When going on a first ultrasound?


  • Which method is ultrasound better detects the presence of conception?
  • Is it important to do early pregnancy ultrasound?
  • What to expect from your first ultrasound and when it is better to go?
  • How to prepare for the exam?
  • Pregnancy for women is a wonderful period. The body begins to change. And the expectant mother begins to receive a lot of questions: what to do on the first week after the delay, when going to the doctor, at what period an ultrasound shows pregnancy. And many other nuances.

    How to behave on the first week of pregnancy?

    1. If conception happened and the expectant mother is sure that it does not require confirmation, we can begin to abandon the familiar life. Namely, to observe the regime, not to worry, not to overdo it with exercise.
    2. Sexual intercourse is possible, but after conception it should be done carefully. Not to make any sudden movements. Choose a convenient, and most importantly, safe position.
    3. Smoking mothers have to abandon their habits (reduced risk of having an unhealthy baby).
    4. Eat right. Toxicity while may not be.
    5. In no case can not drink alcohol. It can cause miscarriage.
    6. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Start the day in good condition, less worry, try to think only about good things.

    Signs of pregnancy

    In the first two weeks after conception the status of women, remains the mystery. After all, she did not even know that the egg is already fertilized. The first week may not manifest itself. Still, changes such as weakness, drowsiness, irritability may be present. At 5 weeks the obstetric woman may observe the following changes:

    • sensitivity to smells;
    • the pain in his chest.

    It should be noted that the first signs can be seen immediately after the delay. Every woman will experience them in different ways. Someone on the 7th day you will understand that it is in an interesting position, and someone will not pay attention to the first signs.

    On what day after the delay you need to go to the antenatal clinic?

    If you go to a good specialist, then the 5 day delay, it will be able to see the presence of pregnancy. It is worth noting that 5 days is approximately 3 weeks from the day of conception.

    When to go to the U.S.?

    In what period an ultrasound shows pregnancy of concern to many mothers. I want to say that to go to do an ultrasound on the second day after the delay is not necessary. Since no one, even an experienced specialist, you will not see in the uterus the fetus.

    When ultrasound can see the pregnancy?

    Fertilization can occur after ovulation or a day. In order to see the position on ultrasound to observe a few simple conditions:

    • Time. It should be sufficient. On the screen is clearly visible tubercle, which differs from the polyp.
    • When there is no inflammation. In this case, the fetus must be very large so the doctor was able to identify it and to distinguish from edema.
    • The modern hardware.

    Which method is ultrasound better detects the presence of conception?

    If you are going to the survey, many moms are wondering what is better to do ultrasound to determine in the early stages of pregnancy: vaginal or examination through the abdominal cavity?

    It should be noted that safe for the fetus is the examination through the abdominal cavity. The first survey on small terms the technician at the request of the mother. This is usually done in order to be sure the position you or not. Vaginal examination can detect a gestational SAC approximately one week sooner than abdominal examination.

    Do research — this is not a problem, the main thing that the doctor was competent, and the ultrasound of the new models. Often there are cases when in the early stages after a delay, the doctors doing the ultrasound. Only one person in it can see a pregnancy and the other not. In this case, it is recommended to study again, but a little later.

    Is it important to do early pregnancy ultrasound?

    Doctors prescribe an ultrasound after a delay in order to be sure what it is, and to exclude ectopic pregnancy. That is, even if there is a delay, but there are doubts that you are in position, you can go for the examination. It will be seen by all that are interested. In what period an ultrasound shows pregnancy you will be able to explain your gynecologist.

    Doing a routine ultrasound for a period of 11-13 weeks. For each pregnant woman is a mandatory procedure. It’s called screening, i.e., the specialist checks the presence of pathologies. Dangerous when mothers ignore it, because the probability that the baby will be born sick.

    With the help of ultrasound can not only find out exactly how many weeks is the patient, but also to identify the defects in developing fetus.

    What to expect from your first ultrasound and when it is better to go?

    The next day, after the delay necessary to remember what the exact number you had your last period. Throughout the 9 months you will constantly ask this question. From that day, you need to calculate the date of birth.

    When transvaginal study the gestational SAC can be seen in a day or two after a delay. At this point, you can get an answer about availability and all. Many ask, why bother to do research so early. But, as a rule, such patients are those who have had difficult conceiving a baby, and they worry about his condition.

    If the test shows two stripes, but you feel good, no, no discharge, to go to the hospital on 7-8 week. At this stage, the embryo is the size of 10-15 mm, and the doctor will be able to listen to his heartbeat.

    When a woman is restless, felt abdominal pain, are bleeding, and you need to most likely know she is pregnant or not, you can do a blood test HCG. His result will see its level, and if it is 500-1000мМЕ/ml, the gestational SAC should already be clearly visible in the uterus.

    There are cases when the pregnancy under the assumption of mothers 6-8 weeks. Going for an ultrasound CTE (kopchik-parietal size), the term corresponds to 5-6 weeks, and to determine the heartbeat fails. In this case it is necessary to do a follow-up examination after 10 days. So we will see whether normally developing pregnancy.

    How to prepare for the exam?

    To go in any day and do not need to specifically prepare. The only caveat is to go to the toilet before doing this, of course, if you want. Because the filled intestine hampers the visualization, thereby reducing the quality of the research. You also need to understand that in the doctor’s office will have to undress, so you need to choose comfortable clothing.

    Try confidently treat your doctor. Tell him about everything that bothers. It’s a lot easier to prepare for childbirth. And most importantly do not be afraid, because the birth of a child is a miracle for every parent.

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