A set of exercises five Tibetan pearls: description of gymnastics from Tibet «the Eye of the Renaissance» and home appliances

In this article we will tell you about the unique gymnastics, which is called «Eye of revival» or a set of exercises of the 5 Tibetans. This complex consists of five simple breathing and physical exercises positively affect the energy and physical state. Five Tibetan pearls is an ancient Tibetan method of healing and Wellness, it is the Tibetan monks for centuries was kept secret, but recently discovered Peter Caldera, and he then wrote the book «the secret of the fountain of youth. Eye Of The Renaissance».

Exercise Five Tibetan pearls: description and technique

«Eye of the Renaissance» has five simple, but very effective breathing and exercise. To complete this set of five exercises, you will need daily not more than half an hour. For best effect, don’t forget about the interval. Practice the 5 rites every day, will heal body and soul, fill you with energy, quickly improve your mental and physical state.

It’s important to complete these exercises is the fact that in any case can not miss this complex! Even when you miss a day, everything is going down the drain! Not on the second day to perform the exercises twice, instead of the missed day. In addition, the amount of exercise required to be only such as is specified in the methodology. The exercise number shall be increased clearly by the written plan.

Five Tibetan pearls, it’s a pretty powerful system, that can radically change your health. But, like any really strong acting technique, she will be able to cause harm with the condition of improper use.

Tips on running gymnastics «eye of the Renaissance»

In the first week do each of the 5 exercises three times, 1 time daily. Then once a week add 2 repetitions to all exercises, that is next week – need to do 5 reps of all exercises on the 3rd week – 7 4th – 9, etc. To the end of the ninth week you will begin to perform all the rites 21 times.

  • After gymnastics, it is desirable to lie back and relax.
  • When performing exercises to control the breath.
  • It is desirable to do exercises in the morning on an empty stomach, then I woke up.
  • Do exercises regularly.

The first exercise. The activation in the body’s energy channels

Execution. The initial position for this exercise is standing with exactly outstretched horizontally at the sides with your hands at shoulder level. Accepting the position, you must begin to rotate around the axis until the feeling of vertigo. Moreover, the importance of orientation, should be rotated from left to right.

The vast majority of people first missing a half-dozen spins to feel dizzy. So Lama advised beginners to be limited to 3 rotations.

The second exercise

This exercise has a tonic effect on:

  • thyroid;
  • kidneys;
  • genitals;
  • digestive organs.

Also has a positive effect on:

  • back pain;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • arthritis;
  • the symptoms of menopause;
  • irregular menstruation;
  • the numbness of the legs and neck.

Execution. The importance here is paid to breathing and movement coordination. First, you need to exhale, freeing completely from the air in the lungs. When lifting the legs and head need to make a smooth, but full and maximum inhale, while lowering the – same breath. When you are tired and want to rest between sets, it is desirable to breathe in the same rate. The deeper the breath, the better the efficiency.

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The third exercise

The original position is a stand on the knees. They need to set the width of the pelvis to the thigh was clearly vertically. Brush palms located on the rear of the thigh under the buttocks.

When you need to tilt your head to her chin. Throwing the head back, stick out the chest and back vygeboom the spine, just hands resting on the hips, then cover again with the pressed chin to your chest. After resting a little, if necessary, repeat again.

As in the second exercise, the third requires consistency in breathing rhythm. First, it is necessary to make a full and deep breath. Arching back, you need to inhale, returning to its original position – exhale. Depth of breathing is very important as it is the connecting component between the management of essential energy and movements of the physical body. Because to breathe while performing the ritual exercises “Eye of the Renaissance” you need to be as deep and full. The key to a deep and full breath is the fullness of the exhalation.

The fourth exercise

For this it is necessary to sit down on the floor in front of him stretching out his smooth legs, which should be approximately shoulder width apart. Aligning the spine, fold the palm with their fingers on the floor at the side of the buttocks. Fingers while the palm must be facing forward. Tilt your head to her chin.

After you put your head way back, and then lift the torso forward until horizontal state. In the final phase the torso and hips must be in a single horizontal plane, and the arms and shins to be vertical. Reaching this state, it is necessary for a couple of seconds maximum to stretch all the muscles in the body, and then relax and recover in the initial position with the chin pressed against the sternum. Then to repeat everything again. The main factor here is the breath. First, you need to exhale. Throwing back his head and lifting – smooth and a deep breath. When voltage – hold your breath, and making the lowering of the maximum exhale. When you rest between reps – to keep the pace of breathing.

The fifth exercise

Initial position: prone position stretched. And the body rests on hands and cushion the toes. The pelvis and knees not touching the ground. Palm clearly oriented forward with clenched fingers. Palms are wider than shoulders. The distance between the legs is the same.

