What not to do prior to the gastroscopy of the stomach: the prohibitions and consequences


The wide spread of endoscopic techniques in clinical medicine for diagnosis of diseases led to the need for patient education and people about the proper preparation for them. In addition to direct recommendations regarding active actions that must be performed, it is very important to answer the question – what not to do before gastroscopy? A number of restrictions on products, Smoking, chewing gum and other things necessary to enhance the information content of the survey and its security.

General description of the survey

EGD of the stomach, or gastroscopy – a type of endoscopic examination of the digestive system. The use of endoscope allows the doctor to visually assess the condition of the mucous membrane of bodies, and to hold a number of ancillary procedures (biopsy, etc.).

Question about not eating prior to the gastroscopy of the stomach, is one of the most important in the whole process of preparation of the patient. Human nutrition must be adjusted for 1-2 days before the scheduled endoscopy. There are the following recommendations:

  • Eat before the gastroscopy permitted for 7-8 hours before the procedure, which ensures complete emptying of the stomach.
  • Of the diet it is important to exclude 1-2 days before the study all products are «heavy» for the gastro-intestinal tract and a long time to digest. These include fatty meats, whole-grain grits from family pastry.
  • You can’t eat anything before EGD in the morning. It is necessary for the emptying of the stomach. If the study is assigned in the afternoon, you need to decide how many hours you can’t eat? As a rule, the last light meal may be held for 7-8 hours before the inspection.
  • What not to eat before gastroscopy in any case and why? From food for 2-3 days before EGD to exclude all fried and spicy food, food with lots of spices and seasonings, sauces, quick meals, meats. Similar products can be harsh on the mucous membrane, causing little damage that can be mistaken for acute gastritis or exacerbation of chronic diseases. Therefore, such products are prohibited. If the patient still ate such dishes, then a procedure will have to be postponed for a few days.
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An important point in the preparation for the examination of the stomach is the question of drink. The patient is advised to drink only plain water or lukewarm tea. Coffee, soda, and alcoholic beverages should be completely avoided for 2-3 days before the procedure.

Tobacco and alcohol

A very important aspect of adequate preparation for EGD is the solution to the question about Smoking and alcohol use. Generally all doctors say that these things must be completely abandoned, however, if a person smokes constantly, then make it extremely hard, and fully quitting Smoking is impossible. In this case, the patient it is important to know how many hours to FGS he can smoke or take alcohol.

Smoking before EGD is prohibited due to the negative influence of nicotine on many physiological processes.

Can I smoke before a gastroscopy? It is believed that nicotine and other substances contained in tobacco smoke lead to the formation of excess mucus in the stomach, thereby impeding the inspection of the mucosa. Therefore, before EGD can’t smoke on the day of the survey regardless of the time of his appointment. If the patient smoked yesterday or a few days ago, no biggie, no changes in the body for such a long period is not saved.

Alcoholic beverages have a harmful and irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. In this regard, their admission is prohibited one week prior to the scheduled gastroscopy.

Vykhrivka person or took alcohol to have an adequate gastroscopy impossible. Therefore, the examination should be rescheduled.

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Other features of the training

If the patient uses any drugs, he must inform his doctor a few days before the procedure. Some medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Nise, Indomethacin, Aspirin) impair the protective properties of the gastric mucosa and can lead to damage that gastroscopy will look like acute gastritis.

To chew gum the day of the test also is not necessary – it stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and in the absence of food, can cause irritation of the stomach wall.

The observance of these restrictions in the diet, avoiding harmful habits and drug therapy significantly improve the diagnostic performance of inspection and reduce the possibility of having to re-research. Full list of all recommendations in preparation for EGD can be obtained from your doctor or in the endoscopy room of medical institutions.