Banana diet for 3 days: the pros and cons, results and reviews

Today more and more people become advocates of a healthy lifestyle, aim to become slimmer and to give the figure a perfect shape. Women chasing the dream of a beautiful body often resort to all sorts of diets, indulging in almost everything. However, no one is immune from the fact that there may come a moment of failure, and the result, which I would like to achieve in the end reduced to nothing.

In the presented article describes the banana diet. It will allow you to comfortably lose weight a few extra pounds, but also suitable to arrange a couple days of fasting to cleanse the body.

Fears about the calorie content of bananas

There is a perception that if you stick to any diet a goal to lose weight, then from the menu categorically to exclude bananas. However, despite its caloric content, reasonable consumption of bananas makes them an excellent product for mono. The more that to sit on such a diet, nutritionists recommend no more than 7 days. Definitely need to take a break and only after a couple weeks you can repeat the diet.

The second factor in the protection of banana diet is a small amount of fruit allowed for use in foods throughout the day. Bananas in turn, will perform a number of very important cleansing functions for the body.

Beneficial effects of banana diet

So, having dealt with the caloric content of a banana, you need to find out the positive effects of this fruit on the body and what is the result you can see at the end. Stick with this mono is extremely necessary to people with the following problems:

  • constipation;
  • frequent swelling;
  • hypertension;
  • low hemoglobin;
  • liver disease;
  • of kidney disease.
  • skin problems (acne and blackheads);

For reviews of people who used the power of bananas was observed diuretic effect of fruits. Bananas are removed from the bowel the accumulated unwanted mucus, which beneficially affects the overall condition of the gastrointestinal tract.

The banana diet allows you to decrease the appearance of cellulite, as it easily removes from the body excess cholesterol. Thus, figure faster acquires the desired shape.

The main advantage of bananas is their balanced vitamins and trace elements. Their composition is:

  • vitamins E, C and B6;
  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus.

Vitamin E is a fountain of youth, perfectly regenerates tissue. Vitamin C increases efficiency and helps the immune system to resist diseases. Vitamin B6 is essential to nerve cells, it increases the body’s ability to resist stress and improves mood. Interesting is the fact that by eating one banana, a quarter to meet the daily needs of the organism in this vitamin.

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Calcium has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, and iron and phosphorous to restore and improve blood composition. Through these indicators you can improve the hemoglobin. With a good hemoglobin better functioning of all body systems.

Cons of banana diet

Despite the fact that sitting on a banana diet more pleasant alternative diets, for example, cabbage or rice, it also has some disadvantages and contraindications. The main drawback of the diet with bananas is the monotony of the diet. However, this applies to all mono-diet.

Do not forget the fact that the banana, as well as other diet there are medical contraindications. In any case, you can not eat only bananas people with the following diseases:

  • chronic and acute processes in the intestine;
  • gastritis during the exacerbation;
  • acute colitis.

After evaluating all the pros and cons of the nutrition in bananas, you can choose an ideal option. Such a diet can be calculated as 3 days, or a week of application.


Before you go on a diet with bananas is important to prepare in advance. The main rule of per day prior weight loss need to stop eating the following foods:

  • fried;
  • bold;
  • smoked;
  • sweets;
  • pickles.

The banana diet involves eating bananas exclusively. Sometimes when a banana menu for more than three days, it is possible to add milk. This will help avoid breakdowns and will help to achieve the expected result.

How to choose and eat bananas

A good banana diet is impossible without a properly chosen fruits. Forbidden to eat unripe fruit. Substances in them is poorly absorbed by the body, which can adversely affect the body during the diet.

However, if the fruits are still unripe, they can be quickly brought to the required level of maturity. To do this, use baking paper, in which we have to wrap the fruit and put to ripen in a dark place for a day or two.

Cleaning bananas

No less attention should be paid to the proper cleansing of the fruit. The food is used exclusively pulp. Clean the banana is not only filmed the rind. It is also important to ensure that remove all of the white threads.

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The skin of the bananas should be thin and yellow. Not suitable bananas feed. They are very easy to find they are long with a thick green rind. Is strictly prohibited dried bananas. Their caloric value several orders of magnitude greater than the calorie content of fresh fruit.

A three-day menu

When a person is acquainted with all the indications and contraindications of this system of losing weight and cleansing the body, decided to apply it myself and nutritionists in this case, we highly recommend starting with a three-day menu with bananas. This is due to the fact that such a diet is hard.

During the day you should eat 3 bananas and drink as many cups of skim milk. Intolerance to milk, allowed to replace it with low-fat yogurt. It is best to make a milkshake with banana and milk or yogurt. To do this, thoroughly clean the pulp mash and mix with the liquid. Very convenient for smoothies use a blender.The scheme of the meal:

  1. Eat one fruit. After a half an hour to drink a glass of milk
  2. After 2 hours, another banana. Milk a half hour.

And thus, the whole day. The last meal falls at 7 PM. And here you can make a cocktail out of milk with a banana.

The weekly menu banana diet

More gentle option menu with bananas — week-long diet. Per day are acceptable, about one and a half kilos of bananas. Eat one fruit valid when you want.

It is important to keep drinking regime. This will perfectly suit the simple clean water in unlimited quantity. Hot beverages, it is better to give preference to green tea, quantity restrictions are also not.

Remember that in the first few days will be very difficult to hold back and not succumb to the temptation to eat something extra. However, this problem is solved. In order to avoid disruptions allowed to eat the first day or two:

  • a table spoon of any cereal without oil;
  • a small slice of boiled meat or chicken breast.

To remove an acute sense of hunger, and using the coffee. The drink should be not too strong, without sugar and milk. A Cup of coffee should be divided into several receptions in three SIPS. In this weekly diet, for reviews, per day takes up to pounds of weight.

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Banana diet reviews

In the Internet you can find a lot of reviews that talk about good result banana diet, designed for 3 and 7 days. Extra pounds go away without any trouble, and the result does not make to wait long.

Chose a hard, three-day option. I, like any woman, the result is important. Per day drank two and a half liters of green tea. Weight really goes away!!! Appetite came back to normal!!!


Doing the second run on a banana diet for 3 days. The result is gorgeous. Couldn’t shift the weight…this diet was perfect!!!! Two approach lost 9 kg of unnecessary cargo!!! I am extremely happy and I’m happy with this result!!!


To summarize the whole article, it is important to mention one important fact. So, a diet based on bananas, like other diet, has its own characteristics, indications and contraindications. If there are some, even minor health problems, it is important to consult with a specialist to be sure that the body will not be harmed. Everyone would agree that it is much nicer to be slim and confident in your appearance without compromising the health!