Application besliste healing diet system according to the teachings of Arnold Area to increase the life potential of

Some scientists are spreading the philosophy of the healing method of healing diseases, providing for the food «live» food – fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. According to professors who hold this conception, the human body accumulates waste mucosa unnatural food, mineral components, the artificial vitamins, herbs. Healing diet dissolve accumulated toxins, removes them from the body, and there is a natural cleansing of the body.

In the number of followers healing besliste diets included well-known scientist, Professor Arnold eret. He wrote and published a book «System besliste diet», which must be read to reveal the connection between the known phenomena of life, gives specific recommendations available for understanding a wide range of readers, gives examples of medicinal recipes and explains the errors of medical practice. The healing diet of Area helps to become healthy at any stage of life, and cure, it would seem that the most incurable diseases, according to modern medicine.

For many it is unclear why cleanse your body. The proverb «healthy body, healthy mind» seems trivial. But man can not the right thing to do or wise to speak out, if his body resembles an unbalanced system of waste removal. The body of imbalance caused by improper diet and bad habits, can not serve as vessel for a pure soul and intellect.

The Professor’s biography

Arnold eret, who is considered the true progenitor of the natural lifestyle, is the main researcher and a representative of the healing system on maintaining health in the human body. Followers of his philosophy, who call themselves «artistai», I believe that none of the scientists involved in researches in the field of healthy, natural beslist power, surpassed the achievements of Area the question of the origin of the causes of various illnesses and chronic diseases by natural methods.

Future German Professor Arnold eret was born in 1866. In childhood, adolescence and school years, he quickly absorbed the knowledge related to physics, chemistry, and possessed the gift of painting and drawing. Amazing propensity to the study of spoken language allowed the young man fluent in German, English, Italian and French.

After graduation at the age of 21 years has the profession of a teacher of drawing and soon departs for military service. But a heart condition did not allow to finish the period in the army, and he was expelled from the ranks of the military. The reason for the study of natural treatments has served as production at the age of 31 he has a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, and none of the doctors gave a positive prognosis.

His further life is moving to Germany, then to Algeria, where a young scientist studying vegetarianism and practicing healthful eating vegetable and fruit recipes diets. Despite the disappointing forecasts of doctors, eret has cured his chronic kidney disease. This event gave rise to a public sanitarium in Ascona, a picturesque Swiss countryside, where he practiced, and many patients have expressed to him my gratitude for the cured disease natural diet.

Later the sanatorium was moved to California. Hereto discovered that the human body is a engine with a gas-powered and only works on oxygen. He presented to the world community the idea that bessonica and buscaglia diet of green vegetables and fruits only suitable for human nutrition, later he publishes on this subject well-known treatise, which I prefer today to read millions of grateful patients. The scientist died at the age of 56 years old under unknown circumstances.

Theory of vital force

What is the life force in the theory of how it can grow and how immense, unknown until now health can have on an individual? Eret brand new teaches physiology of the human body, essentially unexplored in modern medicine, circulatory system, metabolism. For this initially it is to consider the body of people as animals.

To date, a well-known fact is the uncertainty of the existing science mysteries of life. Therefore, a simple statement in the light of natural explanations will be felt immediately, through the simple principles and available dogma will become clear that it is all true. The human body is considered as a combustion engine, the body of which is made of elastic flesh.

Scientist eret compares the operation of the pumping system that has air pressure and circulation of fluid within the Assembly, such as blood, lymph and other vital nutrients. He flips the concept of medical theories of recent years that the heart is a pump, and a light valve, his theory considers the knowledge of the opposite angle.

The energy of the air

In accordance with the original teaching is an indisputable fact of the existence of air energy that support the human body in vitality. Air emanation exists due to the external atmospheric resistance and the internal pressure of the air in the lungs. One breathes in an atmosphere under pressure, and exhales the air changed from the point of view of chemical composition.

