When can I have sex after laparoscopy: sex life by the rules


Every patient interested in the recovery period after surgery, what is allowed and what you should not. In particular, for some time stop sex life after a laparoscopy, i.e., observed on pelvic rest. Undoubtedly, compared to laparotomy, this technique of operation is gentle, but even it requires certain restrictions. The recovery period is much shorter than after abdominal surgery. Along you still need to follow the recommendations of a specialist on diet, hygiene.

Indications and contraindications to laparoscopy

The main diseases in which treatment shows an operation:

Absolute contraindications include:

  • Disorders in the blood coagulation system.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Heavy exhaustion.
  • Hernia of the diaphragm.
  • Acute infectious diseases.
  • A hypertensive crisis.

Relative contraindications are:

  • Cancer of the uterus and appendages.
  • Severe obesity.
  • Too large entities to be deleted.
  • Adhesions.

Preparing for surgery

The key to rapid recovery is the right preparation. Important contraception is to prevent conception prior to laparoscopy. For this purpose condoms. Immediately before surgery to have a purging of the intestine, so it does not interfere with the operation. The night before, dinner should be before seven PM. Later can only drink water. On the day of the operation it is forbidden to eat and drink.

The hair of the perineum and lower abdomen thoroughly shaved. If indicated, the patient will need to use a compression garment or bandaging of the lower extremities.

The exact day of the operation is assigned individually, depending on the disease and the period of the menstrual cycle. In emergency situations on the menstrual cycle do not pay attention.

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When can I return to sexual life?

Many patients are embarrassed to ask your doctor if they can have sex and how long should be abstinence. Most often, were allowed to resume private life after 2-3 weeks after laparoscopic surgery. The main rule is that the woman experienced during intercourse discomfort or discomfort. The doctor makes the decision about when to have sex after a laparoscopy, depending on the individual situation of the patient.

If the operation is carried out in the fallopian tubes, the sex life might be back pretty soon. Some patients say that they were allowed to return to normal life almost immediately after surgery. Moreover, in this case, women who had sex in a week or two after the surgery, recovered faster than those ladies who have been waiting a month or more.

During intercourse you should experience discomfort or pain.

If during the surgery was stitches, especially on the genitals, it is better not to risk and to wait for their withdrawal. Those of the women who had sex up to this point, yourself can cause bleeding from surgical wounds or suture.

Why in some cases women are advised to start having sex earlier than 2 weeks? The fact that the orgasm, produced in the course of sexual intercourse, has a positive effect on the normalization of muscle tone, improve their work, helping to recover after the operation without the loss of quality of life. Frictions committed by a male, improve the elasticity of the tissues, the blood circulation of the genital organs, accelerating the healing.

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Many is the question of the need of protection. This is solved individually with each patient. For example, after operation on the uterus you cannot get pregnant immediately. Must pass a sufficient time in order for the body to recover, and formed the final scars.

In General, we can say that there is no single and accurate recommendations for when to have sex after a laparoscopy. Some doctors insist that you need to wait about a month, some advise not to postpone it indefinitely. Focus women must first to your feelings. If you do not care, then why give up pleasures? Moreover, sex helps to speed up the recovery of the genitals after surgery.

General guidelines

After surgery, longer recover women who too spares. Of course, there is no need immediately after surgery to run a marathon. But as soon as possible to stand, sit and walk quietly. Every woman is different, and it is impossible to say exactly how long you can maintain an active lifestyle. The threshold of pain is different for everyone, and it largely determines the rate of recovery.

The diet should be sparing and only in the first days after laparoscopy. Later allowed to return to a normal lifestyle. The only thing you should refuse is a serious exercise. You must wait for the time to postoperative wound healed and there was no risk of suture line disruption and bleeding.