Ultrasound of 25 week of pregnancy


Child bearing is one of the most significant and touching stages in a woman’s life. He is full of hope, excitement pleasant efforts on the selection of clothes, toys, furniture at nursery. Now women have a happy opportunity to see the child before birth, through routine ultrasound, which is conducted at least three times during the pregnancy. At each trimester of pregnancy, the gynecologist appoints a routine ultrasound. Each of them meets our own objectives and gives information about the process of growth and development of the fetus.

At 25 weeks, there comes an optimal time for screening in the second trimester of pregnancy. In this period, the child has already formed, the doctor sees the bodies, carefully measuring their size and assessing the condition compares with the normal values. Well, my mother and relatives, of course, interested in the gender of your baby. Previously, women had no opportunity to know before the birth, the boy they have to be born or a girl. Now it was in the past. That’s a boy, you will be informed already at the seventh month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy 25 weeks — for women a psychological milestone. After this time the risk of miscarriage is not so frighten the mothers. They are no longer so anxiety listen to what is happening in the stomach. Because now the baby is viable and it can be accessed even in case of sudden interruption of pregnancy.

The results of the survey

Normal at 25 weeks of pregnancy the fetus has the following dimensions and indicators (independent of sex):

  • Weight of about 700 grams.
  • Body length about 35 cm
  • The head diameter of the fetus is about 6.2 cm
  • The diameter of the chest 6,3 cm
  • The belly diameter 6.4 cm
  • Heart rate 140 to 150 beats per minute.
  • The boys at this period, the testicles descend into the scrotum.

These indicators will check the doctor and write down the results of the survey.

Preparation for the procedure

If the ultrasound of the first trimester of pregnancy could be performed transvaginally and did not require special preparation, at 25 weeks the survey is conducted through the abdomen, so you should prepare.

  • The day before the study should exclude from your diet foods that cause excessive flatulence. The presence of excess gases in the stomach may prevent the physician to properly assess the condition of the fetus. These foods include: cabbage, black bread, beans, sodas.
  • An hour before the procedure ultrasound is recommended to drink half a liter of pure non-carbonated water.
  • Before the test it is advisable not to urinate. These recommendations are made in order that the abdominal ultrasound was well halocarbons, as water is an excellent conductor of ultrasound.

Some women say that the shape of the abdomen during pregnancy can accurately determine the sex of the baby. Supposedly, if the stomach is round, it will be a girl, and if sharp, a boy. Now, when you have the possibility to do an ultrasound in almost any locality, this sign gets in the region of the tales and prejudices. Why guess and take a closer look to your stomach, it round or not round, if you can just go to the doctor and on the same day to know exactly the boy you have to be born or a girl.

Three-dimensional research

At 25 weeks of pregnancy is especially popular 3D ultrasound examination. Using this technology it is possible to see not only if it’s a boy or a girl, but in all the detail to see the baby. During the procedure, possible video recording. You can keep it for life, and on the 18th anniversary of your boy or girl, remember what crumbs they were.

This format can undergo ultrasound diagnostics in private clinics and offices. That is, in normal women, most likely, to record a video would not. Not to undergo examination at 25 weeks twice discuss with your doctor the possibility of treatments at another clinic in advance.

Some believe that three-dimensional ultrasound harmful to baby. Due to the fact that for it required great force of the waves than normal. Such representations are not true. Wave power in the study is negligible and will not harm either the mother or the child.

General guidelines

At 25 weeks the woman already accustomed to the state of pregnancy and, most likely, already been reading a lot about it. However, it is useful to remind that in this period begins intensive growth of the fetus and the woman’s stomach. Dramatically increases the load on nearby organs, the tissues are subjected to tension.

Also do not forget that at 25 weeks the baby is able to feel emotions and pain. At the end of the second trimester of pregnancy is recommended:

  • Wearing a supportive brace. Not all day, but during active movement is necessary. Ensure that he did not press the stomach, and only supported him.

  • Use elastic bandages for the prevention of varicose veins.
  • Applied to the skin in places stretching emollients, creams and ointments. It will protect against stretch marks, which begin to occur at 25 weeks.
  • To comply with physician-recommended diet. To avoid in the diet can cause Allergy. Unacceptable use of alcohol and Smoking.
  • Try to walk daily, breathe fresh air in parks and gardens. All year round you should try to find a place for a nice walk.
  • To do a complex of physical exercises for pregnant women and massage. This will have a positive impact not only on the mother but on the child.
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