A set of exercises for each day for weight loss at home effective exercise for weight loss tips

To have an attractive figure is the dream of many girls. But not everyone has the opportunity to periodically visit the gym. The correctly executed workout at home can be a great alternative.

It should be noted that one of the main requirements in the formation of the body is consistency. Even very effective, but performed on a case by case basis, will not give lasting results. Best are a workout through the day.

As equipment you will need jump rope, collapsible dumbbells, they can be replaced with flasks from filled with sand or water. After a time when you need to increase the load, you can wet sand. This will increase the weight of «homemade» equipment. If the opportunity allows, buy a kettlebell and the barbell.

How to start workout for weight loss at home

How to start workout at home for weight loss? First, before you start to do at home, you need to define what you expect from training? Then you can think to make a complex home exercises.

You can carry out cardio or aerobic exercise, or perform strength exercises for individual muscle groups. You need to consider your specific daily routine. Make the right workout regimen at home, taking into account all the nuances.

For some, it is more convenient to do in the first half of the day (best between 12:00 to 14:00). Others prefer to do in the evening, it is better to run from 18:00 to 20:00.

If you want to exercise for weight loss, you will certainly need to take care of a healthy diet: limit consumption of high-calorie food not to eat before bed, to reduce the amount of servings.

Calculate your schedule so that it was possible to make an interval of two hours between a main meal and upcoming exercises.

Obligatory condition of each workout for weight loss is workout. Using it can significantly decrease the chance of injury. Also warming up will increase blood flow to the warmed-up muscles and increase the effectiveness of training. Two minutes of Jogging in place, rotate the limbs to make a dozen energetic sit-UPS.

Of course, physical activities for women are very different from workouts for men. In the «female» set of exercises more aerobic movements, «male» also includes aerobic classes, but the emphasis is still on weight training.

Before you begin to exercise for weight loss, you need to choose suitable exercises.

The main directions of training

People who want to lose weight quickly at home, you need to pay attention to aerobic exercise, also called cardio. These workouts include step classes, jumping rope, Jogging.

You can alternate these exercises, «diluting» them with elements of dance or movements from karate, kickboxing, Boxing. To not get bored by doing monotonous actions, include during training, rhythmic and energetic music or sports videos.

We must not forget that in the first 20 minutes of «eating» the nutrients in the blood. After the body uses the reserves, including fatty tissue. But after about an hour of this work comes the turn of proteins. Therefore, it is desirable to create a workout program at home, with duration of no more than 45 minutes.

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Those people who want to customize the specific «problem» area you need to pay attention to the exercise. Think ahead about what should be the ideal your body that need to change? To make the body fit or to decrease volume? Or, conversely, to increase the size of certain areas of the body?

People who need to part with the extra inches and lose weight, you need to start strength training. Of course, aerobic exercise and remove more calories than the same duration of the power.

But know that at the end of the cardio, stop the metabolic process, at the same time after weight training the fat deposits continue to leave.

Effective exercises for weight loss at home

These classes take place using weighting. Consider the classes in detail. Exercises with dumbbells at home. Is composed of lying on chairs or on the narrow bench.

  1. Take one dumbbell with both hands and lift. Lower the dumbbell behind your head, trying to keep elbows smooth. You can go so that weighting fell below the chairs, so the maximum work of abdominal muscles and arms.
  2. Bench press weight lying. Lifting — breath, lower — exhale.
  3. Raise the straight arms with dumbbells. To do their breeding in hand: lowering breath lifting — exhale.

Do not forget that any exercise to lose weight need to do 12-15 times for 4-5 reps. If this workout is very simple for you and you can easily do more approaches, then you need to increase the weight of dumbbells.

Exercises with barbell at home

It should be noted that when a large mass of the rod is not desirable to train yourself — it is desirable to perform with a partner, otherwise you can seriously injure.

  • Holding a bar on shoulders and sitting on the bench to make turns to the side. As needed «to curl». This exercise with a barbell effectively forced to work oblique muscles of the back and waist, as well as the press.
  • Sitting on the bench to do the rise from the breast of the rod up. At the top pausing for a few seconds to return the rod to its original condition. This exercise strengthens the upper torso: heart well-coached, but also corrects dorsal and pectoral muscle.
  • Positioning the barbell on your shoulders and do lunges forward. This exercise will provide an opportunity to adjust the shape of the hips and «pull» muscles of the buttocks.

