When can I bathe after laparoscopy?


Laparoscopic surgery is described as malotravmaticheskaya surgical manipulation. After laparoscopy not long prescribed constant bed rest, patients return to normal life after a few days. But that operation, so security measures must comply. There is the question of personal hygiene. How to rehabilitate after surgery and when can I bathe after laparoscopy?

Features laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is performed under General anesthesia. It is carried out using specialized laparoscopic instruments. In the abdominal area the doctor makes two or three puncture. To create space, through the holes injected carbon dioxide. Then insert a laparoscope with a camera that transmits a picture of the internal organs on the monitor. We then introduce various instruments for surgical procedures.

This method is very common in gynecology. It is both diagnostic and therapeutic. With the help of laparoscopy in gynecology can be diagnosed:

  • if there are adhesions in the fallopian tubes;
  • the degree of permeability of pipes;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • endometriosis and its stage of progression;
  • accurate picture of tumors, for example, the size of the cyst or fibroids.

In addition to gynecology laparoscopy is used in operations on the abdominal cavity organs and retroperitoneal space. That is, it is actively used as surgeons and urologists.

With this method it is possible a better overview than in the abdominal incision. In addition, with the help of laproscope possible to make the optical zoom is operated on, and see the retroperitoneum.


After surgery, patients stay in the hospital, provided bed rest. It lasts up to 10 hours after gynecological manipulations, from one day to three days after excision of the internal organ. After 6-7 hours after gynecologic surgery allowed to stand, to move slowly, which prevents the formation of adhesions. Statement is determined by the type of operation conducted. If it’s a surgery, it is performed through a few days. When manipulation of the abdominal organs – usually after three or four days. If found possible complications, the statement is postponed to prevent them. Pain after surgery is usually pass on the third day, if not, you need to immediately consult a doctor.

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How many days it take to rehab? The recovery period usually lasts about a month.

The most important thing at this time – the correct treatment of joints.

Diet says the doctor, depending on the kind of the produced manipulations. Stitches after laparoscopy processed by a specialized solution. As a rule, these solutions include 3% hydrogen peroxide or fukortsin. Processing must take place in compliance with all measures of asepsis, antiseptics, only sterile bandages.

Personal hygiene

The first time, about two weeks after the operation, can only swim under a warm shower, covering the wound with bandage. RUB or skrabet the cut impossible. After taking a shower sutures should be processed. To take a bath it is possible not earlier than in 3-4 weeks.

After surgery, you can go to the bath or sauna? Only 3 months later, after consultation and permission of the doctor. The fact that high temperatures promote internal bleeding. For this reason, it is not recommended to sunbathe, visit a Solarium.

The sutures are removed in the clinic with all the rules of asepsis in dressing room. In many patients, this occurs 6-9 days after manipulation.

For the first time on the puncture site visible red or purple spots, but over time they gradually fade and become completely invisible.

The scar will remain after surgery or not depends on care. In addition to a thorough treatment, after removal of sutures on the scar you can apply the gauze, lubricated with a special gel for tissue regeneration. Change the gauze should be necessary or if the patient was washed and wet it. Once wound tight, you can go for ointment to soften the scar tissues.