A gluten-free diet: description, food and recipes glutinosae menu

The Russian people is quite hard for your to imagine lunch without a piece of bread. But increasingly warn that in this, as in many of your favorite pasta, is a harmful protein called gluten. In this article we will discuss the gluten-free diet, and also will offer you a list of available gluten-free, and will talk about those that contain it. Describe a delicious recipe pies without protein.

Gluten is a protein gluten, which allows bread to stick together and rise during baking, is composed of a variety of products. Today, more and more of this substance in humans causes a variety of diseases. The gluten entering the body, disrupts the normal functioning of the stomach, as a result, suffers from the immune system of a person.

If you have constant bloating, diarrhea, weakness, pain, and other manifestations of celiac disease, carefully review the list of products to find gluten and eliminate them – follow gluten-free diet.

How to start a gluten-free diet?

First define the boundaries of what is possible in the menu. In the diet allowed the following products:

  1. Many dairy products (except yoghurt and sour milk with additives);
  2. Fish, poultry, fresh meat (not seasoned marinated and breaded);
  3. Fruits and vegetables;
  4. Beans, beans, seeds and nuts in their natural form;
  5. Eggs;
  6. Without gluten, starchy foods and cereals (including pasta, pastries and bread). These products include the following:
    1. Flour from arrowroot rhizomes, or underground shoots;
    2. Amaranth;
    3. Flax seed;
    4. Starch potato;
    5. Buckwheat;
    6. Maize starch;
    7. Flour from maize;
    8. Corn grits;
    9. Gluten-free flour (brown rice, rice, potato, corn, almond, coconut, soy bean, buckwheat, oats (indicating gluten-free), amaranth, tapioca, flax seed);
    10. Oatmeal indicating «gluten-free»;
    11. Quinoa;
    12. Soy;
    13. Millet;
    14. Fig;
    15. Sorghum;
    16. Teff;
    17. The tapioca.

Defined by forbidden foods. «Hidden» and «explicit» gluten

With «clear» gluten is quite clear. It is located in the following cereals:

  • barley;
  • rye;
  • wheat;
  • oats are also included in the forbidden list due to its heavy pollution.

You need to give up the foods prepared from cereals data, namely:

  • cookies and cakes;
  • bakery products;
  • crackers;
  • cakes and pastries;
  • any kind of test.
  • pizza;
  • any pasta;
  • Browns and pancakes;
  • cereal data from cereals, including «Artek» and «Hercules»;
  • bran;
  • meals breaded;
  • flour of these grains.

You also need to eliminate from the diet any meat products: sausages, cutlets and other products because of the danger of finding them gluten fillers. Soy products meat substitutes — that is, most often, is gluten-free. Only in the case where the manufacturer indicated on the packaging that the product is composed of gluten, it is «clean».

Gluten is in products that, at first glance, have nothing to do with cereal. Learning to spot the hidden gluten, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of the diet.

These products include the following:

  • medications;
  • candy;
  • Breakfast-cereal (if it is not written that does not have gluten);
  • ice cream;
  • fries (industrial manufacture);
  • croutons;
  • additive to salads;
  • sauces (soy);
  • crab sticks;
  • mayonnaise;
  • rice semi-finished products;
  • meat products;
  • soups (industrial manufacture);
  • chips;
  • vegetables with sauce;
  • cubes of broth;
  • vodka;
  • beer.
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Certain foods from the above list need a separate explanation

Food starch may include both a safe tapioca, potato or corn, but also made from wheat. Therefore, it is better not to risk and to remove the product.

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Nothing useful in this invention in the food industry there. It is a kind of monosodium glutamate.

Vinegar, which is usually done through distillation of the grains. Instead, you can choose wine, cider or rice.

Extracts and flavorings are usually alcohol composition, their preparation is often not complete without forbidden product – wheat. They can be replaced with vanilla or citrus zest.

Caramel color can be made from a variety of sources, as besplattered (molasses, corn, lactose or sugar) and harmful — from wheat starch or barley malt. So how exactly to find out the source is unlikely to happen, these products of dubious manufacture also should be deleted.

Dextrin — a compound organic type of polysaccharide, which is obtained by heat treatment of starch. If not the written source of starch, it is also advisable not to risk it. Dextrin from potato, corn, tapioca or rice is not dangerous. Often find today on the packaging of maltodextrin made from corn, and therefore should not create fear.

Triticale is a hybrid between rye and wheat, has gluten. Sometimes it comes across in the composition of multicereal flour and cereals.

Rice syrup can have in the composition of the barley malt, and therefore can significantly distort the effect of diet.

Candy also pose a greater danger. Often to avoid sticking them on top of the sprinkled flour from wheat. In the end, even candy, which composition does not have gluten in one of the stages of the production process, turning out Goodies in the poison.

