A set of exercises with dumbbells at home for men: program and set of classes

Exercise with dumbbells is the most affordable way of increasing muscle size and maintaining the shape at home. Dumbbells don’t take up a lot of space, easy to exercise, inexpensive, and, most importantly, very effective in practice. Dumbbells can get to work and load the main set of muscles.

They can be used by both experienced bodybuilders and newcomers alike, both women and men. And if for some reason you can’t afford a workout in the gym, we will advise you how to move the exercise with dumbbells in a home setting.

Below are some of the most effective and popular exercises and programs with dumbbells. But remember that during any training required to execute certain conditions. To correctly build muscle — they need to warm up. In addition, completing a set of exercises, you need to observe.

Directly on the amount of load does the individual. Men usually during exercise it is recommended to perform 2-3 sets, making replays 7-12 times. The weight of the dumbbells approximately computed as:

  • easily pulled 9 times for 3 sets — at the initial stage of the program to your triceps/biceps required dumbbells weighing 8-10 kg,
  • no — weight workout need less.

Anyway, over time you will need to increase the weight, because the most popular option for training with dumbbells at home is the purchase of collapsible dumbbells.

The program for biceps

The main purpose of the biceps is to bend the shoulder the shoulder joint, forearm — elbow. These muscles love mnogoobraznye workout with little weights. Pumping biceps several times a week. Below are the most popular activities on the biceps.

Lifting dumbbells standing

Get your hands on the dumbbells and stand straight, a little bent in the knees. Keep the elbows closer to the body, palms open to the hips. Start to the shoulders to lift the dumbbells, slowly bending your elbows. Look for shoulder heat hand — need to keep their static position. Making lifting dumbbells, you exercise supination — turn palms up your hands. At the top hold for a couple seconds and cut biceps. Also go back to the original position.

Lifting dumbbells can be done the other way, turning your hands to your hips (if omitted Ganesh), and forward. In this case, the position of the hands you want to save the whole approach.

Lifting dumbbells while sitting

You’ll need a narrow chair or bench. If you want to complicate the exercise — put near the wall, the stool and rest your back or take a chair with a vertical backrest. In contrast to the position «standing», «sitting» position gives you the opportunity to do the exercise more correctly. So as you can not afford to help the motion of the body or back muscles.

As with the previous option, the exercise can be done not only both hands simultaneously, but alternately.


Stand straight and take a dumbbell. Feet slightly wider than shoulders and knees slightly bent. Unfold the body of the palm and you have to keep this position of the hands during the exercise. Keep the elbows near the body, they should not «walk». With biceps, start, smoothly bend the arms, moving only the forearm. Reducing the biceps, hold for a second, and slowly return to the original. Here we pause to do, because immediately bend your arms.

«The hammer» uses such as the biceps and the shoulder muscle brachialis, which is located underneath.

Concentrated lifting

This is the most popular exercise to increase biceps. The concentrated bending with a dumbbell also connects the brachioradialis muscle and brachialis. Recommended to do the exercise at the end of training biceps.

With dumbbell in left hand seated on a bench, spread your legs, slightly bend forward. Right-hand lean to the right thigh, and left elbow to press the inner surface of the left thigh. Your left shoulder vertically, the dumbbell off the floor, hand flat. Start gently bend the left hand to the end. Hold on a second, feel the contraction of the biceps, and gradually adopt its original state. Make the desired number of repetitions. Replace the arm.

Exercises for the triceps

Worthy development of the arm is triceps and biceps. Because the triceps are required to develop and prepare just as hard as the biceps.

Bench press dumbbell with one hand from behind the head

Stand straight, holding a dumbbell in one hand. Raise the dumbbell up and free hand put on waist. Turn forward the hand with the dumbbell. Slowly start to bend the arm, moving behind the head dumbbell. The shoulder part is not in one place and only the forearm. Well stretching the triceps, hold for a few seconds, and slowly straighten the arm. The bench press can be done sitting or standing.

Bench dumbbell with two hands from behind the head

Take with two hands a dumbbell for a pancake. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, raise overhead dumbbell. Then slowly lower it behind your head, bending your elbows. Also quietly, using the triceps, unbend hands.

French press

Original position:

  • Lying on the back.
  • Feet and head pressed to the floor.
  • Hands with dumbbells stretched upwards (parallel to each other).

