Ultrasound at 23-24 weeks of gestation


Expectant mothers usually follow the fortunes of the second trimester, because now they really feel pregnant. Ends morning sickness, retreat, drowsiness and nausea, visibly growing tummy and already felt the baby move. The long-awaited ultrasound at 23 weeks will respond to questions: if everything is okay with the baby, whether his height and weight to age norm and who wait for the hero or Princess?

Ultrasound at term 20-24 weeks is included in the list of free surveys to all pregnant women in the framework of obligatory medical insurance. The results of the inspection are extremely important for the doctor – they can tell about the rhesus factor-conflict, infection, cervical disease and other diseases that require timely intervention.

Closely studied all the vital organ systems:

  • the structure of the brain, the presence of hydrocephalus;
  • facial structures, eye socket, eye lens, nasolabial triangle (define indirect signs of down syndrome, special anomalies – cleft palate and cleft lip);
  • the number of chambers in the heart and large blood vessels;
  • the heart rate (the rate to 22 week – 140-160 beats per minute);
  • all the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • the spine;
  • the lungs and diaphragm;
  • the hand and foot.

If you’re lucky, parents will be informed of the probable sex of the child is already on 22 week. However, the baby may «no show» of this part is to cross legs or turn away from the sensor. Then mom and dad will have to wait until the next ultrasound or even before the birth of the baby.

Special attention is paid to the condition of the uterus, its cervix, the placenta, amniotic waters:

  • determine the location of the placenta, its distance from the internal OS of the cervix, degree of maturity, the presence of calcification, hemorrhage, signs of infection or lack of blood supply;
  • estimate the amount of amniotic fluid: oligohydramnios can say about the leaks or the kidneys of the baby and polyhydramnios – intrauterine infection or rhesus-conflict.
  • track the location of the umbilical cord loops, the number of blood vessels in it (normal – 2 arteries and 1 vein); it is not worth much to worry if 22 week discovered the umbilical cord entanglement neck of the fetus – the baby is very active and even hundreds of times will turn before birth; this option is important just before birth;
  • determine the tone of the walls of the uterus (increased in combination with bleeding and pain in lower abdomen is interpreted as a threat of interruption of pregnancy), the presence of myomatous nodes, the consistency of the scar;
  • inspect the inner cervical OS: if it is open, there is a risk that the neck will not keep the head pressure from the growing baby and a premature delivery; this condition is called isthmic-cervical insufficiency and requires suture to the cervix and special treatment for pregnant.
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Examination at 22 weeks Supplement Doppler is a special ultrasound examination of blood flow in the uterine arteries and umbilical cord vessels. Diagnostic parameter referred to as the index of resistance vessel and shall not exceed the norm: this term is 0,82 for umbilical artery and of 0.68 for the arteries of the uterus. Insufficient blood supply to face chronic fetoplacental insufficiency and, as a consequence, a delay of fetal development. This state requires mandatory treatment.

In preparation for the examination

Diet before the test is no longer required, as the uterus with the growing fetus to term 22 weeks already pushes the intestines to the back of the woman, and the gas bubbles no longer impede the sound waves.

Also there is no need to drink fluid before the ultrasound – the role of the acoustic window does not the bladder, and amniotic fluid.

The examination transabdominal – the transducer is placed on the anterior abdominal wall. It does not cause the woman any discomfort and is completely safe for the crumbs.

Expected results

All parameters that can be measured are the norms for each gestational age. Here are the most important values for 22 weeks of pregnancy:

  • biparietal size (head width) – 54 mm;
  • head circumference – 195mm;
  • fronto-occipital size – 72 mm;
  • abdominal circumference – 169 mm;
  • thigh length – 36 mm;
  • length of the humerus – 35 mm.

Deviation from the norm is regarded as intrauterine development retardation, requires detailed examination and treatment in hospital.

Ultrasound 24 weeks of pregnancy aims to identify anatomical characteristics of the unborn child, to diagnose deviations in the course of pregnancy in the mother, predict the challenges of the third trimester and in a timely manner to cure some condition.