Where can you do a colonoscopy?


Colonoscopy is the most informative method of investigation of the colon. It is carried out with the help of special endoscopic equipment, allowing to consider the condition of the mucous membrane, to detect the presence of ulcers, erosions, tumors. The question of where to do a colonoscopy is necessary to pay enough attention, because its performance depends not only on the quality of the equipment, but also from the experience of the doctor.

Who shows such a study?

Colonoscopy is prescribed by a doctor for certain indications. However, many people are health conscious, voluntarily undergo such a study, despite some discomfort from it. In many European countries must undergo a colonoscopy for people over the age of 40 years – for them this is a standard routine examination. Today it is possible to do a colonoscopy in almost any medical institution – private or municipal.

The final cost of a survey depends on the institution performing colonoscopy. Price also depends on the installed equipment, application of medicines, qualified staff. In some cases it is necessary to record the course of the study to a disc or USB flash drive that also increases the cost of the procedure.

If necessary, use General anaesthesia or sedation is necessary to involve the anesthesiologist, to use powerful drugs, which increases the cost of research nearly doubled. The average cost of this procedure varies in regions of the country, and is about 3000 rubles – the study without anesthesia.

How to prepare for the procedure?

To pass a colonoscopy the first time, without the need for repeated procedures, it is important the right training. It starts in 2-3 days, and is aimed at maximum elimination of feces in the intestine to the day of the study. Assigned diet with the exception of products that contribute to flatulence, as well as for a long time to digest the digestive tract. The doctor or nurse inform the patient in detail about all the prohibitions must be strictly adhered to, since any violation of the diet can cause the performance of complex studies will be reduced.

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In very advanced cases, the doctor may refuse the person carrying out the colonoscopy, if the expected informativeness is too low. Along with diet, restricted to self-administration of all medications, particularly those containing iron. You cannot use activated carbon. Before the study, it is possible to take a laxative prescribed by the doctor. If necessary, he may recommend a cleansing enema.

On the day of the colonoscopy is not allowed food is allowed only unsweetened green tea, sparkling mineral water. The last meal should be for 12-14 hours before the study, and consist of a light soup, or fermented dairy products – whole milk is prohibited.

The course of the colonoscopy

To the procedure was quick and with minimal pain important the right attitude of the patient unnecessary emotional stress is undesirable. If the person is overly anxious, the doctor may use light sedatives, and pain can be reduced by parenteral administration of narcotic analgesics immediately before the procedure.

In the endoscopy room, the patient undresses from the waist down. To minimize the inconvenience of the patient, is allowed to carry out the procedure in special underwear, which can be pre-purchased at the pharmacy. Often research begins with the patient on her left side with toned to the chin with your knees. The study doctor may ask the patient to turn on his side or his back – in that case, if the colonoscopy is performed without anesthesia.

It is worth knowing that during the procedure, possible discomfort, especially at the time of introduction of the tip into the rectum, the passage of the natural curves of the intestine, as well as the introduction of the air is required for straightening all the folds and qualitative visual inspection. When carrying out diagnostic puncture, cauterization of erosions, pain may short increase.