Ultrasound of the uterus: on what day of cycle is best to do training,


Diagnosis by scanning the bodies with the waves of the ultrasound is indispensable in gynecology. Administered examination no later than the 7 day cycle. However, it does not hurt and is harmless in any period of the cycle. The procedure is performed even during menstruation, prolapse and increased tone. Preparation for ultrasound of the uterus does not require much effort. Compliance with simple recommendations about what to eat and drink, will minimize discomfort. The survey will help to identify the reason for the change of tone of the uterus, to see the condition of the internal organs, identify their dimensions and anomalies.

Standard ultrasound is a transducer (sensor), the monitor and control system (remote). With a woman’s body is in contact it is the sensor that sends the sound signals wave-like dynamics in tissue. The ultra-high frequency signals are reflected from the density of the tissues and back. It is registered by the apparatus, and the information displayed on the monitor. Ultrasonogram as informative as possible. For a few minutes it displays accurate data on the tone of the uterus, the causes of ptosis, the condition of blood vessels and the accumulation of fluids.

On ultrasound of the uterus can be found the following:

  • all about pregnancy (coeliac, fallopian, pipe);
  • to assess the amount of amniotic fluid in pregnant women;
  • specify the size and characteristics of the development of the appendages and of the uterus;
  • to determine the cause of the increased tone;
  • to establish the degree of weakening of the muscles and ligaments (drooping);
  • to detect inflammatory processes;
  • to recognize endometriosis;
  • to identify abnormal fluid in the fallopian tube;
  • to identify an abnormal accumulation of fluid in small pelvis organs;
  • of tumors;
  • to detect polyps;
  • to confirm the presence of cysts and determine their type;
  • to discover the cause of postpartum complications.

It is better than other ultrasound diagnostics provides dynamic control over the development of the fetus and the condition of the tonus of the expectant mother.

Remember that all women need to do an ultrasound at least 1 time during the year. You can’t neglect this procedure. To pass it doesn’t hurt, and it does not harm to the body. What type of diagnostic to choose and when it is better to pass in each case decides the doctor.

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Kinds of ultrasound of the uterus

Given the condition of the patient, its age, stability of the cycle and target organs, ultrasound diagnostics in gynecology can be divided into:

  • studies outside of pregnancy;
  • folliculometry;

  • diagnosis pregnant women (control tone, stages of fetal development, pathology detection).

Outside of pregnancy, gynaecological ultrasound can be performed in 3 ways:

  • transvaginal;
  • transabdominal;
  • transrectal.

Transvaginal ultrasound can accurately diagnose diseases of the reproductive organs. Special sensor device inserted into the vagina of the patient. The survey can be carried out at monthly. Make it better on a certain day of the cycle. 4 hours before the procedure, it is important not to eat and to drink water. The woman needs to have a condom, preferably a lubricated so it doesn’t hurt when the introduction of the sensor into the vagina. At this ultrasound clearly shows the presence of even small omissions or liquid, increase in tone, minor changes of organs and their situation.

To transabdominal study is necessary to prepare in advance:

  • 3 days before procedure do not eat vegetables, rye bread, red meat, legumes;
  • can’t drink liquids with gas (lemonade, kvass);
  • on examination day you can eat only 6 hours before the ultrasound;
  • prior to examination (1 hour) you need to drink water (1-1,5 liters);
  • during the ultrasound won’t hurt, if you relax and listen to the doctors.

When transrectal embodiment, the sensor apparatus is inserted into the rectum. The patient should carry a condom. 2 days before the ultrasound not to eat heavy food. The day of the test is completely forbidden, but you can drink up to six liters of plain water. Before the procedure the woman is prescribed an enema. If necessary, the examination can be made monthly or in front of them.

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When and how do ultrasound women?

In gynecology, routine ultrasound is prescribed for the first half of the cycle. When to do a survey specialist decides individually, but most often it’s 3 or 5 day cycle. During this period, the size of the uterine mucosa can detect even small tumors. However, when the event of an emergency, ultrasonography is indicated in any day of the cycle.

Before transvaginal ultrasound should make a toilet of genitals. During the procedure the patient lies on a couch. Her knees bent. That was not unpleasant or painful, you should relax the muscles. Transabdominal examination is always without pain and does not require a special mindset. Held in position «lying on back». For transrectal study sensor is used at a small size. The patient lies on one side. In the absence of hemorrhoids, if you relax and breathe properly, it won’t hurt.

It is important to understand that from adults while ultrasound requires obedience. To panic and argue with the doctor impossible. When you assign the survey, run in front of him all the recommendations of doctors. Make it a rule always to record the characteristics of the cycle, even if you think that you have a normal period.

Doppler study of the uterus

Doppler blood vessels of the uterus, called a Doppler, allows to study the blood flow of organs, its size, speed, direction, pressure in arteries and veins. It Doppler to assess the quality of the blood supply of the fetus in pregnant women, to determine the child’s condition, identify pathology of the placenta (omission, wrong size, too small a quantity of liquid or fluid in large volume).

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Diagnostics allows you to make the most accurate today the analysis of the internal organs. It is prescribed by a doctor if the patient’s complaints, suggesting a vascular lesion and pathology in a tense tone during pregnancy and in many other cases. Doppler of the vascular bed of the uterus has no alternative in gynecology and obstetrics, is a harmless examination method and does not cause discomfort.

What type of survey to assign the patient, must decide specialist. From the patient is required to show responsibility in preparation for the procedure. Not the superfluous will take an interest and ask the doctor questions about methods and features of a particular diagnosis.