As for the girls to perform abdominal exercises at the gym: user manual and description of exercises for the press

Probably many have seen the abdominal muscles of the models, which are published in glossy magazines — is the state to which the press can walk any girl and most importantly, constantly engaged, and to do it right.

But first warn you that to download the press makes no sense, if the stomach is a layer of fat because abs just will not be visible for him. If you have this situation, then the initial task is bound to be different — you have to get rid of fat. Also (even before going to the gym) girls need to learn some simple truths about themselves, their training and peculiarities of his own body.

Features lessons girls in the gym

The girl will not be able to generate the same amount of muscle as a man (no matter how hard she tried). Even using free weights, you will be very difficult, even a little closer to the male forms.

And the reason for this is a far lower level of testosterone — the hormone that is responsible for increasing muscle mass. Therefore, doing to the gym, don’t be afraid to use heavy weights, you will not have masculinization.

The body girls have a higher level of estrogen, leading to the accumulation of excess weight. Anaerobic exercise is aimed at muscle growth, support metabolism women allows you to lose fat from problem areas and «blur».

Women, or rather their figure, in itself has to 8-11% more (unlike men) fat mass. Because, for the most part, the girls need to perform cardio. In addition, exercises such as supersets and circuit training work better for them and give them the opportunity to quickly acquire the desired shape and to get rid of fat.

Various «female ailments», for example, irregular menstruation, menstruation and so on make training a negative effect reversing at this time the woman back a little.

Girls are more hardy, and they slightly underestimated the pain threshold. In other words, they are less «whining» and more stable to tolerate the pain. Because more intense and long workout, not so tiring, unlike men.

These are General recommendations, which are required to keep in mind every woman that wanted to go to the gym to tackle issues of conversion of your body.

Next, do «physical aspects», or rather view women’s eyes on her figure and find out what you need to work in the gym and what areas need to adjust. Everyone has their own point of view which wants to see the figure of a girl, but in General, the parameters are as follows:

  • Elastic and firm buttocks.
  • Toned arms — to a jelly, from the bottom nothing was loose.
  • Shaped (not saggy and spread) the breast.
  • Flat belly and uploaded.

How to get rid of belly fat

To get rid of fat folds on the stomach is possible with the right diet, Jogging and other aerobic exercises. If you only do the exercises to the limit, it will not allow you to get rid of body fat. To begin exclude from your diet the following products:

  • any fatty foods;
  • carbohydrates;
  • soda;
  • any products (including sausages);
  • cabbage;
  • peas;
  • beans.
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Start eating food that is high in protein is:

  1. Fruit.
  2. All the dairy products.
  3. Eggs.
  4. Lean meat (perfect boiled chicken without skin).
  5. Vegetables.

Physical activity

«The fat is very simple does not give up», said one well-known athlete, and this is so because in order to get rid of fat on the abdomen, in addition to proper nutrition, you’ll need more and more proper training.

You will need to do swimming, Cycling or Jogging. For running, you will need to have a gym membership or home treadmill, also you can just go out in the sunshine on the street, and make a run.

In addition to all the above, you’ll need aerobics in any of its manifestations, be plastic and flexible is always helpful. You need to be prepared for the fact that it will take no less than a few months in order to achieve any of the first, visually visible results.

Nothing wrong with that — it’s quite normal to remove fat from belly to anyone who does not work as fast as you’d like. Just keep practicing and believe in yourself, and success.

How to build a press at home

First, we consider different exercises for abs at home, because gym is the situation is much more logical, clearer and easier.

The rise of the legs. This exercise is a basic, though most of the girls initially don’t understand its positive effect on the pumping pack abs. The leg lifts is perfect to pump up the lower abs.

Lie back on the floor, hands should be along the body, and begin to perform leg lifts to an angle of 45 gr. legs must be smooth. For beginners will be enough for 3 sets of 7 times, but with time and the development of the lower press, increase the number of approaches, you need to be at least 25 lifts at a time.

Exercise twisting. This exercise is designed for upper abdomen. Lie back on floor, bend legs at the knees and his hands bond behind his head. Then you need to twist your torso so that the blades were off the floor, and lower back all the time was pressed against him.

