Ultrasound on 13th week pregnancy


The first trimester of pregnancy finally comes to an end, the alarm, the most dangerous period is behind us. I’m sure many stood on the account, and passed the necessary tests. Morning sickness is not so worried as before, and maybe it does not. Hormonal balance of the body is getting better, no longer have the same anxiety.

After morning sickness, back appetite. This is a good time to produce optimal power. For the fruit important vitamins and nutrients.

What changes occur?

The size of the uterus has increased quite noticeably. It can be felt above the pubis. For this, you can lie on your back and pushing with his hands, to feel rounded education. The size of the child can be compared to a peach. The formation of the placenta is not over, it continues. To all mothers, whose condition is alarming doctors, prescribed screening, the result of which will show whether there are abnormalities in the fetus.

The baby is growing actively. Despite his tiny size, he formed milk teeth. Begins bone skeleton. It is important at this point to eat well, be sure to include in the diet more calcium.

What is screening?

Screening (sieving) is a study showing normal child. The period of the 10 — 13th week of pregnancy. If the doctor suspected abnormalities, he may order additional tests to confirm or refute this. Screening do in certain terms, it consists of the following:

  1. Ultrasound is performed on the apparatus of the expert class, but not any doctor, but only a gynecologist-analogom. This allows you to identify the smallest deviations in the child.
  2. Tests for hormones. Take them and make decoding possible at a certain time. Making the first screening is determined only by the two hormones. If a woman needs a second screening, the doctor decides how much hormones have to determine.

The indications for the procedure

If the ultrasound is normal procedure in pregnancy, the screening is assigned not to all but only to pregnant women at risk. These include:

  • Mothers aged 35 years.
  • Previously had a miscarriage.
  • Infectious diseases in early pregnancy.
  • The possibility of genetic disorders.
  • Were previously frozen pregnancy.

You should know, those who are shown a screening do not require the passage of conventional ultrasound, as the ultrasound expert will be able to replace it. On the 13th week, it will not show the sex of the baby, but the presence of significant abnormalities will determine.

There are times when after the first ultrasound, the doctor discovers pathology, and gives a direction for further procedure.

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How is the study?

Screening is carried out in antenatal clinics or in clinics with the necessary equipment. One day a woman in labor passes the tests from a vein and undergoes an ultrasound. Clinical analysis of blood taken in the first place. It seems to fasting, the day before it is necessary to follow a diet to limit yourself in the following products:

  • Seafood.
  • Fried and fatty meals.
  • Cocoa.
  • Citrus.

The gynecologist then proceeds to the next step. Ultrasound in the first trimester can be transvaginal and through the skin of the lower third of the stomach.

Preliminary transcript studies conducted by the doctor ultrasound, and the final conclusion does the monitoring gynecologist. Errors of the result are rare. They can occur in the case of the inexperience of a technician and the procedure in the later weeks.

Screening: pros and cons

Unfortunately, to give a definite answer to this question is impossible. On the one hand, to better identify abnormalities in the early stages of pregnancy, and to abort it, than to lose a child after birth. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the result of the study is not a mistake.

Following this we can conclude:

  • Screening — to determine whether the normal development of the fetus.
  • The study consists of two stages — UZI and commissioning tests.
  • Necessary preparation before blood donation.
  • The transcript conducts a geneticist. It is necessary to tell about the medicines you are taking.
  • The figure standing after the decimal in the analysis indicates a good result only if it is large.

The decision to conduct research can take and the expectant mother. If everything will be normal, cause for concern in the remaining months she will not. With poor result, to make a decision on continuation of the pregnancy is taken by the doctor, coordinating this with the woman.

Fortunately, the 13th week of pregnancy for mom is not only the delivery of regular analysis and research. With the child at this stage there is a lot of interesting.

Changes inside the womb

Starting with 13 weeks and the entire second trimester, the fetus will develop rapidly. All his organs inside are still being formed. After the first studies, much has changed. Baby prepared for birth, but still not worth it to rush things. It is important that each organ of the fetus was normal, and results of studies are not cause for concern.

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The fetus is growing by leaps and bounds, its gender is unknown. But height and weight to learn. Normal at 13 weeks the growth is 70-88 mm and a weight of 15-23 grams. It is comparable to a small peach.

At 13 weeks the body grows more rapidly. And your head soon will take its normal form and will not be prorated. At 13 weeks he’s moving a lot, thus developing the muscles. Sleeps a little, the period of wakefulness is great.

Another beautiful pregnancy is not only to know who will be a girl or a boy, but to do 3D ultrasound. In order in order to consider your child, it is better to go later 13 weeks. But, as experts say that the 13th week is no exception, and to hold it in any trimester.

Interestingly, the sensor for conducting 3D studies was invented in 1996. It was from that time they began to actively use.

Meet — I’m your baby

For each expectant mother, giving birth the first or second child, an ultrasound is not new. But he was waiting for not only moms but also dads. They look forward to its results, to find out the sex of the fetus.

Today to do a 3D scan is fashionable, but, unfortunately, afford it can not all. But if you do decide on it, then you should know that it is carried out after 24 weeks. In this period it will show the sex of the baby. And then the parents can wait just a toddler, and a particular someone, a boy or a girl. After the first trip to this examination of the parents is a lot of interesting experiences. Because thanks to 3D ultrasound in pregnancy, the mother will be able to get acquainted with the baby. You can see his face, and if lucky, even a smile. Often open mouth, and the child sucks the thumb.

If we consider a 3D view from a medical point of view, we can highlight several advantages:

  • Normal examination is not possible to distinguish defects of the face. It will not show the number of fingers and much more.
  • It clear image, it allows you to take steps to resolve development issues. Error can not occur.
  • Thanks to 3D ultrasound can accurately determine the sex of the baby. After all, when conventional doctors often confuse the umbilical cord with the scrotum, and after the first studies to know who to wait for the boy or daughter rarely.
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To determine the sex of the fetus is important not only for the curiosity of the parents, but also for prevention of many pathologies.

Many clinics offer prospective parents to make the first photo of their fetus. This week’s gestation it would be more acceptable. It is well visible mouth, eyes, nose. Let it be a little unusual, but all the same interesting.

Safe is this procedure?

Most moms are interested in whether 3-dimensional procedure for the fetus. Doctors say that ultrasound does not affect boys and girls any harm.

About 3D ultrasound we can say that during the meeting, there are certain levels of ultrasound, which should not exceed 1% of the time of the survey. The rest period is interpreting the results.

But in any case, any ultrasound, first or last is not carried out arbitrarily. It must appoint a physician. As a rule, he appointed him in accordance with the Ministry of health. In other words, in those terms, which can show significant result.

The price for the us will depend on how well the equipment. The average is about 3 thousand rubles. Going to it, you can be sure that it will show not only the floor, but all deviations.

There are certain norms and parameters at deciphering ultrasound specialist relies on them. Mistakes happen, but only when poor-quality equipment. But in any case to find out who you will be born a girl or a boy it will show correctly.

Don’t forget that to go to study it is necessary not only in order to find out the sex, but in order to detect all pathologies in the early stages of development. After all, no matter a boy or not, they just want a healthy baby.