Ultrasound of neck lymph nodes: what shows?


Pathological changes of the cervical lymph nodes are often the consequence of dangerous diseases. The role of lymph nodes – neutralizing alien to humans of micro-organisms, toxins, viruses, tumor cells, bacteria. Inflammation is almost always indicative of immune failure, the presence of the body infection and needs serious examination.

One of the methods of research into the causes inflammation of the lymph nodes – ultrasound, or ultrasound. This files most often assigned to ultrasound of the neck lymph nodes. The procedure allows you to quickly, accurately diagnose the disease and prescribe adequate treatment.

Inspection and palpation of such a high result does not give, but because examination of lymph nodes by the method of ultrasound – the most common diagnostic procedure. Diagnosis is based on comparison of the ratio of the length/width of the lymph node and the nature of its ehogennost (density of the tissue).

It is based on the properties of ultrasonic waves, which is able to deeply penetrate into human body tissue and accurately determine the condition of a test body. Lymph nodes in the neck can be modified before the appearance of the main symptoms of the disease, and therefore a good method for early diagnosis.

Indications for ultrasound examination

Adult patients indications for ultrasound of cervical lymph nodes associated with the identification of diseases of varying severity and occurring on the background of pathological processes. Ultrasonography allows to confirm or refute the preliminary diagnosis, to choose an effective treatment plan, and then monitor the result.

Indications for ultrasound of the lymph nodes is the following:

  • painful sensations in the field of the actual lymph nodes;
  • their pronounced asymmetry;
  • seal structure ofmoscow;
  • uncharacteristic mobility;
  • accompanying these signs symptoms such as headache, fever, weakness, etc.
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Most often, the examination of lymph nodes is assigned if there is suspicion of the following pathologies:

  • neoplastic processes in the lymphatic system;
  • abscess;
  • the presence of tumors in various internal organs (benign and malignant nature);
  • the inflammatory process.

The study in a matter of minutes manages to obtain reliable diagnostic information required to assign the most effective treatment method.

When the ultrasound is contraindicated?

The uniqueness of the ultrasound of the lymph nodes in the neck is that almost no contraindications for the procedure no.

Not recommended excessive wave load at the time of pregnancy, so expectant mothers ultrasound is applied with restrictions and a maximum time limit of exposure.

If the skin in the affected area of the manipulator and an ultrasound machine is damaged, you should wait until it heals, as the results of a study lymph nodes on the injured skin to be inaccurate.

In addition, the presence of infectious diseases (Bacillus, syphilis, leprosy) – the basis for refusal in carrying out research.

What diseases do you identify?

Evaluation of the structure of lymph nodes, their size, contours, the relationship with the vascular system and tissues important. It is possible to identify the following diseases and pathological conditions:

  • tonsillitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • mumps;
  • laryngitis;
  • sore throat;
  • chickenpox;
  • measles;
  • rubella;
  • disease of the lymphatic system;
  • glandular fever;
  • Oncology.

Many of these diseases are age-related pattern, so it is advisable ultrasonography cervical lymph nodes sick child for confirmation of diagnosis pediatric.

Features of cervical lymph nodes in children

Immediate treatment to the doctor require a lymph node more than two inches in diameter. If they increased to a centimeter or a centimeter and a half, the doctor’s advice is highly desirable. Most likely, you will have to do an ultrasound. Cm, well palpable under the skin of the lymph nodes can be ignored: it size is within normal limits.

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The increase of inflammatory lymph node is called lymphadenectomy. It may be the consequence inflammatory process as a result of infection viral infection, do not worry. Visual increase in cervical lymph nodes in this case is of a protective nature is a sign of hard work of the lymphatic system. However, the doctor must do an ultrasound to make sure that nothing dangerous with the child occurs.

In addition, increases in lymph nodes can be suspected extensive caries, reduced immunity, diseases of the eye and the reactions of children’s organism to the bites and scratches of Pets.

However, in some cases, the lymphadenitis is a consequence of infection with tuberculosis, connective tissue diseases, malignant neoplasms. In this case ultrasound diagnosis of cervical lymph nodes will be only a small part of a deeper study.

How is the procedure

No preparation is required. Skin is applied a special gel on the treated area diagnostician conducts a manipulator. The result is instantly reflected on the screen, are fixed. To obtain the most accurate data the area of the lymph node is examined from several perspectives.

The result, the patient is given in writing. This is the basis for the appointment of adequate treatment.

Ultrasonography cervical lymph nodes – a modern highly informative procedure that allows you to quickly, accurately diagnose the disease and begin immediate treatment. Ultrasound has several advantages compared to other methods, so widely used in medical practice.