Virtual colonoscopy of the intestine – what is it?


  • The CT-study
  • The use of virtual colonoscopy bowel
  • Diseases of the digestive tract with lesions of the colon are common. In this regard, much attention is paid to the development and implementation of effective diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. One of the modern methods for detecting diseases of the colon, a virtual colonoscopy of the intestine, showing a high level of diagnosing diseases at early stages of their development. This procedure assigns the attending physician when the patient has suspicion of a lesion of the colon. The basis of this method, multislice computed tomography, which allows to obtain a high quality image of the colon.

    Virtual colonoscopy of the bowel is also referred to as CT-colonoscopy or CT colonoscopy.

    The main advantages of the virtual colonoscopy:

    • No risk of perforation of the colon wall and the development of internal intestinal bleeding.
    • How to use the method in patients with diseases of the rectal region (fissures, hemorrhoids, etc.) that extends to the use of this procedure.
    • High-quality images of the bowel with the possibility of volumetric reconstruction.
    • A small list of contraindications to the appointment of the study.

    Unlike magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography allowed patients with installed pacemakers, prosthetic and other metal products.

    Reviews patients strictly positive due to the rapid conduction and absence of any invasive manipulation compared with colonoscopy.

    The purpose of the survey

    Determine to whom to appoint CT scan of the intestine should only doctor after the physical examination of the patient and other diagnostic procedures. In this case, you can get a good diagnostic effect subject to the financial component.

    The CT or virtual colonoscopy is shown in the following situations:

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    • Suspected neoplastic processes in the intestine (cancer of any morphological type).
    • Chronic inflammatory or ulcerative diseases with affection of the organs of the digestive system.
    • Frequent constipation, stool softener or increased flatulence.
    • If you suspect internal bleeding inside the colon.
    • In old age as a screening method for early detection of neoplastic tumors and other pathological processes.

    The only contraindication to the use of this method of research is pregnancy, in connection with the negative impact of x-ray radiation on the developing fetus.

    Preparation for the procedure

    To obtain a meaningful result it is necessary to observe recommendations on how should be the preparation for virtual colonoscopy. More information on this matter can be obtained from the attending physician.

    Compliance with the diet

    The first and most important step in the preparation for the virtual colonoscopy – the observance of a certain diet to reduce gas in the colon and hasten her evacuation. Patients are encouraged to abandon bakery products, products of wheat and other coarse grain, reduce the intake of vegetables and fruits in any form (boiled, fresh, etc.).

    In addition, certain requirements to the drinking regime: it is necessary to abandon the strong tea, coffee, fizzy and carbonated drinks, and milk.

    Colon cleanse

    The optimal results of the tomography can be obtained only at pre-cleaning the colon of its contents. To do this, use two approaches – setting regular enemas or receiving medication to speed up stomach emptying.

    One day before the survey allowed to drink only plain water or weak vegetable or chicken broth. Besides you can’t take anything for food.

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    The CT-study

    Before examining the patient dressed in a special shirt that does not have any metal elements and buttons, as well as ask to remove or take out of the pockets of metal objects and jewelry. Otherwise, it can lead to the appearance of the photographs of the various artifacts that hinder the process of interpreting the information received.

    It is very important to prepare for the study, following diet and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.

    The patient is placed on a special table solid on the back. After that, through the anus inserted a small probe used for insertion into intestinal air or contrast agent required for smoothing and a better display in the pictures. The study itself takes place for 5-20 minutes, depending on the required number of images and complexity of the diagnosis of the underlying disease. On average, one treatment get several hundred or thousand images, that allows not only to analyze each of them, but also to reconstruct the 3D image of the colon. This ends the procedure.

    The use of virtual colonoscopy bowel

    Once people know about this method, they are asked about what is so special about virtual colonoscopy, which allows it to be widely used in medicine. It is necessary to allocate the following its benefits, providing a high popularity among medical professionals and the patients themselves.

    1. Small expenses of time for carrying out research. On average, the treatment lasts for 5-20 minutes, which distinguishes it from x-ray examination method using a contrast media through the mouth.
    2. Well tolerated by patients. Standard colonoscopy in addition to the psychological discomfort associated with pain and unpleasant manipulation.
    3. High precision allows easy identification of the pathological processes and diseases in the colon. Thus the procedure can be performed in all patients except pregnant women.
    4. The price of the study is not different from the cost of similar procedures, but offers a more comfortable and thorough survey.
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    One of the most important advantages of this method of diagnosis is a high level of safety for the patient. During the study the person receives a very low radiation exposure that does not lead to the development of any disease or impairment of state of health. The occurrence of perforation, internal intestinal bleeding is not possible due to the lack of instrumental introduction in the colon.

    The use of virtual colonoscopy of the intestine to diagnose many diseases. However, before performing this procedure, you must consult with your doctor to determine its feasibility and obtain information about the correct preparation of the study and the procedure, possible complications and benefits.