Urethroscopy in men: what is it, how to spend, does it hurt?


With wide implementation in the daily practice of endoscopic methods an important place in the diagnosis of diseases of the genitourinary system is cystoscopy and urethroscopy. Urethroscopy in men is necessary in order to visually assess the condition of the mucous membrane of the male urethra.

The possibilities of the method

Urethroscopy is necessary to diagnose certain diseases. But other than that, the described procedure is used for medicinal purposes. What are the status, you can verify or exclude when using a ureteroscopy?

Tumor formation in the structure of diseases of the urethra are relatively rare. However, it makes sense to exclude the presence of tumors of this localization in the presence of disorders of urination, pain, burning, and also the appearance of drops of blood while emptying the bladder. This is especially relevant when the intact (unaffected) bladder, healthy kidneys and ureters.

If urethroscope the opportunity to detect cystic changes of the mucous membrane of the urethra, as well as diverticula of this localization. Typically, these anomalies reveal in children.

Another indication for the exploration of the urethra may be a suspicion of a foreign body in it. This applies not only to children but also adults, mentally stable people. Do not assume that the identification of a foreign body in the urethra – casuistry and rarity.

When urethroscopy is not recommended?

It is considered that a contraindication to this study is the acute process in the urethra.

Urethritis in this case dangerous because it tends to spread to other neighboring structures with the development of acute inflammatory process.

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In addition, to assess the condition of other organs and systems. When decompensated heart failure or serious heart rhythm disorders, for example, the condition may worsen, especially when using anesthesia.

The procedure

Distinguish dry and the so-called irrigation.. The fundamental difference between these methods lies in the fact that the study was «to dry» does not stretch the walls of the urethra, therefore, is considered to be less traumatic.

The irrigation method involves the use of additional liquid medium. The fluid fills the urethra, a few stretches of wall, that gives you the opportunity to see the condition of the mucosa more clearly and in detail. There is also the possibility to assess the condition of the bladder wall in the region of its neck.


The mucous membrane of the urethra is a very delicate structure. In addition, by itself, the urethra is a tubular organ that has a lumen. This means that the walls have the ability to stretch due to the presence of these thicker smooth muscle cells and fibers.

With the introduction of the ureteroscope into the urethra pain occur. They are caused by reflex spasm of the smooth muscle fibers of the wall, as well as trauma to the distal urethra. This is the main reason of fears associated with this procedure. The first question asked of the surveyed men in pain to.?

Must the patient to explain what the study is moderately painful. All will depend on how well you have completed the preparation stage and the individual characteristics of the response. It is known that the threshold of perception for all your. Those who have it reduced, pain is stronger even with a minor power of irritation.

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In preparation for the examination

Priority event – complete emptying of the bladder. This is the main condition of carrying out ureteroscopy. After this, the patient is placed on a special chair called urologic. It is important to observe the position – patient lies on back, flexes leg at the knee joint and further apart.

Anesthesia is an important component of preparation for the study.

The most commonly used local anesthesia. To do this, in the urethra introduced a 2% solution of the anesthetic is lidocaine, novocaine. Before this patient find out the presence of intolerance to these medications, because often they arise from an anaphylactic reaction. The second possible variant is an alternative for conducting ureteroscopy in children or mentally disturbed persons. Apply epidural anesthesia or General anesthesia. The anesthesiologist assesses the risks and compares them with the possible benefits and only then conducts a manual.

As can be seen in the norm?

If the urethra has no pathology, its mucosa looks pink, moist and smooth. There are no ulcers and other defects. The doctor at the conclusion and writes: mucosa without pathological changes.

During ureteroscopy in the detection of inflammation in place to implement remedial measures. Usually inside the cavity of the urethra drugs are administered. Most often it is the antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Reviews and opinions

For men, this procedure is unpleasant. Problems with the reproductive and urogenital area in General are very delicate. It is connected with the pain during the procedure.

However, doctors insist on urethroscopy, when there is suspicion of disease of the urethra. Besides pain relief over the years, becoming better and more effective.