Ultrasound on the 26-27 week of pregnancy


Ultrasound, in a certain period of pregnancy gives the opportunity to observe the process of fetal development. In the period of pregnancy is carried out with three planned tests by means of ultrasonography.

Usually the first study done to 12-14 weeks 20-22 weeks and the last third from 30-32 weeks. Ultrasound on 26-27 week runs unscheduled, in the case where the doctor is suspected of any deviations or done to women who have not received the second scheduled examination.

Research methods and innovations in medicine

When you call the clinic most informative method of diagnosis is an ultrasound of the fetus. The last time a decision was made on the introduction of modern methods of ultrasound such as 3D (3D) and 4D (4D) ultrasound. In some cases, this method is more informative, increases the chance to detect deviations. To more accurately examine the organs and systems of the fetus.

Pregnancy 26 weeks

When it comes to pregnancy 26 weeks, the baby begins to grow more intense. During this period, the normal weight is approximately 900 grams, the size of the fetus is about 32 cm. Phase begins when the baby is becoming quite active, mom will feel it in the tremors of the heels and lokotochki in your stomach.

Starts off pretty difficult stage for mom. In the female body increases the level of cholesterol that is allocated for strengthening and supporting of vital functions of the placenta. This is the norm in this state. While it increased the allocation weight of the mother is changed in the direction of a sharp increase. The load is applied on the body and heart in particular – it’s getting harder to breathe, sleep, sit up and stay awake. Just do not be afraid, as soon as will labor, cholesterol levels will fall and all will return to their seats.

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Do not despair and to forget about your appearance and mood. At this gestation the fetal brain begins to function actively, the unborn child perceives emotions, sounds and tastes. You need to protect yourself from the negative emotions, the use of allergens and junk food.

Diagnostic ultrasound at 26 weeks

Ultrasound examination at 26 weeks is only scheduled if there are indications which identify a doctor. In such a period is definition of conformity of the size of the fetus normal, assessment of the placenta. In the fetus, the emphasis is on the study of the lung tissue, the development of the brain.

In the study there are certain changes, such as:

  • the child’s eyes have already opened and closed;
  • baby’s skin becomes less transparent;
  • appears, the brain activity of the surrounding sounds;
  • almost developed eyelashes and eyebrows.

One of the most important factors in this period of fetal development is the reaction of the brain to visual and audio activity. Child’s vision is not yet formed, but the possible reaction to loud noises, flashes of light, physical activity.

Most of the parts of the brain at 26 weeks of pregnancy are available for detailed study. Is it possible to detect hydrocephalus, abnormal formation of the cerebellum. Well diagnosed by symptoms such as malformations of the face.

In certain deviations in the weight or violations of functions of organs ultrasound is referred to as unsatisfactory. This gives the opportunity to detect some deviations and to conduct, if necessary, their correction.

Therefore, if your doctor assigns procedure passing an ultrasound examination 26-27 weeks of pregnancy, you do not need to be afraid and to panic.

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Features of development of the fetus in 27 weeks

By the end of the second trimester of pregnancy is week 27. In this period of development the child begins to open his eyes, respond to light by turning the head. Begin to form hair follicles on the head. The normal weight of the child is about 1000 grams, the growth rates of the order of 42-45 inches. The condition of the skin becomes wrinkled, due to the rapid formation of subcutaneous fat.

27 weeks is considered the minimum period in order to survive the child in premature birth. This period has rather strengthened the pulmonary system and heart of the baby. The chances of survival in this already fairly large.

Indications for diagnostic ultrasound 27 weeks

In several reasons, for health reasons ultrasound is done in a period of 27 weeks.

The most common indications:

  • the disease and infection;
  • chronic illness of the mother, including heart disease, kidney;
  • adverse pregnancy.

Most of the parts of the brain in a 27 weeks pregnant available for study. Perhaps the identification of such abnormalities, such as hydrocephalus, abnormal formation of the cerebellum. Well diagnosed malformations of the face.

During diagnosis is determined by physical activity, the heart, the development of organs and systems. Lungs already doing about 40 breaths per minute, and indicators of cardiac activity was normal at 150 strokes. This procedure will help to determine the sex of the child, provided that before the expectant mother was not in possession of this information. The estimated state of the uterus, its location and structure. The intrauterine state of the fetus is characterized by the study of blood flow umbilical artery.

Note that it is not worth much worry, and worry, if the doctor will prescribe the passage of an ultrasound examination 26-27 weeks. Doctors are of the opinion that it is easier to be safe and to obtain additional information about the process of fetal development.

Ultrasound technique is a valuable diagnostic procedure. Nervous unnecessarily expectant mother is extremely harmful in this period of life.