As lost weight, Anita Tsoy: weight-loss at the «Golden dozen», photos before and after

Celebrities as ordinary people, to lose weight, similarly, sit on a strict diet and visit the gym. And if a beautiful young face can be created through professional makeup and plastic surgery, to support the figures you need to study hard.

Today we’ll show you how lost weight, Anita Tsoy, which previously has long been very a fad girl. On the Internet there are many photos of the singer before and after a diet, where you can see the results.

Slimming Anita Tsoy

Herself Anita Tsoy said that if you have many extra pounds and want to lose weight, then do not Express diets, and it is better to choose a slower way to lose weight and eat right. And only on this background later, you can try one of the more strict diets. In addition, you need to lead an active lifestyle:

  • going to the gym;
  • to swim;
  • to actively spend free time.

Look at the photo of Anita, taken before the diet and after it. You might think that they are two different people.

All his life, Anita Tsoy was not just a chunk, and fairly complete. But one day she revised my diet and lost more than 30 pounds. Weight loss method Anita Tsoy diet is called the «Golden dozen», which will be discussed below.

Especially slimming with the help of the «Golden ten»

This diet for weight loss Anita Tsoy suggested nutritionist Margarita Koroleva, who helped not only her, but many other domestic celebrities to lose weight. But in the opinion of the Anita to lose weight, while not having a strong motivation to go on a diet, it is very difficult.

Diet «gold ten» has such a feature: each day of the ten consists of mono, where the key is a particular product. Within ten days of the diet, the weight lost rapidly, the metabolism slows down not so significantly as in other low-calorie weight loss diets.

Diet menu of the «Golden dozen» for 10 days

The first day we have cucumber. It includes the following products:

  • 600 g of fresh cucumbers;
  • 1 liter of nonfat kefir;
  • parsley – in an unlimited quantity.
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You can prepare a number of dishes such as cucumber salad, while cucumber rubbed on a grater, pour yogurt and add parsley crushed. Salt in the salad is not added. The last meal should take place no later than 6 PM. If you remain hungry, then during the day drink up to half a liter of still mineral water.

The second day of the diet – grapefruit. Diet will be:

  • 5 grapefruit medium size;
  • plain water;
  • water with lemon.

To cook it, squeeze in a glass of water the juice of half of the fruit.

Third day – egg. Hard boil and eat during the day 4-6 times 5 chicken and 20 quail eggs. Non-carbonated mineral water – no restrictions. If the hunger is too strong, it is allowed to add to the daily ration of half a liter of low-fat yogurt.

Fourth day – grapefruit and eggs. During the day alternate eating grapefruit with boiled hard-boiled eggs. On an empty stomach drink a glass of lemon water before bedtime, eat half of grapefruit. Water in unlimited quantities.

The fifth day consists of eggs and cucumbers. Make a salad based on these ingredients:

  • three pounds of fresh cucumbers;
  • 2 chicken eggs (8 quail), hard-boiled.

Divide the salad into 5 servings and eat throughout the day. Drink 2 litres of pure non-carbonated water.

The second half of the diet: dietary diversity

The second half of the diets on content will be more diverse, so if you «survived» the first 5 days, the second five will give you a much easier.

On the sixth day, in the menu you can add variety, allowed high-calorie foods that maintain a stable rate of metabolism. The diet of the day is this:

  • Breakfast – small portion of oatmeal on the water. You can add a teaspoon of honey and a few slices of Apple;
  • second Breakfast – boiled egg;
  • after a couple of hours – grated carrots with vegetable oil;
  • lunch – natural low-fat yogurt;
  • snack – pear;
  • dinner – raw beet with a vegetable oil or an orange.
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On the seventh day in the menu there is meat. It looks as follows:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal with fruit and honey;
  • the second Breakfast – one fruit or vegetable of your choice (kiwi, carrot, pear, pomegranate or Apple);
  • lunch – 150 g steam veal or beef with vegetables without salt and spices;
  • afternoon tea – orange, pear or kiwi;
  • dinner – 150 g low-fat sea fish stewed with vegetables without spices and oil.

The eighth day consists of eggs and cucumbers and fully duplicates the menu of the fifth day of the diet.

The ninth day is buckwheat. Buckwheat can be boiled or steamed, the other allowed vegetables and lemon juice. Breakfast includes a serving of 250 g of buckwheat with onions, carrots and celery. During the day several times eat 150 g of cereals and 200 g of cucumbers fresh.

On the last day of the diet you can eat different foods. Diet can be something like this:

  • Breakfast – omelet of two whites and one yolk;
  • lunch – vegetables (zucchini, onion and red pepper) , baked in the oven with boiled cod;
  • dinner potatoes boiled in their jackets with herbs.

During the day you can also eat a couple of times, for this approach based salad one tomato and one cucumber.

Depending on how much you have extra pounds, a diet to lose weight, you can continue several times since her first day. However, the maximum duration of this diet is three months. Then you need to take a break for a week and partially to resume previous diet. A prerequisite of losing weight through this diet moderate exercise.

The pros and cons of diet Anita Tsoy

A huge major plus of this diet is its effectiveness. Within the first month you can lose 15 pounds. The diet for ten days are constantly different, so every system in our body is able to work stably. And this diversity will not let you get tired of the diet and throw it away.

For the first five days of the diet the stomach reduces its volume due to the minimum calorie foods and small portions. Then the body begins to flow again nutrition, but the fat still disappears along with unnecessary weight.

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The key disadvantage to the diet is its rigor. To stick to it and not deviate from the requirements, you need to have great will power and motivation, as Anita Tsoi.

Another disadvantage of such power – it is not suitable for busy people, because within its framework we need to carefully monitor their menu and always carry with them portions of food.

Also, this diet has its contraindications. It is impossible to practice in such diseases as:

  • all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • gastritis.

As you can see, lose weight by the method of Anita Tsoy, every woman who suffers from excess weight and wants to get slim.

Diet from Anita Tsoy