When you can determine the sex of the baby on the ultrasound?


  • What to know gender before birth?
  • How to know the sex of the baby without ultrasound?
  • Grandma’s advice: true or false?
  • Carrying her baby under her heart 9 months, all mothers worried a lot of questions. The main one is to find out who they will have a boy or a girl. And even despite the fact that our medicine can 100% answer this question, parents choose other ways. And to learn the sex of the baby by ultrasound prefers the smaller half of the women.

    How to find out the gender by ultrasound?

    To find out the sex of your long-awaited miracle is possible thanks to this miracle of our medicine. At the period of 16 weeks it is already possible to see who’s born. But, unfortunately, not always ultrasound shows the desired result. Often, the fruit turns away, and see his genitals, the doctor may not.

    1. The most popular reason is to prepare for the birth. To do repairs in the nursery, considering who will live there a boy or a girl. Buy baby clothes, of a particular color. And it will be possible to come up with a name. With this item parents devote time a lot more than everything else. Because here they are based on many factors: — star designation, the opinion of relatives.
    2. For men pregnancy of their second halves a great event. Sometimes this can save the family from disintegration. So women are going to do everything possible to find out who they have to be born a girl or a boy.
    3. Sometimes this interest may be medical factor. Since some medical illnesses at the genetic level can be passed to anyone in particular, for example, the girl or the boy. For example — hemophilia. This disruption in blood clotting in the body. A woman can only be a carrier, and transmitted to her son. This problem often ends in tragedy because of an internal bleeding. Therefore, the floor must be determined.
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    Determining the sex of the baby by ultrasound important moment of pregnancy, which is looking forward to it.

    How to know the sex of the baby without ultrasound?

    For parents who are waiting and looking forward to when you can do an ultrasound there are several ways by which to find out the sex is not difficult.

    Today are several ways that have become popular. They will let you know the sex of the baby, even without visiting your doctor.

    • The similarity of the blood group of the parents.

    When my mother 3 group, it is likely to be a boy. If the mother was born with 4 group, 80% she will give birth to only sons. A girl will only if the Pope group 2 of blood. Women with 1 group will give birth to a child partners with 1 or 3 groups.

    Unfortunately, this method is unreliable. Be wrong maybe it is. And if this system really works, why the couple are born and the sons and daughters?

    • Calculation with ovulation.

    Sperm with male gene is the most active but live on less. If the day of ovulation, they will be able to get to the goal first, then just a boy. But if intercourse took place before the Mature egg, the sperm will die. And the female, will reach the goal and be able to fertilize the egg. In this case, parents can expect the birth of a daughter.

    Grandma’s advice: true or false?

    A long time ago in Russia, my grandmother could tell you how to find out the gender of your baby without ultrasound. And ironically for them, this was not a problem. In their signs they relied on a number of factors. Interestingly, their predictions often came true, and today’s forecasters are wrong. And it is not clear why, may be using the wrong facts?

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    But to this day still came the signs by which a woman predict who it will be. This is determined easily enough. For example, when the tummy sharp, a son, a flat, a daughter. The appearance of spots on the face say about the birth of a girl. Considered, as it takes away the beauty of my mother.

    When mom is too whiny and irritable, she will give birth to a daughter. And this example, by definition, the sex of the baby is the most trustworthy. And the boys allow a mother to go through this pregnancy in good spirits.

    Be wrong can they, only your pregnancy coming to an end, will show who was right, grandma’s advice, or ultrasound.

    If to speak honest, all of the methods described in the U.S. cannot be considered accurate. But their right to exist, they certainly have, because someone they helped to find out the sex of the unborn child.

    But on the other hand you may not want to rush things. When the time comes, you will be able to learn the sex of the future little. Because no matter born you have a daughter or son. Importantly, the children were healthy.

    So do not worry about the fact what time you know. The error of ultrasound in determining sex of course there are, but it should not affect your joy. Waited for the boy, but a daughter? Rejoice!