Beautiful women’s buttocks and thighs: large or small, how to make a beautiful?

Many women worldwide have disproportionate shape thighs and buttocks: either too big or flat. It is known that the ideal is a body with a symmetrical shapes of hips, breast and a slim waist. A figure of this type is called an hourglass.

What to do if you have not? With the chest harder, but the hips and buttocks of beautiful shapes you can try to create. If you try, of course.

Hips: degrees of sexuality

Bright criterion of sexuality women are the hips. The standard of female beauty is changing from time to time but beautiful buttocks and hips always attract the eye and excite interest or envy. World fashion dictates that the high and slender girls with long legs — is the standard of beauty.

However, men’s opinions on this issue on your own. Small, tight buttocks someone’s interest, and some don’t, though, and look attractive. Girls with a little booty needs to have a very thin waist and small Breasts to be considered beautiful. But, as statistics show, the owner of narrow hips are not marked slim waist. And judging by the results of studies of men’s opinions, ladies with pronounced waist and moderately wide hips are considered more sexy.

Psychology and facts

The interest of men to women with wide hips psychology explains that such a woman is perceived as Mature in the sexual sense. Girls with flat body more reminiscent of a child and therefore do not really attract men. At least, not cause a sharp desire or arousal.

Of course, should not generalize. The views and situation are different and definitely not to judge. However, despite the fact that the man does not think about children when excited, subconsciously when choosing ladies instinct of a woman with wide hips better able to bear and give birth to children than a girl with narrow hips. In addition, rounded hips and buttocks in men are associated with femininity and sexuality.

Assessing the woman, the man acidified the whole view of the silhouette: how harmonious look wide hips with the waist and chest. The intensity and harmony of forms attract the eye. However, the office men are easier to work with skinny women, as they do not cause a sharp desire and, accordingly, do not distract from the workflow.

Instinctive men confirmed by statistical facts. Numerous studies among male population of various countries, professions and age show that 75% of all respondents prefer ladies with big hips and ass but no cellulite or excess fat. 11% of men like long-legged thin people. Exactly the same percentage of men believe that splendor of the thighs and buttocks is not important, they just should be in harmony with the whole figure in General, and preferably to be without «ears». 3% of the male population and do not consider hips sexual stimuli and claim that female sexuality is dependent on freedom and nature.

As mentioned above, life situations are different as men, so you have large hips or narrow in General is not so important. Importantly, they were toned and elastic. And that alone makes them attractive and sexy.

Do thighs and buttocks beautiful

First, let’s define that. If you have a flat butt and narrow hips, and you want them to round you need some exercise and nutrition. But if you are the owner of big hips and buttocks and want to improve their performance, get rid of excess weight and cellulite, that are a little different. Although experience shows that this is a fairly problematic area, and quick results can be expected.

But again, the situations are different. The main thing is to act and not to give up trainings. Some results appear after months of training, others after three, and someone only six months. And one more thing. Completely change shape through exercise is impossible. Only correct to a certain extent. So illusions are not worth it, better to accept yourself as you are and sober approach to what can be corrected.


As you know, excess weight in women is primarily deposited on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. So, if you decided to improve this area, start with nutrition. This is a hackneyed subject, but the fact remains. If you eat fast food, greasy fried food, prepared food, canned food, sooner or later it will all «come out» to your buttocks. So just discard it. Or not overdo it.

Exercises for thighs and buttocks

On the contrary, eat nuts, cheese, fish, eggs, fruit and fresh vegetables, salads without mayonnaise. Recipes online weight. You will power up your body with minerals, vitamins and speed up the metabolism. Sweet can bitter chocolate in small amounts, honey, pollen.

Remember, at the same time, little by little, chewing your food well. Don’t eat before bedtime and do not skip Breakfast.

Beauty care

If we want to have beautiful buttocks and thighs, they just have to be without cellulite. So if this problem occurs, an urgent need to take action. Take anti-cellulite massage yourself or posadite specialist. Do not forget that this type of massage has limitations and it must be carried out according to the rules. Otherwise, you can harm or get the opposite result. If you decide to do it yourself, pick an effective vehicle for this.

In addition to massage, effectively affect cellulite and wraps with special products: mud, creams, masks, clay. This allows for even and favorably affect skin, vosesa her tone.

And, of course, a special anti-cellulite lotions, scrubs, creams, massage zones during water treatment.


This is the main item in the list of tools that generate beautiful ass and thighs. Without exercise to achieve results impossible. It would be best to enroll in a gym and work with an experienced coach. Which diet would you suggest and exercise would be picked up by your problem and would control the process. But you decide for yourself. Should know exercises for this zone is useful because you strengthen the pelvic floor, vozdeistvuya on your pelvic organs, supporting their vitality and health.

As already mentioned, to round, to pump up the ass to help some exercise. But if you need to reduce the volume, you should choose some other load. The following is a bracing exercise that will suit in both cases for practicing at home.

  • Start with a warm up

Before the main routine is always to do workout. Better suited for this running in place, leg swings, jumping rope.

  • Perform squats

This is the basis. Squat to begin with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind head, back straight. Knees nor stick out over the toes. Squat slowly until thighs are parallel to the floor. Start with 10 times. A more complex version includes widely spaced legs and deployed in different sides of the socks. Else is doing as well as in the first embodiment, 10 times. Both squats do for each other. This trains the inner and outer thighs and pelvic floor.

  • Do lunges and leg swings to the side

Attacks alternately train the back part of the thighs. Do slowly change legs. Just do 20 lunges. So, making the kicks not to lose balance, become a to the wall. Raise your left leg to the side, to become parallel to floor, lower, but do not touch the floor. Repeat 10 times. The same on the other leg.

  • Exercises lying down

To quickly strengthen the inner thigh, lie on the floor on his back. Knees bend, feet on the floor, clamped between the knees tight ball. Squeeze the ball as tightly, do the delay, then open your. Repeat 20 times.

Following a rather difficult exercise, but effective. Lie on belly, chin rests on the floor. Put your hands along the body, palms down, legs straight. Slightly raise your legs and spread in different directions as much as possible, not touching the floor, keeping them on weight. Also, not touching the floor, bring them back. Repeat 10 times.

And remember, if you make the effort the result is bound to be.

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