Coffee drink and coffee with additives. About the beverage is clear — the label usually says that the product is made from barley. But coffee is also a risk. It is a free app, to taste sweeteners — gluten.

Decaf coffee also will be able to go against the diet, and not only because of the action of the gluten (in this case it is not), as due to the influence of chemicals involved in the process.

Fries, whether it is made in catering or at home, is not dangerous only when it is fried in oil, specially made for this. If the potatoes are dipped in a roasting pan, where before there were products with gluten (e.g., doughnuts, vegetables or breaded chicken), dangerous protein can go to the potatoes from the oil. Also if you want to buy frozen French fries, then you need to pay attention to the composition of the components.

The envelopes in them, sometimes there is glue made from wheat. To lick is not worth it, and for gluing, use a damp brush.

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Playdough contains wheat starch as a bridge.

In the early development of the diet is difficult to digest all this «gluten-free ABC». And therefore, going to the store first, can a for reconciliation to take a list of forbidden products and just comb through the list of what is included on the labels of the purchased products. Very quickly this will become the norm.

What to do if the package is not written composition in Russian?

In this case, it is imperative to read the fine print to make gluten-free choices. In addition to the above cereals (rye, wheat, oats, barley) any component from this list can also conceal gluten:

  • Starch;
  • Stabilizer;
  • Modified starch and modified food starch;
  • Flavoring;
  • Emulsifier;
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein;
  • Vegetable protein;
  • Vegetable gum;
  • Malt flavoring, malt.

About cross — «contamination»

Oats and derivatives thereof is also prohibited. Despite the fact that «forbidden» is a protein in oats is less dangerous volumes, still a large risk of cross-contamination with cereals that contain gluten and is probably «pollution» of their impurities during processing on the same hardware in production. For strict adherence to celiac diet need to buy only «pure» oats — on pack has to be stated that the product does not have gluten. Fortunately, you can find it today becomes more easier than before. Also, it is believed that the «clean» oats from gluten, you can use the soaking it in water for 7-9 hours. But still failed to find any medical or scientific literature to prove it.

For this reason, «cross-contamination» is important to follow the «purity» of not only the products but also the process of cooking. For violations of the diet do not need much — one naomily knife with slices of bread glutinosae can destroy all the positive effects. Important in purity contain Cutlery and the workplace.

Some dietary requirements

As a gluten-free diet is also used for the treatment of inflammatory and allergic conditions of the body, for its effective action it is important to exclude from menu foods, which contain many dyes, preservatives and synthetic additives. The most appropriate use of diet in this case is cooking whole foods.

The main rule of the diet is ”clean” and the safety of the ingredients used. Follow the part that can get into the stomach.

The tips in the beginning of the diet

As shown, one of the popular errors in respect of BG diet is “overload” the body’s overly-starchy foods (rice, starch, sugar, corn flour, potatoes, etc.) and refined carbohydrates. This “bias” can have a negative impact on both the process BG (Bq) diet and effect. Accurate advice here. Since we are all different, and the initial position before the diet also vary from each person.

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It’s worth to mention that the longer people took junk food than his digestive tract was inflamed, the more work it can be a “spillover” phenomenon sweet and overly-starchy foods from the BG diet and the higher the probability that additional tactical options of diet.

A menu that has a lot of starchy sweet carbs, can be a bait for fungal-yeast infection, which in the future will be difficult to handle. In order to prevent unfavorable outcome, it makes sense to think about the passage at the beginning of the diet preventative treatment of this infection, and to strengthen the immune system to add to the diet is necessary amount of food of animal origin (chicken, eggs, fish, meat).

There are many cases when the main key to victory over the diagnosis is the result of the alternative supply, like a menu of people of the Paleozoic era (no potatoes, grains, corn, legumes, etc.). The main emphasis in this diet you have to resolved in the diet, sources of fat and protein.

What are the risks of the body can lead to a gluten-free diet?

By and large, diet and recipes safe. But the rejection of grains that contain gluten also refers to, and delete from the menu significant sources of certain minerals and vitamins. People who follow a gluten-free diet, you may see the lack of certain nutrients in their diet (especially if it abounds not whole grains, vegetables, and pastry and bakery gluten-free products). At risk are:

  • Calcium;
  • Iron;
  • Thiamine;
  • Fiber;
  • Folic acid;
  • Niacin.

So for better confidence, it is desirable to connect the use of vitamin compounds.

In the presence of celiac sensitivity (note: there is no diagnosis of celiac disease, as confirmed by a negative test result for the disease), nutritionists recommend not to get glutinuous diet, just reduce your consumption of gluten. And to its absorption by the body to facilitate advisable, before glutenallergie food, use of food additives (DPPIV) for the breakdown of «bad» protein. So, you are depriving yourself of the vitamins that are contained in cereals and a hassle-free transition to a gluten-free diet.