Breath: flexing arms smoothly and gently lower the dumbbells until they are off the head on the sides. Elbows are always in the same position.

Exhaling sharply, unbend hands. Top hold for a few seconds, and make the required number of repetitions.

In the process of exercises you need to follow the elbows — they have to be almost motionless. It is advisable to choose a weight that you can without problems perform about 10 repetitions.

Extension back hand in the slope

Original position:

  • Put stable feet and slightly bend your knees.
  • The back is smooth.
  • Free hand rests on the knee, and the work is bent at the elbow at a right angle, close to the body.

Inhale and straighten your back arm straightening at the elbow. Upon completion of the movement breathe out. Exercise is good for refinement of the triceps.

Exercise for shoulder

Inflated and beautiful body also includes a raised shoulder belt.

Bench sitting

Train the oblique sections of the deltoid muscle. Periodic execution of this exercise will make wider your shoulders.

Sit down on a bench and hit the wall or the back. Throughout the exercise hold the body smooth. Take dumbbells in the hands so that the forearms were clearly looking up. Not dramatically, but a powerful movement to get the dumbbells. Try out the elbows not to send. At the top save second pause and return slowly to original position. You do not need to, because again, do the upgrade.

Jim Arnold

This exercise is involves the trapezius and the deltoid muscle, and also a bit the triceps.

Sit down. Case and back is smooth. Take a dumbbell in front of him, expanding his palm. Press the body elbows. Gently start to squeeze the dumbbells up, turning both hands forward, palms up. Lifting dumbbells and almost fully extending his arms (not completely), return to the rotate brush back.

This production changed hands and the movement will contribute to increasing stress on the front part of deltoid. «Jim Arnold» forced to work those muscle fibers that are not used during the classic bench press dumbbells.

The wiring side

Mahi dumbbells load the medial and lateral parts, and a deeper effect on the Delta. For this exercise, pick up a small weight.

Stand up straight, and slightly bend at the elbows. Take the dumbbells. Vigorously spread them apart to the level of the head. For half a second longer. After gently lower the hands and raise again. The exercise can be performed sitting down.

Exercises for chest muscles

To build muscle chest at home, but only the weights hard. Since the pectoral muscles are quite large, and to train them must be very strong. Although, if you do not try to conquer the Olympus of bodybuilding, basic exercises is enough.

Bench press

Hold the dumbbells in hand, lie on the bench. Pull straight up hands with dumbbells, and then expand the palm of your hand so, as if you hold the rod. Widely spaced legs tightly should resting on the floor. Elbows a little bent. Dumbbells are touching.

Lower smoothly to the sides of the torso weights. Your forearms all the time located in a vertical position, elbows diverge to the sides. We lower the dumbbells as low as possible. Then gently squeeze the dumbbells up, where they are required again to get in touch. Hold for a split second and make a repetition.

Wiring lying

With dumbbells lying on a bench, squeeze them up so that hands are parallel. Take a breath and, slightly bending at the elbows, raise the dumbbells to the sides until you feel chest muscles are well stretched. Hold slightly, exhale and return to starting position.

Exercises for the back

Steps with dumbbells

Take the dumbbells. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width, shoulders, stomach in, chin pressed to his chest. Smoothly do the lifting dumbbells, figuratively attempting to connect at the back shoulders, with a slight diversion up and back. After gently lower the back of the hand.

It is best to perform the exercise 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps, starting with more weight and completing less.

Thrust in the slope

Lean. The back must be almost parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight and look forward. Legs slightly bent at the knees. Do not need hands with dumbbells to stick out forward. Pull over a dumbbell about the center of the abdomen. Watch the elbows — he must look up, not sideways. Return to starting position and immediately repeat.

Exercises for legs with dumbbells


Feet shoulder width apart. Abdominal muscles tightened and your back straight. In the hands of dumbbells. On the inhale back slowly taking his pelvis, squat to parallel (right angle at the knee). On the exhale return to the original position.


For best efficiency it is spread your legs quite widely. For the balance of the toe of the front leg can be a little bit inside. The back leg is constantly on the wear. The back is straight. Looking forward. At a smooth move down — breath, you move up and exhale. After completing the desired number of repetitions, replace the legs.

So, we have considered the most effective and popular complex training with dumbbells that you can perform at home. Do them regularly with correct technique, don’t be lazy and get good results without leaving home.

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