Beans boiled: use and calorie red of cooked beans per 100 grams

Beans refers to products dietary nature, because its low calorie content. This valuable food plant has the capacity of rapid absorption by the stomach. Bean protein is equal to meat, but because the body receives complex of nutrients and valuable substances.

100 grams of kidney beans has:

  • water – of 14.04 g;
  • pectin – 3,71 g;
  • ash – 3,53 g;
  • mono — and disaccharides – 3.11 g;
  • starch – 44,21 g;
  • fiber – 3,83 g.

Chemical composition of the product

Among the vegetables, cereals and legumes beans occupies a special place. Significant presence of protein (20%) it becomes on a level with the meat. Fiber provides a feeling of fullness, and supply of carbohydrates ensures a burst of energy. Bean protein contains tryptophan, lysine, arginine, tyrosine, methionine. Individual attention, vitamins E, K, A, b and C, mineral substances and microelements: potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, sulfur, zinc, copper. Therefore, to worry about what the body loses important items, not worth it. Due to the caloric content of legumes, it is used in many diets.

Product use

With kidney problem faced by many people, but on the basis of the diuretic effect, bean dishes can facilitate health at the time of exacerbations. Protection from intestinal or skin infection provides sulfur.

Just 100 grams of beans a day will provide a flow of half the daily dose of iron, without which there occurs the formation of red blood cells and carries oxygen from the lungs to the organs. Good beans has proven itself as a product for prevention of heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension and pyelonephritis.

With its help, the immunity and normal metabolism. To regulate the production of adrenaline and hemoglobin to be copper, and to normalize carbohydrate metabolism – zinc. Patients with diabetes should take note and eat beans every day, as it has insulin like effect due to the content of arginine.

The calorie content of dishes is small, but because of their use in the mono-diet for dropping extra pounds.

Red beans intake and use

This variety is considered the most affordable because it is available in every store regardless of the time of year. Calorie red variety is 93 calories per 100 g. however, he is a leader in content of vitamin «V». Fiber content is able to meet the daily requirement.

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The next opportunity to make the red variety in the diet are considered to be antioxidants. They are designed to remove toxins and slow the aging process, however, among the disadvantages can provide high gas. To fix it, you can, if you soak before cooking for a couple of hours red beans with baking soda.

Hoping the energy value of the menu, it should be noted that the cooked product increased three times in volume. The caloric value remains unchanged.

White and green beans

Unlike the red variety white better gets soft and has a delicate structure, and because it is often used for soups. He is considered a leader in content of calcium, iron and magnesium. This product is easy to digest and less provokes flatulence. The calories boiled white beans – 102 kcal per 100 g of product.

Beans is the standard diet and a healthy diet. It contains vitamins a, b, E and C as well as minerals and fiber. The caloric value of the cooked product is negligible, the minimum is 25 kcal per 100 g. therefore it is well absorbed, and the fiber on the principle brush removes toxins and wastes. Thanks to the green variety it is possible to improve the kidneys and liver, and gastrointestinal tract. The speed of cooking is also amazing – 5 minutes, and can be used.

Beans for weight loss

To get from beans the maximum benefit, it should be included in the weekly diet up to three times.

As noted by scholars from America, this product inhibits the absorption of starch and stabilize the balance of cholesterol in the blood. Thus, the fruits of leguminous plants useful for weight loss due to the low calorific value, and they satisfy hunger.

The most delicious combination of boiled culture is considered to be olive or sunflower oil, but this option will increase the caloric value of the dish. That is why all who are on a diet, found out for themselves. They cook low-calorie salad with beans, dressed with a mixture of a couple drops of Apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil and seasonings. A great combination is obtained from beans and cream cheese.

Choosing canned product, you should carefully read the label on the subject of the search is unnecessary for you ingredients – flour, sugar, starch. You also need to understand that in the process of conservation culture is rendered less useful elements.

Contraindications for the use of beans

Despite the usefulness beans must be aware of some precautions. Do not try to use the crude product because the toxins contained therein are removed only after treatment.

In cases of complex hepatic lesions should limit the consumption of culture, as the intestinal gas is absorbed into the blood and act on. Mainly applies to elderly people because of changes in the digestive tract.

The complete rejection of the product, despite the low calorie requires:

  • pancreatitis;
  • colitis, and acute cholecystitis;
  • gastric ulcer with high acidity during exacerbation.

Since the process of stomach digestion lasts long, it is worth to combine with vegetables except potatoes.

The bean is characterized by low energy value. The calories range from 90 to 120 kcal per 100 g of product and it depends on the variety and cooking method. Approximately similar rates have tinned beans – 99 kcal. Any kind of culture contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, and therefore a minimum of twice a week it should be in the menu.