The human body operates automatically through atmospheric reaction, it becomes possible, due to the fact that the motor housing (body) is composed of an elastic material with a high ability to withstand high voltage with the ability to expand and contract.

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Treatment treatment of diseases

Modern medicine makes it easier for the disease, but also reduces the concentration of vitality, namely an elastic internal organs – liver, kidneys, spleen and other vital parts. The vitality of the human body will decline as long as the stagnation in the body will be removed by purely physical methods, and the supply of living space in the engine will occur with mucosal unnatural food.

Is it possible to make work a bad engine, if you give him a double load? First, an experienced mechanic will drain energy fuel, then washed the inside of the unit, then provide the device a new energy component. The engine becomes clogged those wastes that cannot burn and are deposited on the walls of the compartments.

The same principle manifests his action, and nutrition, which constantly asks the question about the best and necessary products for human life and develop life energy. Philosophy Professor Areta gives a complete answer to solve the problem completely. He proposes to reduce the number of unfit mucous food or even in some cases go to starvation if such actions are dictated by certain conditions.

Eret stresses that the improvement of the living forces of man does not depend on the right diet. To restore the entire body and cures of diseases should eat natural besliste products that will give the opportunity to breathe freely and increase production of energy from the surrounding space and make the body tissue more elastic. But for the action described is to cleanse the body of harmful deposits, or even such precious besliste products will not be able to work in clogged with toxins the body.

Arnold Erest directly points to the system temporary short-term fasts, alternating with periods of application of the cleaning besliste and just depleted mucus products. If you reduce the supply of harmful food and remove all the sediment, the energy of life will increase automatically during besliste diet.

What are the sources of mucus are there?

Research Arnold Area, confirmed by years of research in this area are based on the experiments and confirm the theory that the mucus in the body appears after the receipt inside a thermally processed food, starch and animal protein. All the products containing carbohydrates, such as pasta, cereal, potatoes, rice, pastry, starchy products are. The systems of the body become clogged when they are used.

Even if there is a potato in its raw form, it is still the body becomes clogged with mucus due to the infiltration of starch. And speaking of boiled starch, the damage to his body increases several times, this powerful toxin pollutes all systems of the human body. Part besliste diet does not include dairy products, since they are obtained from animals and contain lactose, it is not assimilated by the human body and remaining on the intestinal wall in the form of ballast.

Casein, constitutes a significant part of milk is transformed into insoluble paste, adversely affecting the elasticity of blood vessels and gluing large capillaries, reducing them communicating path. Dairy food firmly ensures the development of atherosclerosis and manifests its effects. Alzheimer’s disease has a similar nature in accordance with the philosophy of albert Area.

For lovers of animal protein, namely meat products, Ereta there is a theory that the body is not so important proteins like essential amino acids, which are synthesized in the body after the breakdown of these food proteins. The ideology of raw power indicate zatragivayutsya a huge amount of energy for the processing of protein, the creation of the necessary amino acids, then combining them the necessary proteins.

In order to avoid unnecessary energy costs of protein breakdown and utilization of starch should adhere to the system power consumption besliste products. It contains essential amino acids that metabolic process will create the necessary for a human protein structure and ensuring all necessary systems.

Some basic insights on Arnold Area

Important thoughts from the scientific treatise:

  • the manifestations of vitality are not dependent on food, but rather their inhibition comes from clogging of the body’s mucous stagnation and toxic undigested waste;
  • the removal of waste and debris is due to the saturation of the body by atmospheric forces, coming from the energy of air;
  • if the energy of the air in relation to water works to thoroughly clean the body from any kind of sediments and toxins, that person becomes infinite emanation of life, mental efficiency, good health and great stamina;
  • the limit of human existence without solid food feeding is still not installed.
  • the energy of the air circulating in the purified of toxins from the body, significantly increases the expression of the following substances up to the endless variables – ozone, sunlight, electricity, flavor.

