When to do colonoscopy bowel?


Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the colon using the colonoscope. Despite the presence of more modern imaging techniques, this method allows the physician to obtain complete information about condition of the intestine, and the question is do I need a colonoscopy for suspected cancer is not even worth it – this is a required study for suspected cancer.

This method allows not only to clarify the diagnosis after examining the colon in its entirety, but also to carry out certain medical procedures. It can also extract foreign objects, polyp removal, hemostatic manipulation. With the diagnostic purpose in the course of the procedure possible the collection of material for subsequent histological examination, which is important in cases of suspected benign/malignant neoplasm.

Such a study can be safely conducted several times a year, but only in the absence of contraindications, which are divided into relative and absolute. The former include frequent constipation/diarrhea unclear reasons, long low-grade fever, unexplained weight loss, anemia. The detection of such phenomena colonoscopy may be appointed, but the informativeness of the study will be lower.

There are conditions under which such a study can not be carried out:

  • severe intestinal bleeding/accumulation of blood in the abdominal cavity;
  • peritonitis;
  • acute myocardial infarction;
  • shock of any etiology;
  • perforation of the intestinal wall.

The preparatory period

To colonoscopy was informative, requires a serious preparation for the procedure. People for whom such a study is conducted several times a year, I know the nuances of training, and the rest should follow exactly all the instructions of the physician prescribing a colonoscopy.

The main condition is the absence in the lumen of the examined intestine of feces.

Their presence increases the risk of misdiagnosis, and some pathological changes can go unnoticed. Preparation starts two days before the intended procedure. Shown special diet, which completely excludes products that contribute to flatulence and increased stool volume: apples, grapes, raw vegetables, nuts, some grains, legumes, mushrooms, milk and carbonated drinks.

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Preference these days is given to low-fat fish, light soups, fermented milk products. The day of the survey allowed the use of only liquid. Medicines containing iron, are canceled before the study, the use of activated charcoal is not recommended. The day before the moment when it is necessary to do a colonoscopy, is assigned enema, can be used laxatives.

What is a colonoscopy?

The procedure does not require hospitalization and is performed in outpatient endoscopic or treatment room. The doctor decides which cases require anesthesia – local anesthesia shown to children under 12 years, patients with destructive processes in the intestine, with marked adhesions formations. Often enough local anesthesia, in some cases, research is performed under General anesthesia uses intravenous drugs that cause superficial, short sleep.

The position of the patient during the study – lying on left side with maximum fit to your chest with your knees. The doctor inserts the endoscope into the rectum, and gradually pushes it forward along the intestine. To facilitate passage of the tube of the device and improve visibility into the intestine is supplied with air, spreading the light. If necessary, the doctor asks the patient to turn on his side or back. The duration of the study depends on the experience of the doctor and the need for additional manipulations.

The informative value of this study depends on the correctness of preparation. If the doctor finds out about incorrect training, which was held in violation of the recommendations in the procedure will be denied, even in the presence of direct testimony.

Possible complications

Complications of colonoscopy are rare. All pumped into the intestine, the air is removed with a special system, and immediately after the procedure eat. Occasionally persists a feeling of bloating which is easy to remove taking 10 tablets of activated charcoal dissolved in half a glass of water. In rare cases, doctors are faced with such reactions:

  • slight bleeding after the biopsy or excision of a polyp;
  • allergic reaction to used drugs;
  • intestinal perforation is a severe complication resulting from incorrect execution of the procedure, is extremely rare.
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With age the human body more susceptible to various diseases. The volume of preventive examinations, which are recommended for each year is also increasing, and colonoscopy conducted on a regular basis can be a great method for early detection of any disease, including malignant tumors.