfere with the conduct of the diagnostic procedure. Don’t wear things with a high collar, in the elderly it is difficult to strip, especially in the urban polyclinics, when the time for each patient is limited.

Any special diet to follow is not necessary, but it is better not to eat directly before the test – because of heightened gag reflex in the elderly, a touch sensor to the neck can cause nausea or even vomiting. As you can see, preparation is very simple.

Pregnant women: necessary and required

If you are expecting a baby and I doubt whether it is possible to pass the prescribed study, the answer is simple – you can. The procedure is harmless to the fetus, it can be done at any time, does not require preparation, ultrasound examination should be held as often as required by the physician, in addition, it allows to detect and prevent many of the complications caused by lack of iodine in a pregnant woman.

On what day of cycle? Myths and reality

Many of the women who had received this procedure the question often arises: when and in what day of the menstrual cycle to do research?

The issue occurs because the thyroid gland is a hormone-dependent organ, and the hormones women can affect the results of the ultrasound. In fact, it is not so. And although some Internet sources say that the scan of thyroid is better on the 7 — 9th day after the last menstruation, it does not have a scientific basis. Most experts are of the opinion that thyroid ultrasound can be done any day of the cycle. If you are still in doubt, ask your doctor, he will tell you that the anatomical structure of the thyroid gland does not change with fluctuations of hormones.

To summarize

  • select the «right» clothes: no turtlenecks and sweaters. Provide free access to the neck for the convenience of the doctor;
  • if you notice a enhanced gag reflex, do not take food immediately before going to the doctor-diagnostician;
  • grab a towel or diaper;
  • Thyroid ultrasonography can and should be done during pregnancy;
  • feel free to go to any day of the cycle – it will not affect the results!

As you have learned from this article is to prepare for a thyroid ultrasound is not so difficult. Follow these simple recommendations and go through the process without too much trouble.

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