Uncindery diet before colonoscopy: a menu that you can eat?


A colonoscopy is called a medical diagnostic procedure during which a doctor inspects the inner wall of the large intestine using a special apparatus. The main requirement to the preparation and holding procedure compliance with a special diet. Uncindery diet before colonoscopy – the key to successful diagnosis, because the intestine during the examination must be absolutely clean. In this case, the colonoscope can move through the colon freely, and the doctor will be able to reliably determine the presence or absence of pathologies.

Why a diet is called «uncindery»?

The diet designed for bowel preparation for colonoscopy in diverticular disease, called uncindery, assimilated. The word «slag» refers to leftover food, which namerevayutsya and form stool. The essence of this diet is to reduce the amount of feces eating those foods that are absorbed to the maximum extent.

Based on what uncindery diet? The main points are:

  • enable menu certain foods;
  • food must be fractional, at least 5 times a day;
  • there is a need in small portions;
  • for cooking to use such types of cooking, as steam treatment or boiling;

  • cooked food should be eaten in grated form.

Compliance with these rules does not reduce the nutritional value of foods, and make food tasteless. The assimilation of food increases the formation of faeces will occur in a minimum volume.

For how long it takes to start a diet?

The preparatory phase for the procedure a colonoscopy is 3-7 days, that is, on average, the duration uncindery diet five days. The time for bowel preparation, can vary depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the state of the gastro-intestinal tract(e.g., Zippori, pathology, comorbidities, etc.). Therefore, the duration uncindery diet determined by the treating physician. In addition, he will outline a list of foods that you can and cannot eat.

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What foods can be eaten?

What is subject to uncindery diet? Allowed to include in the menu dishes made out of corn, as it prevents putrefaction in the intestines. But buckwheat and rice should not take it. In a small volume can be used for cooking semolina. Allowed to consume yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream – they maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria. But dairy products should not contain various additives.

Despite the fact that the diet doesn’t prohibit meat dishes in the form of boiled meat, it is recommended to completely exclude it from the menu at the time of writing. Fatty meals are banned, but the addition of vegetable oils, by contrast, is welcome. From drinks cocoa, juice, carbonated fluids, tea. Be sure to drink plenty of normal water at least two liters a day.

What products to exclude from a diet?

To obtain reliable results in the intestine should not be the accumulation of gases, solid food remnants. Products that can contribute to this must be completely removed from the menu. Among them:

  • all that leads to the formation of gas (beans, juices with pulp, beverages containing gas);

  • everything that causes fermentation (bread, cabbage);
  • what contributes to the formation of feces (fat, spicy, salty, pickled).

Can not eat vegetables, fruits and berries in any form.

Is it possible to facilitate the course of the diet?

To withstand the time allotted to conduct uncindery diet, you need to follow the rules.

  • Of all the meals the most capacious in terms of the products you need to make dinner. It must be soup.
  • The evening meal should be skipped, and before bedtime drink sour drink.
  • Do not just take small portions, take action gradually.
  • If you experience problems with a chair allowed the use of a laxative.
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The last day of the diet

On the last day uncindery diet prior to the colonoscopy, the food intake is restricted almost completely. Allowed yogurt, broth, weak concentration as well as beverages (excluding coffee and cocoa). Between the procedure and the last meal should be a period of not less than 20 hours, so after the soup for lunch is nothing.

The output of uncindery diet

After the success of a colonoscopy need to get back to the regular menu, and this should be done carefully. Haste and impatience can cause problems with the chair or volvulus. First you need to slowly add fruits and vegetables, then cereals, and then roasted, bread and other products. The output needs to spend approximately a week.

From quality of the diet depend on the results obtained during the colonoscopy. If there were errors in diet, the doctor may prescribe another bowel movement with uncindery diet. Alternatively, the procedure can be done, but the results will likely be inaccurate. The doctor may not see neoplasm, in which case it will continue to grow. So uncindery diet prior to the colonoscopy should be treated with all responsibility.