When can I exercise after laparoscopy?


Laparoscopic surgery is a modern method of treatment of diseases of the abdominal cavity, widely used in surgery and gynecology. High efficacy and low likelihood of negative consequences provide such a popular surgical approach. However, after surgery is very important issue is rehabilitation, as it allows to avoid the development of long-term complications and prevent the recurrence of the disease. The most important topic for discussion is sport after laparoscopy, namely its necessity and the rules of dispensing exercise. To understand this issue it is recommended not only to patients undergoing laparoscopic intervention, but also to healthy people, as laparoscopy is used to treat more and more often.

What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a method of surgical treatment of internal organs in the abdominal cavity, carried out through small incisions on the skin of the anterior abdominal wall. Through the past introduced a special laparoscope that allows the doctor to visually monitor the progress of the procedure, and additional tools. All of this takes place under General or spinal anesthesia.

The average duration of full recovery of patients after laparoscopy – 2-5 months, depending on the volume and type of operations, as well as the development of negative consequences. Directly after waking up the next day, in good health, the patient should start walking around the house. It helps to improve blood circulation in the body and prevent the development of thrombosis or thrombophlebitis. Early physical activity reduces the likelihood of formation of adhesions in the abdominal cavity. However, it is important not to overdo it – the movement should be smooth, not accompanied by pain or serious discomfort.

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The most important point of rehabilitation – nutrition. Water the patient can drink immediately after waking up, but eating recommend starting after one day. This allows the gastrointestinal tract to recover after the surgery. The diet should include large amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. But from foods with fats, salt and other harmful additives should be abandoned.

Sports after laparoscopy

When can I exercise after laparoscopy? It is best to hold off on any heavy exercise for at least 4 months to ensure optimal recovery. Therefore, after discharge from hospital the patient should do only what he was authorized treating physician, particularly in terms of sports.

Professional advice from the physician or sports doctor allows you to organize an optimal process of rehabilitation.

In the first weeks after laparoscopy is necessary to avoid increasing intra-abdominal pressure, as this may lead to the development of hernias against the background of weakness of the anterior abdominal wall related to surgical incisions. Therefore, patients in any case can not lift weights or do exercises with gymnastics. Within 4-5 weeks, the muscles and ligaments begin to strengthen, to prevent weakness of the abdominal wall and the development of gruzevich protrusions.

Sex also refer to physical stress, accompanied by increased intra-abdominal pressure. Therefore, the patient should be for some time to abandon them.

However, physical activity plays a critical role in the recovery process after surgery. The most optimal method of motor rehabilitation – Hiking in the parks or any other places with clean air. This allows you to gradually strengthen the muscles of the body, as well as the cardiovascular and respiratory system, which has experienced significant stress during laparoscopy. How much you need to devote time Hiking exercise? The optimal duration of walk can tell the doctor. As a rule, initially, walking is just a couple of minutes later the time and distance increase.

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Exercises in physical therapy (physical therapy) allow you to safely strengthen the osteo-articular and muscular system without harm to the health of the patient. While exercises include predominantly static load. Motion with a possible lifting not allowed, since it quickly leads to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. The weight lifted should not exceed 2-3 kg. the restrictions apply to domestic or professional burden.

How long should last a soft diet after surgery? As a rule, many patients can resume sports within 4-6 weeks, and the exercises should gradually expanded, and the load increase. In establishing the optimal intensity and duration of exercise should help or doctor, or sports doctor.

Why you should avoid physical activity after a laparoscopy? As a rule, after a laparoscopy of ovarian cysts or any other disease, there is weakness of the anterior abdominal wall, and also deteriorating the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Physical activity in the early period of rehabilitation may lead to hernia formation or to decompensation of existing illnesses, therefore, for some time, such loads should be postponed. Advice from the physician will help the patient to find the optimal dosing regimen workout, and choose the most rational scheme of rehabilitation.