A unique system of exercises for weight loss — TABATA Protocol, simple exercises in the video help to lose weight

Those who want to get rid of extra pounds, looking for effective and affordable ways to do it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the necessary amount required to make regular visits to the gym. Great replacement for the usual fitness – the TABATA Protocol, a powerful system that helps you lose weight in a very short time.

Unique system – the TABATA Protocol

The TABATA Protocol – the so-called interval training, which requires a total of 4 minutes and a spot size of 2 by 2 meters! Even special sports equipment is not necessary – enough to pick up the exercise. The system developed by Dr TABATA of Tokyo University. Due to its simplicity and incredible performance she became very popular, especially among those who want to lose weight. The uniqueness of the Protocol lies in the fact that in 4 minutes all muscle groups receive the necessary load.

According to this method to deal with any person, even if he has no physical training. In this case, it is sufficient to choose exercises that are easy to achieve. The results are visible after a month of regular intense exercise. In addition to losing weight, increase endurance, heart becomes stronger, your muscles will become stronger and will get a nice relief.

For women an important advantage is that as a result of training the body is enriched with oxygen, whereby the skin becomes fresh, supple, with the problem areas the cellulite gradually disappears. There are no difficult exercises, which would work independently on the system TABATA. Video lessons, no problem to find online, to understand the principle and to choose exercises that you will need for your problem areas.

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The principle of training

The meaning of the classes to 4 minutes allotted for the workout you do an exercise that is aimed at the elaboration of the maximum number of muscles in the following way:

  • 20 seconds doing an exercise;
  • 10 seconds – rest
  • 20 seconds – repeat the exercise,
  • 10 seconds rest again.

So 8 reps. For exercises it is good to have on hand a stopwatch, but it is better to use special timers that you can use online or download to your computer or phone. With apps for the TABATA Protocol to count seconds and repetition is not necessary. Many applications accompany intense part of the energetic music, which helps to tune in the desired tempo. The intensity of the training system TABATA for weight loss is the most important. You can take a lighter load exercise, especially if you are a beginner, but to fulfill their needs in the most rapid tempo, it gives the desired result.

It should also be remembered that in the interval allotted for rest, you need it to relax, not talk, not drink, etc. Before and after school need to do stretching exercises. Exercise doesn’t have to happen every day, four times a week is more than enough, to count their forces and not ismatavimai wasted body. Only then the system will benefit.

Exercises for a TABATA workout

What exercises it is recommended to enable the training system TABATA. You can:

  • squat with weight;
  • to do the bending;
  • to do push-UPS;
  • do lunges forward.

In order to make the process of losing weight to go faster, choose those exercises where the muscles are twisted, and the maximum amplitude. Also you can watch a video that demonstrates how to practice TABATA Protocol, then you will be easier to navigate in what exercises are right for you. Also video can act as a timer, besides of exercise show experienced instructors, it is very important, as incorrect execution can harm the body. It is also advisable to get acquainted with contraindications to exercises for the TABATA Protocol.

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Exercise for weight loss can be combined and alternated, for example, to work in one interval one muscle group, next, after a rest, the other. Beginners may use the following exercises which are suitable for interval training:

  • 20 seconds intense and deep squat;
  • perform a deep quick thrusts turn each leg;
  • to do reverse push UPS from a chair (to lean against a chair back, take your arms back and put your palms on the seat);
  • to raise the body from the prone position with knees bent and interlocked behind the head with hands;
  • raise your back and buttocks from the same position;
  • from this position, simultaneously lift your head, shoulders and legs;
  • to execute deep pushups.

All of these exercises can be found on the video below to understand how they should be implemented on the TABATA workout.

However, the TABATA system is a good indication that most of the exercises that must be performed with maximum amplitude and in the greatest pace, suitable for training. For weight loss in certain parts of the body, it is sufficient to choose those that are directed to the problem area. After exercise, the heart rate will be elevated, that’s good, because a load your metabolism will begin to increase, and this effect persists up to two days after class. It is proved that after four-minute workout system TABATA extra pounds gone in 9 times faster than the conventional 45-minute fitness classes.

The reviews confirm these facts. The main condition – not to be lazy and not to feel sorry for myself just 4 minutes, only 4 days a week! And then you will achieve amazing results without having to go to the gym without material cost and loss of valuable time.

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