A set of exercises on the bar for all muscle groups: the list of basic methods and description techniques

The horizontal bar is one of the most popular gymnastic apparatus, which is familiar to almost everyone. All due to the fact that the pull on the bar included in the main database classes in school. Few people know that the bar is a tool that can help to lose weight or build muscle any part of the body.

The advantages of horizontal bars not only in their versatility. They are located on any Playground, and many even set up their homes in doorways, so access to this shell can be found without any problems. Wherein the first techniques to perform on the bar is difficult, because unlike push-UPS or sit-UPS, then muscle work with the full body weight. The load can optionally be increased using a variety of exercises.

Exercises on the bar for all muscle groups

With the help of the horizontal bar to increase the weight on all muscle groups except legs. Although some of the exercises even the muscles of the buttocks are involved, so the crossbar can be called universal sports. The muscle groups that can be involved in exercises on the horizontal bar include:

  • biceps muscles;
  • back;
  • hands;
  • pectoral, forearm and abs.

The main exercise for building muscle is pulling, which can be performed in different ways. For example, for pumping bicep using a reverse grip. More specifically, the hands look to the side person and, thus, need to catch up. To increase the load put your hands closer, but the maximum distance should be shoulder width apart. The straight grip is used in cases when you want to focus on the development of the forearm, and this exercise can be used and triceps hands.

To worry about rear deltoid muscles and the hands do not have to, as they receive an equal load when using any of the exercises on the crossbar. Brush basically get a load of the capture bar, which should develop not only the muscles, but also strengthening the joints. That is, even in an inverted position to increase the force of the hands.

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To give stress on the abdominal muscles you need to use another exercise, which will involve more than just legs. All you need to do is in an inverted position to raise the legs in straight or bent position. Technique exercises implies that behind the man, someone was holding or was support. It is necessary in the first place, so the body is not rocked. During rolling, the load on the abdominal muscles decreases, and to perform in this state, the exercise is quite difficult. It is important when performing this technique to monitor the legs. They have to rise sharply, and fall smoothly. It is in the top when the raised foot reaches the maximum load on the abdominal muscles.

The horizontal bar also allows a single exercise to involve all groups of muscles. This technique is called a backflip. This kind of exercise is included in the base physical training of any army, and it follows that it requires a good preparation of the body. With the rise of revolutions, it is important to accomplish without delay to reach the maximum load of the body. In cases where there is no specific training, the buildup helps to get used to the execution technique of movements.

Running upside down in a hanging position, it does not matter the choice of grip. Then the body is lifted, and simultaneously rising feet. At the end of the legs should be slightly above the crossbar, after which the inertia body is a revolution.

Exercise on a horizontal bar for the back

Most effective exercise on the horizontal bar, which can help to develop back muscles is the pull-up wide grip. This is necessary to reach the chest to the bar and therefore the bar of the house are not suitable for this technique, as there is a barrier in the form of the ceiling.

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Starting position similar to the standard pull-up, but his hands are much wider. Here the main goal is to reach the chest to the crossbar, so this exercise is to give beginners a challenge. While pulling the elbows should move toward the lumbar. In cases when the elbows remain in the normal position when tightening reduces the load on the back muscles, so it is important to observe the correct technique of execution.

The load on the latissimus dorsi depends on the width of the grip. Suitable for beginners width of the grip, which only slightly exceeds the distance setting of the hands when pulling. Professionals big arms almost completely.

To build muscle back, and use the other exercises. It is not much different from pullups, just need during the exercise to go head for the bar. The disadvantage of this method is the heavy load on the shoulder joints, which are very easy to damage. While the load on the back is reduced, so the use of the first exercise is preferable.

Exercise on a horizontal bar for the pectoral muscles

To increase the muscles of the chest using:

  • wide grip;
  • narrow grip.

In fact, the wide grip was described earlier as a technique that helps to strengthen the back muscles, but in fact, this exercise works the whole complex of muscle groups. When using wide grip, is stretching the chest, which can easily get injured, but this exercise helps for a short period of time to increase the volume.

Narrow grip safer especially for people who do not have training and enough experience in the sport. In this case there is a rupture of the muscle of the breast tissue that contribute to the increasing volume, but to be injured when such reception is almost no chance.

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The basis for increasing breast volume is not even exercise, and performance technique. Here you need to focus your attention on the chest muscles and perform the exercise to failure. Once the minimum threshold of 10-15 pull-UPS wide or narrow grip is reached, you can increase the number of approaches, but it is best to take additional load. When you exercise on the chest muscles, particular attention is paid to the joints of the shoulders. It is necessary to pay special attention, because this part can injure. So do not overload your body if it has a negative impact on the joints.


Horizontal bars for its versatility and ease of use are not equal even among such a wide variety of equipment. You can use them for training people with any level of training, without the help of a qualified trainer. Range of different exercises helps in the shortest possible time to increase all the muscle groups. The important thing is to follow all the rules and technique of the exercises for maximum effect.