The twisting required to do two approaches, ideally should be done 60 times in one approach, but if at first you this number will not do, then follow the approach approx 25-40 times.

Diagonal curl

This exercise provides an opportunity to strengthen oblique muscles, if you do not know how you can pump up, then this exercise is invented just for you.

The initial position of the body, again lying on your back on the floor with legs bend again at the knees, hands linking behind his head — in other words, the position is the same as for a simple twist, but follow a little bit different.

Further, when twisting, bend over so that the right knee was able to touch the left elbow, and Vice versa. During a simple twisting, we raise the body straight, while the diagonal «sideways».

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The lower torsion

This exercise is intended to strengthen the lower part of the press, in the same way as lifting the legs. Original position you already know for some of the above exercises — are placed on the back, hands are along your body.

Then raise the legs up off the floor, feet flat, try to lift as much as possible vertically. After quietly distract from the floor of the pelvis, it is necessary to tear off at the highest possible distance, how much you can do.

It is quite a complex exercise, and one can begin with several approaches 4-6 times, gradually increasing the load by increasing the number of times in the approach and increasing number of direct approaches.

How often should I do abdominal exercises

Not worth doing every day! If you one workout very well to do, then on the second day you will feel your abdominal muscles and it will stop you artificially go on the second day of training.

But even when this not deter you, then you need to stop yourself — remember, no harm for your health no need to deal with pumping the press up to dice more than four times a week.

But exercise to burn fat, possible, and even necessary, to do every day — a little bit of aerobics, proper nutrition, daily running, help you quickly get rid of adipose tissue not only on the abdomen but also on other parts of the body.

How girl abs

Though the basic exercises for men and women are the same, experience shows that girls are much harder to pump the press until the cubes, unlike the men, this is due to the physiology of the female organism.

In a man’s body initially a smaller amount of fat, and therefore, the press is much stronger, with less effort for its development.

But still, to pump the press until the cubes can and woman just need to be persistent in your training and not to leave unfinished, even when using 30 training your result has not yet become visible — it just needs you to motivate not to continue lessons, and to show that you really can.

But, you need to put the question — whether you need to press cubes? Women enough to have elastic and flat tummy, and a very pronounced relief on it with a certain hand will not attractiveness, and masculinity that the woman is totally useless.

So upset for the reason that pump abs women more difficult, not necessary, for the most part it’s just not worth it.

Abdominal exercises at the gym

Of course, in the gym, you can apply all the exercises that are possible to study at home, but in the gym you will open up additional opportunities due to the presence of different projectiles.

Leg raises on a special fixture or the wall. This exercise is virtually identical to the exercise of lifting legs lying on the back — you will develop the lower part of the press, but lifting the legs on the Swedish side is much more difficult, and, of course, creates a greater load, which affects the execution speed.

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The bottom curl on the bench at an angle. This exercise repeats the same exercise in the home, the lower the curl on the back. But the bench has a definite advantage.

Hands should lay himself along, and hook behind the head, grab bars, this creates additional balance, therefore, it is possible to raise the leg much higher, of course, the abdominal muscles pumped much better, and you can achieve a more pronounced relief.

Twisting on the bench. As a rule, twisting on the bench is also more profitable than twisting the back. To perform this exercise on a bench you need to sit «on the contrary», namely, face forward on the narrow part.

Incomplete twisting on the bench at an angle. This exercise also replicates the option at home, but as the upper body drops to the floor, and below, the abdominal muscles pumped much better and this gives you the opportunity to achieve the best effect, in a shorter time.

Cardio for the abs

Aerobic exercise should be kept to no more than 250 minutes weekly for people who have a sedentary job, and no more than 150 minutes for those who during the day is physically active.

Anyway, you need to work with restorative regimes, and eventually progress to interval training. Do cardiozone only after power. And just «going to the gym» should be alternated with days of rest.

Don’t forget that the press is growing these days, so eat protein from regular foods like fish and chicken, carbohydrates in the form of various cereals, and slightly reduce the total volume of portions in order to provide 12-17% of the calorie deficit.

Actually workout at the gym for girls is a health, beauty and lots of fun. The rules you just learned, is very simple and can be familiar for you, you need only to begin to fulfill them. And your body will be filled with gratitude as soon as you will bring him back to normal.