Ultrasound at 21-22 weeks pregnant


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  • With 21 weeks begins the second half of pregnancy, the woman is already feeling the perturbation of the child, which by that time starts to move actively. Ultrasound 22 weeks pregnant with an accuracy of 95% can identify the sex of the child and to identify the main defects in fetal development. The baby has formed the brain and spinal cord, the heart has four chambers. Eyes open while awake and reactive to light. 21 — 22 week tactile sensitivity, and the baby explores the surrounding space.

    In addition, research is needed in this period to explore the state of organs, ensuring proper prenatal development of the baby: the uterus, placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid.

    Since 21 weeks with ultrasound visible brain and spinal cord, kidneys and bladder, the stomach, liver and intestines of the fetus. Also the doctor will assess the correct development of the limbs, count the number of fingers and toes, we examine the structure of the facial part of the skull.

    An important element of the procedure will be to assess heart function, the norm of indicators of heart rate in this period is from 130 to 160 beats per minute, mom will be able to hear them using a special detector. Transcript of the vices of the structure of the heart is performed while holding doplerometriya.

    One of the main goals of ultrasound in mid-pregnancy is the detection of congenital malformations. Many genetic abnormalities are visible during this period. Standards decrypt ultrasound abnormal findings divided into two categories: hard (I am a complete confirmation of the defect) and soft (indirect signs that can indicate anomalies, and can be normal).

    On the detection of hard signs parents immediately are informed. The presence of an isolated soft signs may not be seen as clinically significant find, and they are parents not misleading.

    In determining the pathology, the error can occur, as a rule, in this case, ultrasound is assigned again in a few days. To avoid mistakes, re-examination may be performed by another, or held jointly by several doctors. If we are talking about pathology, which may influence the decision of parents about the current pregnancy, exception error, conduct additional blood tests and amniotic fluid.

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    The sex of the baby

    Gender determination is not included in the mandatory algorithm ultrasound at 21 – 22 weeks. Gender is determined by the parents. Sometimes the child is located so that to determine its gender impossible. In the period of 21 – 22 weeks, errors in sex determination are 5%.

    If the physician has doubts about the definition of sex, he will tell his parents about it, in this case, confirmation of the floor will have to wait until the next ultrasound. Sometimes the error in sex determination happens even when the absolute certainty of the expert.

    The provisional institutions

    The condition of the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid is also an important factor for correct development of the child.

    In the study is determined by the thickness of the placenta and the place of its attachment. Abnormal placentation (previa located in the region of the uterine mouth) can cause its detachment. Also a doctor will diagnose detachment of normally situated placenta, and the presence of retroplacental hematomas, which can cause premature abortion.

    The condition of the umbilical cord within normal limits is the key to proper nutrition and oxygenation of the child.

    The amniotic fluid measured at the depth of their free site. The interpretation of the values is carried out on special tables. Deviations of the results of decoding in a smaller or larger side indicate water scarcity and polyhydramnios respectively. This also may adversely affect the fetus and the mother.

    The position of the fetus in the uterus

    The fruit at 21 – 22 weeks of pregnancy in the uterus is free, so it can change its position several times a day. The definition of his position is not diagnostically important at this time. Suffocation by an umbilical cord of a baby’s neck at 21 – 22 weeks is not considered to be clinically significant, since the constant movement of the child during this period will allow you to change the situation many times before delivery.

    The importance of these figures will have before the birth, so they carefully evaluate specialists will be on the following screening ultrasound.


    Diagnosis the tone of the muscle layer of the uterus and condition of cervix. Increased tone and lack of thickness and the opening of the internal OS are the threat of termination of pregnancy and require treatment.

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    It is not necessary to associate the second screening ultrasound is only able to determine the sex of the baby.

    Ultrasound is a very safe method for the child and a waiver of screening studies is a serious mistake of parents, because most abnormalities detected during pregnancy, can be corrected prior to delivery. In the absence of treatment of this pathology will progress and the child may be born with disabilities.