Ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant: causes, conduct


  • The method of performing ultrasound examination at early stages of embryo development
  • How to conduct the inspection?
  • Conclusion
  • Each person is unique, especially for pregnant women: do they differ by age, physique, presence of comorbidities and temperament, so one-third of them do the first ultrasound before elective period: at the fifth week obstetric.

    The survey can be prescribed by a doctor for diagnostic purposes: in case of symptoms in the patient or in the case where the fact of pregnancy is questionable because of concomitant diseases or confirmed female infertility. Often the woman goes to the procedure on its own initiative, to ensure its prosperous course.

    Reasons for early pregnancy ultrasound

    Event confirmation

    Usually by the fifth week and the woman begins to suspect that she is pregnant. By this time she’s not there comes another period. This files most often shows pregnancy test urine with test strips. But not all women, seeing two lines of the test and even received a confirmation from the gynecologist, I fully believe what happened, especially if the long-awaited event.

    Differential diagnosis with diseases

    In some diseases one can observe the increasing of human chorionic gonadotropin (the hormone, increasing levels of which in the urine and determines expressjet). To make a differential diagnosis between disease and pregnancy is also possible with the help of ultrasound.

    Increasing the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) occurs under the following conditions not associated with pregnancy: cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, kidneys, uterus, molar (growth of eggs without embryo, may develop into cancer), hormonal drugs for infertility treatment.

    Often screened for the period of 5 weeks to do after IVF (in vitro fertilization), because elevated levels of HCG in this situation can be explained by hormonal preparation of the woman for the procedure.

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    Identification of the ectopic localization of the ovum

    Fertilization of the egg occurs in the fallopian tube then the fertilized egg moves to the uterus, which attaches to the wall and begins to develop, but there are times when the egg for a number of reasons, is unable to reach the uterus (in the fallopian tube, ovary or abdominal cavity), then develops an ectopic pregnancy. But these body parts are not adapted to the full development of the embryo, so at a certain time, this situation ends with the rupture of the tube, ovary or bleeding in the abdominal cavity. Immediately after the detection of such pregnancies make it to interrupt without waiting for complications.

    Suspected atypical location of the embryo can be done with appearance of pain in the lower abdomen, the groin, the anus. Sometimes there may appear bloody discharge from the genital organs. But these symptoms sometimes occur on the fifth week and with proper uterine location of the egg due to the increase of the uterus, changes in hormone levels. To exclude an ectopic pregnancy a doctor if you notice such complaints does the ultrasound appointment.

    Suspected spontaneous abortion

    Sometimes in the early stages may experience spotting. In this case, to determine the cause you can also do an ultrasound.

    The method of performing ultrasound examination at early stages of embryo development

    The first thing a physician sees the ultrasound, is the presence of a fetus in the womb. Also shows the number of embryos. If more than one embryo is seen, the doctor will establish whether they are identical or develop from different eggs.

    Obstetric to the fifth week, the embryo already has a heart muscle contractions that are visible on ultrasound as a ripple. To hear the sound of the heartbeat of the fetus in this period is impossible.

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    The fruit reaches during this period, the size of two millimeters, similar to a comma in a school notebook and has a tail. To make a measurement of the embryo at this stage before the period of ultrasound is determined by the size of the ovum, the diameter of which in five weeks is equal to eighteen millimeters.

    To distinguish developing from the stood pregnancy (fetal death) technician can according to the size of the uterus the gestation, which is counted from the date of the last menstrual period. Throbbing little heart confirms that the baby is alive. But since the embryo is still very small, it may happen that the heartbeat normally developing child, the ultrasound apparatus is not determined at this time.

    Food baby at this time is due to the yolk SAC, its presence and size is also important to determine with ultrasound. The size of the yolk SAC reaches three to four millimeters.

    In the ovaries of the mother is determined by the yellow body, which provides hormonal protection to the fetus. His normal size is an average of four and a half to seven millimeters.

    Do an inspection and the fallopian tubes, ovaries and surrounding areas of the abdomen, especially if the fertilized egg in the uterus is not visible.

    How to conduct the inspection?

    On small gestation examination of the uterus and baby making in two ways. First method: through the abdominal wall: the patient is lying on his back. A special sensor, conducting ultrasonic waves through the tissue, the doctor spends the woman’s stomach in the projection of the uterus.

    If, because of the small size, the gestational SAC cannot be seen or seen well enough, research can be carried out a specific intravaginal sensor. The sensor in this case, wear disposable tip, after which it is introduced into the vagina and conduct the inspection of the uterus and appendages.

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    The baby in the fifth week of development is still very small: its size is comparable to a rice grain, and the size of the entire ovum – with cherries, so at this time not every ultrasound machine is able to recognize some developing organs of the embryo and part of the ovum.

    The main task of ultrasound on the fifth week to determine the localization of the ovum and whether the size of uterus obstetric terms, so you should not insist on the procedure at this time if the pregnancy is a leading gynecologist I am sure that everything is in order. Since come to the conclusion that you do not see a particular part of the ovum is very traumatic for the psyche of the already vulnerable in this period of a woman’s life.

    Pregnancy with serious chromosomal abnormalities, in most cases aborted before twelve weeks. This is the explanation of why pregnancies are not saved. The exceptions are women who are initially located to spontaneous abortion, in this case, the doctor will prescribe treatment and he will send a woman on examination.