Bean products: the list of the most popular crops useful properties of plants and General characteristics

The legume family is quite extensive. His representatives can be found in the most remote parts of the globe — in the harsh conditions of the far North, and in the hottest areas of the Sands. They take a variety of forms, can reach enormous sizes, as trees, and can be tiny instances.

Use legumes

Many already know that fiber is an important element in food that promotes normal bowel habits. Need only 1 Cup black beans, and your daily intake of fiber will increase by half. Add to this the following minerals, of which more than 20% of the daily allowance, including vitamin B9 (folic acid ):

  • potassium,
  • manganese,
  • magnesium,
  • copper,
  • molybdenum,
  • phosphorus,
  • iron.

Caloric stops at around 200-230 calories, saturating for a longer time than other products. Because they contained proteins well satisfy hunger and create a feeling of fullness even while on a diet.

This product is highly suitable for people with diabetes because it does not raise glucose levels. The body uses complex carbohydrates of plant origin slowly, providing sustained nutrition to the muscles and nervous system. If we take legumes in food daily, can significantly lower blood sugar, blood pressure, get rid of tachycardia, for prevention of heart disease and diabetes.

Modern research shows that beans are good antioxidants and can be used to rejuvenate the body. Because they prevent the oxidative processes in the cells that act on them destructively. Regular consumption of nutrients and fibres of plant origin beneficial for the digestive tract and will help to prevent the development of tumors.

General characteristics

An extensive list of legumes has approximately 18 thousand species. Thanks to the nutritional properties, is widespread among humans and animals.

The root system has small tubers formed from a special fabric. It occurs as a result of the activity of bacteria which fix nitrogen. Thanks to them, the plant and the soil get the necessary nutrition.

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Fruits legumes also are very diverse, some species can reach a length of half a meter. These plants are an important part of the flora, as it is 10% of flowering species. A list of the most popular legumes consists of the following plants:

  • soy
  • beans,
  • lentils,
  • wiki
  • chickpeas,
  • peas
  • sainfoin,
  • lupine
  • broad beans,
  • peanut common.

Soybeans and vetch

Soy. The representative legume tops the popularity rating. Because it is grown in almost all parts of the world. Soy is a common food product, it is valued for its high content of protein and fat. Due to its nutrition it is an indispensable component of going to animal feed.

Vic. This kind of beans is the main one. It is used to power the people, good for growing animals. For animal feed wick is in the form of crushed grains, silage, hay, grass flour.

Beans and lentils

Beans. This product contains the highest amount of nutrients. For example, it includes many amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and carotene. Regular consumption of beans can saturate the body almost everything necessary for his life. Beans can be used as a standalone product and in combination with others, it is also harvested for future use. It is the beans, according to research, able to stimulate the immune system to get rid of many diseases.

Lentils. This legume is known as the owner of a large amounts of protein, minerals and most important to health amino acids. Moreover, lentils contain a large percentage of folic acid. Used as cereals and animal feed.

Sainfoin and chickpeas

The product of the legume family sainfoin is used for growing animals. To do this, use his seed, grass, which is nutritionally not inferior to Lucerne. This plant is a valuable melliferous culture.

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Legumes species under the name of chick peas is widely distributed all over the world. A list of products, which includes as a main ingredient, chickpeas, is quite extensive. Know him since time immemorial, love to eat Africa, Western and Central Asia, North America, the Mediterranean. It is given also to feed livestock.

Garbanzo beans roasted or boiled, is prepared from a side dishes, cakes, canned food, used as one of the ingredients for soups, national meals. You can give a big list. Due to the high content of protein and fibre and virtually no fat, beans are indispensable in a dietary and vegetarian menus.

Peas and Lupin

This legume known a long time ago. Peas are the richest natural source of protein. Nutritionally they compare with meat as the content of amino acids, vitamins, fiber, starch and sugar rolls. Green peas is very tasty, it is eaten fresh, dried or canned, yellow soaked and cooked nutritious cereal etc.

Plant Lupin is also in the list of legumes. It grows in cold areas, it is often called the Northern soybean due to the high protein content (30-48%) and fat (14%). The plant has long been known, it is prepared different dishes and feed the animals. Lupin also known as a great organic fertilizer, it is used in the pharmaceutical and forestry.

Broad beans and peanuts are common

In world agriculture, this culture is one of the oldest. In Europe it is used primarily as a feed. The course is grain, greens, silage, straw. This nourishing product is a valuable component of the feed , because protein beans perfectly absorbed by the animal organism.

The list of the most popular legumes peanuts completes the ordinary. In different branches of production use fatty oil obtained from the seeds of the plant. Thanks to him, peanut is holding the position of a highly nutritious product among legumes, successfully placed on the second place. Fruits contain 42% oil, 22% protein and 13% carbs. Often before eating their fry, animal feed is the vegetative part.

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The data pulses are very valuable for its nourishing properties. Therefore, many believe that consumption of them in food can cause weight gain, but this belief is only half true. Despite the fact that this group of products are high in calories, but the bean plant origin, therefore harmless, if you won’t combine with them other high-calorie foods. The above list is by far not the whole list of edible legumes, which gives a wide field for gastronomic experiments with different types that will surely find its place on your Desk.