Ultrasound at 14 weeks pregnant


On the 14th week of pregnancy ends with the formation of the fetus and comes the second trimester of pregnancy. The unborn child is now called an embryo, and the fetus. He already looks human. Has your facial features, hair, arms, legs, ears, nose. Formed sex organs, all the organs and systems that continue to evolve. Fruit weight is 40-45 grams, height 8-9 cm

In the first trimester is assigned to the 1st screening ultrasound of the fetus.

The standard time screening ultrasound during pregnancy:

  • 10-14 weeks.
  • 19-22 week.
  • 32-34 weeks.

If you have the necessary evidence, the doctor may prescribe an ultrasound additionally, at any other pregnancy. For example, after treatment or clarification of some information about the status of the fetus, which was difficult to identify at the right time.

What is an ultrasound at 14 weeks?

Us data for the period of 14 weeks give full information about the health of the fetus. Correctly it develops, whether there are deviations from the norm, whether there is a multiple pregnancy, the possible anomalies, malformations.

Ultrasound at this time is to:

  • to identify malformations, pathology of the vascular system, brain, lungs, genitourinary system;
  • to see the correct anatomic structure;
  • the location of the fetus to the placenta and uterus;
  • softness, readiness, density of the cervix;
  • the availability, amount of amniotic fluid;
  • heart rate;
  • shows the size of the fetus, whether the development of the pregnancy;
  • the tone of the uterus;
  • the risk of miscarriage;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • to assess the condition of the appendages: the ovaries, fallopian tubes;
  • the definition of sex.

First, we estimate the overall development of the unborn child.

Standards us sizes

Physician ultrasound diagnosis identifies and evaluates:

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  • Kopcik-parietal size. In pregnancy 14 weeks the norm CTE is 76 millimeters. Measured from head to tailbone.

  • Biparietal size. Poperechny head size. Allows you to determine the correct duration of pregnancy. At 14 weeks the norm biparietal size is 27 millimeters.
  • The abdominal circumference. The normal circumference is 78 millimeters.
  • The head circumference. Normal size head circumference of the fetus is 97 millimeters.
  • The length of the thigh. The size of the thigh the doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics can determine the duration of pregnancy. At 14 weeks the norm of this indicator is 12.5 millimeters.
  • The normal amniotic fluid (the doctors determine this indicator by index of amniotic fluid) this pregnancy is a few milliliters.
  • The thickness of the neck area. One of the important indicators of the proper development of the baby. Size is measured in percentiles. At 14 weeks normal nuchal thickness 2.7 mm. in the determination of the thickness of the neck area is estimated distance between the spine and skin. Deviations from the norm are indications for being referred, and further tests (amniocentesis, placentocentesis).

Mandatory calculated heart rate. This is the main indication that a child lives and develops. Normal heart rate is 140-170 BPM. The lack of heart rate suggests the presence of frozen (the deceased) pregnant.

Ultrasound at 14 weeks is estimated and measured the presence of limbs (feet, hands, fingers), the length of bones (ulnar, radial, tibial, peroneal), internal organs (liver, kidney, spleen, brain, heart, adrenal glands, intestines, stomach), the sex of the baby.

Possible errors during the first skrinigovye ultrasound

Experienced, qualified doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics always correctly assesses the development of the child, the cervix, the condition of the placenta, amniotic fluid.

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Despite the fact that the third month of pregnancy is small enough, the term diagnostician can determine and assess whether the embryo develops, and to identify defects, anomalies of development.

A common mistake when performing the ultrasound examination in this period, the wrong definition of sex.

At 14 weeks the baby already has genitals. But they are not yet sufficiently developed. In boys, the testes have formed, located in the abdominal cavity, has not descended into the scrotum. A loop of umbilical cord on the monitor often look like penis. The girls are poorly developed labia. Therefore, to determine the sex at 14 weeks the doctor hard enough.

Even the most modern ultrasound diagnosis apparatus of expert class does not give clear visual images of sex of the child.

Error in the determination of sex may be associated with the fact that the child usually takes the wrong position in the uterus and explore the sexual organs is difficult, almost impossible.

It is worth remembering that the purpose of the ultrasound is not sex determination and proper development of the fetus, according to the dimensions, to identify congenital.

What is not detected at the first ultrasound?

During the ultrasound examination of the fetus is difficult to determine not only sex, but the presence of chromosomal diseases: down syndrome, Patau, Edwards, Turner’s. A child with a chromosomal pathology does not differ much from healthy.

In order to exclude a congenital chromosomal pathology of a fetus, necessarily after the ultrasound it seems to the blood from a vein in the protein alpha-fetoprotein and the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. This study is conducted in time with 10 weeks. up to 13 weeks. 6 days.

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If a woman for whatever reason did not pass the screening analysis congenital, she can donate blood in the time from 16 to 18 weeks.


Medicine does not stand still. Now, any expectant mother can see your baby from the monitor. What he looks like, what his facial features, for someone like that is doing now.

It is very popular among pregnant women. Doctors like this method of examination is too easy. Allows a good look at the structure of the skull, nasolabial triangle, eye sockets, jaw, size of limbs, fingers. Is determined and the sex of the baby.

3D will be more informative rather from 24 weeks of pregnancy, when the child has grown up, widened, became like a little person. With 3D ultrasound the doctor easier to determine the sex of the baby. Therefore, a survey of 3D-ultrasound in early pregnancy will be rather useless.

During fetal ultrasound in the first trimester, the doctor also evaluates the condition of the cervix. According to the testimony may conduct a vaginal examination of a special sensor.

Remember, the sex of the baby, of course, very important to many parents, but there is nothing more precious than his health.