First throws a head as before. After moving into position, when the body is like a sharp corner. At this time, pressed his head to his chest with his chin. While trying to leg was smooth and straight body and arms were located in a single plane. Then the body is «folded in half» in the hip joints.

Then return to the original state and start all over again. After a week of classes this ritual exercise is the easiest of the five. When you fully learn it, try it during the return to its original position, bend back the back the maximum larger but not by a limiting fracture in the lower back, and due to the straightened shoulders and a strong trough in the breast. And remember that neither the knees or the pelvis at this time must not touch the ground. In addition, add the exercise, pause with the tension of all muscles of the body in both end positions.

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Respiratory system in the fifth exercise is a little unusual. Starting in push-up position with a full exhalation caved, you take a deep, maximum inhalation when “folded” in half. Out some semblance of paradoxical breathing. Returning to the original position, caved in, you perform the maximum exhalation. Stopping in the extreme positions for the pause, you hold your breath for a few seconds.

When to perform the exercises?

In the morning or evening. It is advisable to do at sunset and at sunrise. But if a lot of work and you did not get up before sunrise, nothing to worry about. You can do your morning exercises when it suits you. Most important, it was before noon, so as the afternoon comes evening gymnastics. But to this regime need to come over time, starting with a full series once a day – in the morning or evening.

Then, when practicing “eye of the Renaissance” for 21 times each day for a period of not less than 4 months, you can start forming the following series, starting with 3 times and as with the first, adding a weekly two times. Of course, you can not stop on the 21st repetition, bringing exercises to 36 or even 108 repetitions, but it must be a good reason, because it is not curative gymnastics, and the practice of spiritual development. You cannot avoid overwork and overstrain. This can only lead to negative effect. You just need to perform so as it turns out and what happens over time to increase, approaching thus to the ideal form. Patience and time are your allies.

Between the two ritual exercises, you pause. Not a normal pause. You must stand up straight, put the palms on the waist and make a few full breaths and smooth, and watching closely the feelings that arise in the body, and focusing on the region of the body located at the navel inside the stomach.

Sooner or later, you will feel flowing through the body when you inhale the flow of prana. And after a certain time, you may be able to see the vortices. Breathing in between exercises, when you exhale try to relax and feel as “negative ” prana simultaneously with thin painful blocks and impurities out of the body, washed eddies of the “new” prana that enters the body during inhalation.

The sixth exercise

To significantly rejuvenate the body and bring it to perfect condition, there is another, the sixth exercise. The implementation of the sixth ritual exercises do not show result without a rather large restrictions that are associated with the way of life, including sexual life. At the same time, starting time to practice the sixth exercise and bringing desired changes in their daily lives, people must continue throughout life.

As if the first five exercises, a break in the gym should not be more than one day. Stopping the practice is fraught with considerable and very rapid devastating consequences.

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The implementation of the sixth ritual exercises is this: being right, it is necessary to make a deep breath, squeezing the urinary sphincter, anal sphincter, straining the muscle tissue of the bottom of the anterior abdominal wall and pelvic floor, and after doing a quick tilt, leaning on the thigh with your hands, and exhale sharply through the mouth, making the sound “ Ha-a-a-h-h…” trying to get out of the lungs completely all the air, including the so-called residual. Then you most strongly draw the stomach through relaxation of the abdominal wall and lifting diaphragm tense up and even. The chin must be pressed against the recess of an ass, the palms of the hands are on the waist.

Saving the position with retracted belly as long as possible – the amount of time you have to hold your breath – relax your diaphragm, lift your head and very quietly follow a deep breath. Take a good breath, do the exercise again. As a rule, to “dissolve” appeared sexual desire and redirect the free energy, enough for three repetitions. It is best not to carry more than nine times the sixth ritual exercise at a time.

As a practice the ritual of the sixth Tibetan is once per day in the form of the complex of not more than 9 reps. You need to practice it gradually, doing it three times and each week add two. “Applied” practice of such ritual actions are possible at any time with a very full bowel and stomach, as well as the presence of a physical signal in the form that appears sexual desire.

In addition, fully mastered the sixth exercise easily makes the fullest possible breath, not bending, very quiet and not drawing attention to himself. Because the practice of appeals to the life force sexual energy is feasible anytime, anywhere and any time, all the attention will be drawn to manifested itself in physical form, sexual desire.

And in the end I would like to say that regular execution gymnastics Tibetan «eye of the Renaissance» gives an opportunity to achieve better outcomes for older people, and if you’re under 40 and you don’t have big health problems, it is possible that «the Tibetan» you still do not need.