Natural features of the functioning of Ereto

Knowing the rules of distribution of energy in a clean body, the scientist was able to identify the principles by which to live a modern man:

  • only fresh vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds that do not pass heat treatment, can become a major part of besliste power system that generates and supplies the necessary nutrients and minerals, developing a healthy metabolism for long lasting productive life;
  • the health of the individual does not coincide with the consumption of food of starchy or sugary food, fats and proteins natural animal receiving, heat-treated and received, thus, dead, useless for human food;
  • after a meal should be a time to refrain from drinking liquid, as it dissolves the active enzymes and gastric juice. After that, the products are not fully digested and not digested. Simultaneous consumption of food and drinking water or other beverages subsequently leads to problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • in the power supply system besliste products are not recommended in the morning to eat, because at this time, the body actively recovers the decay products and toxins;
  • Arnold eret found that the processing of foods people spend more than half of the energy forces, so his recommendations should increase the intervals between meals and significantly reduce the portions.
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What is the nature of viral diseases according to the theory of Area

Scientist has found that the majority of colds and viral infections due to cleansing work in the human body. For example, edema of the mucosa and the appearance of nasal discharge and sputum in the cough refers to the deliverance of the respiratory system from toxins. So the treatment of this condition by adopting a variety of droplets and aerosols is considered to be fundamentally flawed. Instead of giving the body alone to fight the disease is the standard treatment pushes mucus back into the tissue.

Arnold eret believed that the disease for the intoxicated organism is a real boon, as it helps him to get rid of excess waste. He even expressed the theory that sometimes a small cold can perform useful work. On the other hand, he believed that followers besliste diet the onset of viral diseases or simple colds impossible.

Deeply studying the works of Area, you know that, despite some controversial dogma, the scientist is a preacher of a new, not previously studied way to experience real nature. The theory of eating the vegetable raw products was the basis for the common date of supply of raw products.

Basis of transition to besliste food

For each person seeking to correct saturation of the needs of the body system besliste power is the key stage of perestroika. This is true for anyone, in the menu make up the bulk of the for food products. Those who use only a portion of the mucous products are malassise diet. Transition means gradual replacement of products on the healing of recurrent counterparts.

Bad habit to have Breakfast

In the morning, as prescribed by the worldview of Area, in any case can not eat solid food. Ideally, Breakfast should be abolished entirely, only allowed to drink the beverage that has become usual in the morning. For the beginning of the transition period allowed to drink this drink a few times, but the main position should be that at lunch time the food should get into an empty stomach.

  • For the winter time in the morning is the desire to obtain a more nutritious drink, so it is recommended to cook for Breakfast vegetable broth. The following recipe is that cauliflower, carrots, beets, spinach boiled for a long time, but is eaten just the broth.
  • After a period of rejection of the morning meal the body will cleanse itself of toxins and can be eaten for Breakfast with a small plate of fruit or vegetables, «unprocessed». Practice shows that getting rid of the habit to eat a Breakfast, you can overcome many diseases and cure them for even advanced stage.
  • A day is not recommended to eat more than two times, to get enough to the appearance of fullness. First reception (dinner) should be about 11-12 hours of the day, and dinner should not later 18.
  • Cooking should be simple – not to eat many varieties of food for lunch or dinner. Adopted by the eat not to drink within half an hour after meals and directly in front of her. Soups and solid food consumed separately, since the fluid reduces the concentration of gastric juice and slow digestion.
  • Eret does not recommend the use any fats for cooking, this applies to animal fats and butter. Some people can not do without the use of fats for them separately it is recommended to use vegetable nut or peanut butter.
  • In the winter, in the absence of fresh vegetables and fruits, use canned. Gradually, people notice that the saturation occurs sooner, the less the number of components in one meal. But it will be noticeable only in the case of almost complete clearance of the body from decay products and toxins.

