Barley porridge in multivarka on the water: a classic recipe and details of its preparation

The most useful product, which contains a lot of vitamins and various trace elements, is barley porridge. If such a mess to cook in the slow cooker, it will taste, and in appearance is much better than the one cooked simply in a saucepan. So, it will never burn or digest, and in the preparation do not will need to constantly keep watch over her.

By the way, if multivarka supports the feature that allows to postpone the preparation, all foods can be cooked in the evening and in the morning when you Wake up, will be ready a delicious Breakfast.

Classic recipe barley porridge in multivarku

Cooking barley porridge in multivarka not require any special effort, skill, fancy recipes or a culinary experience. To prepare the simplest recipe you will need to take the following ingredients:

  1. Barley grits (160 grams or one multistake).
  2. Water (400 ml or 2 5 multistone).
  3. Butter (40 grams).
  4. Salt (about 5 teaspoons).

Before you cook the porridge, cereals should be washed so that the water in it was clean. The very first bowl multivarki lubricated with butter, the consumption should be no more than half of the specified number. Clean and washed the rump to shift this to a greased bowl and left to fill with water. Of course, is to salt it. Now you need to switch, which is suitable for a slow cooker at the specified time.

When the mode ends, the slow cooker should be opened in order to put it in the remaining butter for the recipe and then translate it into a special mode. You can choose the mode «heating» or «heat», but you can leave for 20-40 minutes, it will depend on the number of grains. The greater the number, the longer it should stand. Now the dish is ready!

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But to prepare delicious meals, there are helpful tips:

  1. Do not spare oil. The more butter, the tastier it will be.
  2. Porridge after cooking should stand for. If possible, you can even leave it for 2-3 hours. To bad she can’t, but will be well steamed and soft, like it had been cooked in the Russian stove.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the groats. If before cooking is not done, then, accordingly, will be tasteless and lumpy.

In addition to useful advice, of course, can be classified and those mistakes made most often when cooking porridge. The most common mistakes:

  1. You can’t clean the mess in the bowl from multivarki, after all, so very quickly an indispensable helper in the kitchen is just off.
  2. Barley porridge is best consumed fresh, because it is very useful. Therefore it is not necessary to cook for a few days.
  3. Should not add sugar when cooked right, better then sweeten porridge. It is known that sugar can spoil the taste.

Fine cooking barley porridge

Delicious porridge will, if properly executed all the steps of its preparation according to the recipe and be sure to pay attention to her longing. At this moment she is treated with steam, the temperature of which is much higher than the temperature of the water when boiling. This helps the rump it is good to soften and become incredibly flavorful and tender.

Try to buy and, therefore, use only dry cereal. Very often in humid rump and already contains bacteria and mold that are dangerous to the human body.

You always need cereal before cooking thoroughly washed to clean all the dust. You can use a sieve. If necessary, cereal can be soaked. Most often it is done if mush is going to cook for the children. Do not forget about using butter, because the correct addition will make the porridge crumbly and rich in flavor.

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Delicious porridge will be the case if it a good fry before cooking. Many crock pots have such a feature. ACCA is roasted at a temperature of 160 degrees and is brought to Golden brown.

The nuances of cooking in different models of multivarok

A classic recipe, and other ways of cooking Jacki requires the mandatory selection of the cooking mode. But in each model of the slow cooker it will be different. Most common brands of slow cookers today are the following models:

  1. Panasonic.
  2. Redmond.
  3. Polaris.
  4. Moulinex.
  5. Other brands.

To mess with was crumbly and delicious, it is necessary for each model to choose the right slow cooker and mode, and matching proportions.

A simple recipe diet barley porridge

Very often Accu used for weight loss. It can also be found in a variety of diets and diet for diabetics or it is recommended for those people who have different degrees of obesity. Barley porridge is good because the calories in it a little, but nourishes the body for a long time. Another advantage is that it cleans the body of toxins, ridding it of harmful substances: extra fat, cholesterol, food debris.

Fiber, which contains in it, perfectly cleans the body. Appearance changes, and, consequently, the feeling is different-you have the energy, lightness, condition of skin and hair improves. It is currently believed that the most useful for slimming is ACCA cooked in a slow cooker.

Use in cooking

It is known that recipes for barley porridge variety. Well-known recipes when it is prepared sweet or unsweetened, with milk or water with different additives. As a complement to this millet Breakfast offer the following products: baked apples, jam, jam, dried apricots, cheese, sour cream, honey, walnuts and others. Can be not only sweet foods, but mushrooms, onions, carrots, potatoes, minced meat, tomatoes, ketchup and others.

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But barley cereal can be mixed with other types of cereals, such as rice, buckwheat, barley or corn. A new flavor appears in acki and when it added various types of oil.

Barley porridge is the best Breakfast, perfect for both adults and children. In addition, its versatility recipes will help you to use it in a variety of types and give some variety in food.