Exercises with weights at home

A set of exercises for weight loss looks like this:

  1. Put the left knee on a chair to get up the slope. Take the kettlebell with your right hand and start UPS to the chest. To do the same upgrades second hand.
  2. Do lifting weights first from the floor to shoulder and from the shoulder above the head while holding a weight on top for a few seconds to return the weight to the ground. To do first one hand and then the other.
  3. Become, widely spread legs and take the weight with both hands. Holding the kettlebell between your legs, perform squats. Try to keep your back straight, not pulling ahead. This exercise «pump up» the back, buttocks, thighs.
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Perform each exercise for 5-12 times.

Strength training at home

To connect more muscle groups, you need to have special training, they can be installed in any room. If you use in your classes such weights, like dumbbells, barbell and weights, then you need to pay attention to the following simulators:

  • the simulator for the leg press (calf, biceps legs quads);
  • simulator for horizontal and vertical thrust (working the muscles of the chest, back, arms);
  • the uneven bars for the press;
  • the horizontal bar;
  • horizontal hyperextension (working press, oblique and lumbar muscles);
  • bench press.

Naturally, to purchase all of this equipment may not any man, and not in each apartment it fits. Because you need to pay attention to a set of exercises, during which equipment is not needed.

Exercises at home without equipment

  • Do squats, and back is required to tightly hug the wall. Hold your torso at the bottom for a few seconds, and then go into the original state.
  • Training the abdominal muscles is easily accomplished at home — you just need to fix the feet, for example, a sofa or a wardrobe, and make-UPS. People who want to achieve the best results, you can do the climbs with twisting of the torso turns in different directions.
  • Perfectly develop the muscles of the arms and chest push-UPS or from some elevated position, for example, chair or bench.
  • Jogging stimulates the heart work and increases endurance. This exercise is considered as the best exercise for weight loss.
  • Great cardio exercises are jumping. They can be done in different ways- with a swoop on a small stable stool, with attacks alternately the left or right foot or just jump on the spot.

A set of exercises for home

To achieve the best results, you need to make the load on different muscle groups in separate days. In this case, the relaxed muscles start working better, therefore, to lose weight will happen faster. Consider this set of exercises for each day.

Exercises on Monday. Dedicate pumping the upper body. Workouts for the back can be combined with exercises for arms and chest. Approximate complex is as follows:

  • Holding on the shoulders the barbell, perform reversals of the case in hand.
  • Sit on a chair and fix the feet, for example, under the radiator. Vignettes and put your palms behind your head. Do sit-UPS. If you have a challenge, cross your arms on your chest or pull them during the ascent.
  • When the muscles a little nakachatsya, it is possible to complicate outstretched elbows to keep his hands behind his head. This exercises allows you to quickly lead to inflate the abdomen and to lose weight.
  • Put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders. Lift her up with both hands, and after pausing on top for a second, take in the initial state.
  • Do the wiring dumbbells lying down. This exercise for chest muscles can be done directly on the floor.
  • Grab a dumbbell and lie on the floor. Lift her on my chest. Then lower the dumbbell behind your head with straight arms and again over a align the hands.
  • Pushups.

Tuesday should be undertaken without training.

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Exercises for the legs. After power loads you can ride a stationary bike or jog. Approximate workout schedule it is possible to make so:

  1. Squats with dumbbells. You can hold a dumbbell on chest or doing exercise, holding between the legs of one heavy dumbbell.
  2. Leg workout occurs while Jogging. You can run in place or around the room — clean air on the street would be a nice addition to this exercise.
  3. Lifting on socks with weights. This exercise can help build the Shin.
  4. For pumping inner thigh this exercise: sit down and push between my thighs the ball. Squeeze your legs, trying to squeeze the ball as tightly. Go back to the original state.

Thursday without training.

Exercises for Friday

Study abs and buttocks. How to do butt exercises at home? Consider the following ways.

  • Get down on your knees and press your palms into the floor. Lift the leg bent at the knee up 12-15 times. Then do the same the other leg.
  • Attacks. Taking into account the tasks, do them without weight, for example, in order to lose weight thighs and buttocks. If you want to increase the volume — use weights, for example, a barbell or dumbbells.
  • Lift the torso in the supine position. For this exercise, lock your feet and keep knees bent. The hands are clenched behind his head. This exercise for abs at home normalizes the function of internal organs.
  • Perfectly keep in tone the muscles of the buttocks simple climbs the stairs. Can arrange a special «step» and «walk the stairs» right in the apartment. To increase load use a dumbbell.

Saturday and Sunday without training.

Exercise program to lose weight at home you can change. You can use as the basis for the above lesson plan for each day and add any of your exercises. Preferably immediately after class to drink or eat — in this case will begin to actively consume your fat stores.

We reviewed the exercise program for weight loss at home. Choose one that is best suited for your objectives and circumstances. For better effect, it is advisable to make an individual complex of exercises and workouts.