A good diuretic: types and names of drugs, pills and herbs for weight loss

To use for weight loss diuretic is a fashion that came out of the sport. Athletes in this way is often «included» in the lowest category of weight. And everybody knows that teas or pills do not burn any fat, and if to exceed the maximum dose, you can be in a hospital, on a drip with drugs from cramps and dehydration. But sport very different criteria, very often victory is far more important than health. But why do normal girls?

It is no secret that a woman’s body is prone to delays and accumulation of fluid in some days of the cycle, in nature. After a couple of days after ovulation almost all have problems with swelling. If in addition to this is the extra layer of fat, then the appearance can be very upsetting. To use for weight loss diuretic herb taste, as a rule, in those days, and there are techniques relatively safe for the body, and there are those who do not want to use.

What to choose for weight loss diuretic?

For weight loss best diuretic drug is a traditional green tea. In addition to relieving the swelling, this tea increases the metabolism through thermogenic (warming) effect and promotes the breakdown of fat. A Cup of tea is a great option to reduce the feeling of hunger. The natural taste mildly suppresses the craving for sweets, and helps better saturation with less food. Enriched with antioxidants the tea is a godsend for people who want to preserve the sharpness of mind, cheerfulness of spirit and physical activity, regardless of food restrictions.

For diuretic action to brew green tea you need one tablespoon in a Cup of water at a temperature less than the boiling water (to boiling the kettle for 5 minutes). Make up to 5 cups (250 ml) daily. Contraindications to the use of the gastritis in the phase of exacerbation, kidney and heart. Pregnant women can use this drink, but it is imperative to consult a doctor.

For weight loss following diuretic drug directly from nature – this regular purified water. Take 50 ml per one kilogram of your weight all the time, throughout the day, and limit salt intake to 6 grams. daily (not to salt food during cooking, and add salt in the dish, and where possible, replace it with lemon juice). The problem will pass by itself after a few weeks of this diet.

Rare fees and diuretic herbs for weight loss

About birch buds, cranberry leaf, orthosiphon collection and bearberry, all of you probably know. But has anyone tried to remove the swelling and also to obtain additional vitamin C for the best work of the body? You can make useful and simple charges with a mild but effective diuretic effect:

  • fresh cranberry juice, 220 ml, stir with mineral water 220 ml, add lemon juice to drink, for 120 ml before each meal;
  • at 10 grams, cowberry leaf and 10 grams of chamomile flowers to brew in 220 ml of boiling water, let stand half an hour, use three doses, before meals last admission must be no later than 5 hours before bedtime, so as not to interfere with a good night’s sleep;
  • 7 grams, cowberry leaf, 15 grams of rose hips, 22 grams of black currant leaves add 250 ml of boiling water, let stand 25 minutes. At this time to make a fresh lemon juice, composition, strain, pour juice, drinking early in the day, half morning, half before lunch, 30 minutes before a meal.

Note: the Use of all diuretics charges, herbs, tablets, teas and other funds, requires close attention to the condition of your body. At this time it is not necessary to lift weights, and engage in active martial arts, Jogging endurance, as well as going to the sauna or bath. Such actions do not give the possibility to «merge» quickly, and will only be able to provoke seizures, because it is not necessary to take risks, and pursue a more passive days. Engage low-active aerobics, no longer than an hour a day, stretch, or plan the use of funds for the day, free sports.

A day when used for weight loss diuretic tea is prohibited:

  • to drink alcohol. Alcohol will not be drinking for quite some time, approximately 3 days after the end of the day, use for weight loss diuretic drug. Alcohol «dries» very much, and almost everyone who drinks a diuretic before the holidays, at a certain time you start to feel cramps, which are absolutely not harmless, because it can create problems with the heartbeat and breathing;
  • consume regular coffee and teas, they have a diuretic effect and together can cause harm to the body, and provoke a loss of potassium, which is required for normal functioning of the heart;
  • make the diet pills from the pharmacy, the drugs ephedra, sports fat burner, all that is composed of extracts of birch buds, bearberry, chamomile, Linden, including various syrups against cough. Everything described here works for a diuretic as a synergist, and creates a strong dehydration;
  • to drink «chicory» in any form. For weight loss, directly chicory, is considered a diuretic drug. It take half Cup before meals, not only to reduce appetite but also to release excess fluid;
  • to drink green juice with fennel, cucumber and celery;
  • to stay long in the sun, for example, on the beach, and even unwanted trips to the Solarium.
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If you do not help diuretic herb for weight loss

Radical people on losing weight will be to take water pills and a variety of tools. Verospiron furosemide and, of course, will make you «merge» a couple liters of fluid, but for the body they are very harmful than herbal. The use of such funds must be only on prescription. Moreover, for aesthetics these pills are no good anyway – 10 hours after use, the body «fills» more and swelling become visible on both body and face.

In the first, herbs may not help when there are serious problems with the kidneys. Swelling often tortured, and salt is in your menu for more than a month? Refer to nephrologist. There is also discomfort in the chest area, or swelling appear the day after the gym? Please see a cardiologist. In any case, self-diagnosis is not necessarily better, contact your GP for advice.

Swelling, this is normal for menopause, and, unfortunately, in this case for weight loss diuretic herbs help for a short time. It is advisable to consult a gynecologist about natural phytoestrogens, they can help to correct the problem. A popular diuretic for weight loss in this case is a drink made from hop cones (1 tbsp cones in 320 ml of water, allow to stand half an hour).

How to complete the use for weight loss diuretics?

Everything is good, but when a person for a long time and systematically uses herbs for fluid, have fully explored the names of diuretics pills, and without packing of furosemide from the pharmacy does not come out, you need to seriously think about.

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Water pills and weight loss products, or rather their constant use can be a symptoms of serious personality disorders, crash diets, which borders on mental illness. You need to pay attention when:

  • edema, in addition to receiving pills women, sees absolutely no one, including close friends, mother and husband. But the woman herself seems like a bulb filled with water;
  • the use of tablets is not caused by the physician, and began on the recommendation of a friend, or assigned to themselves;
  • at least once in my life there was a case when because of diuretic or laxative for weight loss needed to take time off from work or school, or cancel appointments;
  • clothing size is not more than 50-th, the woman is objectively a little overweight or did not have excess weight, but all her thoughts are around weight loss, appearance, «plum», and tablets;
  • have the desire to become thin at any cost, talking about health are accepted as the sermons of the class teacher or nagging old grandmothers.

All these circumstances are accompanied by a diet, a real hatred, bad mood, and to break the cycle, a woman can’t, though, and realizes that the pills are harmful to the body.

In the beginning, you have to accept the fact that diuretics are an addiction, which we need to get rid of for the sake of his health. As well as the fact that it has no relation to trying to be beautiful, or rather, it calls for real self-hatred.

Options to get rid of dependence very much. Some turn to therapy to recovery, some simply complain friend about the problem. Some make lists of Affairs and in control of themselves, just forbidding us to take or buy. Anyway, depending on tablets have to go. Will help change the life of the image.

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Than for weight loss to replace diuretics?

Fortunately, with the tints you can fight healthy and simple methods. First and foremost, you need to enter in the menu 1 serving of the usual greens from the garden (chives, dill, parsley) daily. After to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables to 7-7 servings per day. Eliminate fast food, any drinks besides water and green tea, and increase protein intake. Often the swelling is caused by the fact that we’d better eat some chocolate than hamburger, and refuse from the protein in order to reduce calories.

To the choice of diuretic for weight loss everyone should be treated with great caution. Much safer to periodically visit the gym and a proper diet. Adjustment of the diet toward healthier foods will give you the opportunity to fully withdraw from diuretics.