Cleansing of the bowel «broom over Ereto»

The cause of the unbelief of many stranded on besliste the power supply system is that after some time of compliance with such diets the body begins crisis and people lose faith in such a diet. The patient believes that in connection with diet, it acquires a serious disease in the body.

This condition is caused by the huge amount of decay products, which enter the bloodstream for further utilization and the patient’s condition is only getting worse. Appears craving for unhealthy, but a familiar food. So important is the speed of purification of the body. For this purpose apply various laxatives products, valid besliste diet Arnold Area. Effective remedy for bowel movement are drying plums that are eaten before a meal.

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Great for this purpose, an herbalist who developed the scientist for the speedy elimination of toxins and waste products from the intestines. This so-called «intestinal broom of Area». For convenient reading, the amount specified in fractions:

  • chopped dried Senna leaves – 6 shares;
  • bark of buckthorn – 3 shares;
  • the crushed husks of the fruit of Psili – 1 share;
  • dry powdered seeds of Psili – ½ share;
  • the bark of the root of sassafras, ground into a powder – 1/10 of the share;
  • anise seeds, crushed -1/2 share.

What else can I add?

  • crushed leaves Butch – 1/10 of the share;
  • chopped Irish moss – 1/8 share;
  • grass agar-agar – 1/8 share;
  • crushed dill seeds – ½ share.

First mix the first three names, then the remaining ingredients separately, then the two part of connect. The crushed plant should be according to the size of a tea infuser, and chalking presented in the form of powder. Usually half a teaspoon washed down with a glass of water to begin the cleansing effect of the drug. The mixture is flavoured salads or brewed like ordinary tea, thanks to the wonderful aroma, the collection is used with pleasure.

Some peculiarities of the transitional period

The recommendation of the academic are that for one meal you cannot use a mixture of more than three vegetables and fruits. For example, healing is considered a merger for lunch or dinner lettuce, carrots and beets. One view must prevail, the other two to complement it. If the acidity of the stomach is increased, then make up a set of the basic quantity of vegetables together with a small number of fruit supplements.

If the stomach is more strong, the food is recommended to apply medicinal composition of the main part of the fruit and a small mass of vegetables. Take more than half portion of washed carrots or beets, add 1/3 of finely chopped ripe bananas. Complete the preparation portion a small handful of dried figs or raisins. Do not mix in this dish of cereals or nuts, they are incompatible with juicy vegetables and fruits.

Recipe for a stomach with low acidity is composed of the main (more than half) of the mass of crushed apples, the additive is washed carrots, beets or celery with the inclusion of a small portion of honey, figs, raisins. To accelerate the emptying of the intestine work better vegetables, acid fruits contributes to the formation of excessive gases. Apples should be eaten at the beginning of the meal, as they disintegrate rapidly and processed quickly, if you eat them after the veggies, you get flatulence until metabolized vegetables.

To the stomach and intestines after eating the mixed meal reduce the formation of mucus used in feeding of grated horseradish with honey in 1:1. Similarly, horseradish acts like this salad with black radish.

Food a large number of products in one go

All recipes and menus are recommended for besliste system, contain two or three product names, as a greater number of varieties leads to an imbalance and extravagance. Perfect is a mono — menu consisting of one kind of vegetable in season.

For a transitional period characterized by the use of vegetables in the beginning of the meal, as a fruit of aggressiveness against bowel not always suitable for some people. In this time of transition even allowed baked fruits and vegetables, to make the transition more loyal.

If you feeling into besliste diet, this means that the period of detoxification of the body should be slightly reduced. For this cancel fruit in the menu and used more vegetables. Heal bessonovoy diet is a fantastic invention.

Many people who have successfully overcome the transition and began to eat healthy food, cured chronic diseases without the risk of relapse. Clinical therapy with besselich products yields result, if its principles are thoroughly studied and applied taking into account peculiarities of each individual organism.

The transition to the new supply system means a new milestone in the life of every person, the increase, as a result, the potential of life, rejuvenation and increased energy.