Beef and its bdim: the calorie content of meat, the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat in the beef meat

Beef is the most popular type of meat representatives of cattle. This meat is a lot of traditional dishes in most countries of the world, it has many useful properties and has a high nutritional value.

Today we will show you what is the caloric value of beef and how much fat, carbs and protein depending on the method of cooking and type. You will also learn about its beneficial properties, contraindications and other nuances.


Beef is divided into three grades: highest, first and second.

To a higher class includes such parts:

  • dorso-lumbar part;
  • the chest part;
  • the sirloin is located near the last ribs;
  • the rump (upper portion of the rear legs of the cow);
  • the rump or thigh of the back leg.

The first grade include:

  • the flank muscle layer encircling the inside surface of the abdominal lobes.
  • the shoulder part;
  • spade.

And the second grade are those parts:

  • the front part of the neck or desperately;
  • rear and front knuckles.

Taste and healthy components of beef depending on the age of the animal. The most valuable of all is considered as veal meat of young calves under the age of 5 months. It is worth noting that the meat of a young animal is different and Mature smell, taste characteristics and color. These characteristics affect not only the age, but other factors:

  • the pet’s diet;
  • his motor activity.

And this affects not only the quality and taste of the meat, but also for its caloric value and bdim.

Useful properties of beef

Beef includes a lot olesnyckyj components, for example:

  • vitamins a, C and B2;
  • trace elements;
  • a number of macronutrients (for example, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and others).

The meat, beef liver and heart are a source of iron and protein with fewer calories.

Beef is incredibly useful for building muscle, it is recommended to use during active physical activity. And there is the so-called dark iron which helps with anemia, and better absorbed than iron of vegetable origin. Meat is good for diseases of the joints and helps to restore the connective tissue.

How to select beef for various dishes?

If you are cooking soup, soup or broth, then take such part of the beef:

  • rump with brain bone;
  • rump (back part);
  • shoulder or scapula;
  • ribs;
  • sirloin on the bone.

Shank is perfect for making jelly, because this part of meat contains adhesive components.

For frying it is better to choose the meat first and higher grades:

  • fillet;
  • clipping;
  • rump and sirloin (inner part);
  • steak – succulent meat that run along the spinal vertebrae.

Stew beef is better in the outer part of the rump or belly (the front part), but can go fillet. To extinguish it is recommended to lard meat additives:

  • prunes;
  • dried apricots;
  • raisins;
  • spices in the form of cloves or cardamom.
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For baking can be taken the same as for frying and stewing is gentle type of meat first and highest grade.

If you need ground meat for meatballs, or meatball meatballs, then choose the bottom sirloin, rump or flank, also the flesh of the shank or the shoulder part.

Serve dishes based on beef is best with greens and sauce, as a garnish for the meat suitable for rice, vegetables and low-calorie smoothie. Served as snacks and cold beef, it is better to flavoring sweet and sour sauce.

Features choice of meat

To cook a delicious and healthy dish based on beef, you need to choose one correctly. Meat quality can be determined on the basis of color, consistency and smell in these ways:

  • the smell of the beef should be nice and fresh, not to have a tint of rot;
  • the color of beef should match the age of the animal. Young meat has a light pink color, and the meat of Mature animals – dark red. The products that repeatedly succumb to freezing, will not be uniform in shade;
  • to check the number of frost is possible, putting a finger to the cut. If the beef was frozen once, after the finger will remain a red mark, and if more – then trace will not change shade;
  • if fat have pale yellow or creamy-white color, or an intense yellow colour, it means that the animal was slaughtered at an advanced age, and if the fat has a green or gray shade, so meat is stale;
  • fresh beef has an elastic and firm texture, does not stick to hands, the trace of the pressure disappears quickly.

Thawed product is best, putting it in the fridge, the slower it will melt, the more succulent the meal will be ready. Another option is to put beef in the package and dip into the water. So it can thaw for a few hours and not lose any taste or properties.

Also remember that the calorie content of grilled meat is much higher boiled, but use in such product is much smaller.

The calories and amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates

The average calorie content of beef is 187 kcal per 100 grams, protein – 18, and 9 g fat 12.4 grams per 100 grams. Carbohydrates do not exist.

In case these figures are slightly different:

  • lean product – 156 calories, 22.2 g protein, 7.1 g of fat and 0 carbohydrates;
  • marbled beef – 170 calories, 18 g protein, 10 fat, and 0 carbohydrates;
  • stew – 232 calories, 16.8 g protein, 18.3 per g of fat and 0 carbohydrates;
  • boiled – 254 kcal, 25.8 g protein, 16.8 g fat, no carbs;
  • fried – 384 kcal, protein 32.7 g and 28.1 g of fat, carbohydrates are not available;
  • beef patties – 260 kcal, 18 g protein, 20 g fat, no carbs;
  • roast beef includes 173 kcal, 26.4 g, and 6, 8 g, respectively;
  • beef steak – 220 calories, 29 6, g also and 11.2 g, respectively, proteins and fats.
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Features lean beef

To lean meat beef are those parts of the carcass in which there are no layers of fat, the meat is cooked without oil. When choosing meat you should pay attention to its color, it should range from pink to bright red, also it has pleasant smell. Fillet of elastic, if you use it, the dimple disappears for a couple of seconds, if the meat is fresh. Even after cooking lean beef to the max retains its useful properties.

The calorie content of such meat is 158 calories per 100 grams, which is significantly lower than other ways of cooking meat.

In the product there:

  • vitamins B1,B2, B5, B6, B9, E, PP;
  • iodine;
  • zinc;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • sodium;
  • fluorine;
  • molybdenum;
  • chrome;
  • Nickel;
  • cobalt;
  • chlorine;
  • phosphorus;
  • sulfur;
  • iron, etc.

Lean beef helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, this is especially important for those who suffer from heart disease. This meat has almost no fat and carbohydrates, and there are many useful proteins and minerals, respectively, it is suitable for use under reducing diets and obesity.

Lean beef stewed, steamed, boiled and fried. Thus she is lean and not add fats when cooking. When cooked product is cut into pieces, without adding anything. Further, it can be used alone or used as an ingredient for salads.

Boiled beef

Boiled beef are present in almost all nutrients which are very necessary for our body, most of them are already listed in the previous paragraph. With regular consumption of boiled meat you saturate the body with proteins, vitamins and iron, you will not feel the fatigue and will always be energetic.

Boiled meat is the most useful. It is cooked from one and a half to two and a half hours, depending on the age of the animal, put in mind in addition to himself:

  • pepper;
  • bow;
  • celery;
  • salt for 10 minutes until tender.

Beef in diets and its medicinal properties

Nutritionists refer to dietary beef kinds of meat. And not only because this meat has a low caloric content. Also, it is good cleanses the body of toxins, lowers cholesterol. In addition, because it helps to restore normal metabolism, because beef contains a minimum of fat. The body does not save and spends the stocks, wanting to make up for the lack of fat. This, in turn, promotes weight loss, though slow.

Nutritionists advise to opt for the beef because this meat is more tender, is well digested and contains a lot of vitamins.

Recommendations regarding the consumption of beef following:

  • boiled veal good after infectious diseases;
  • during breastfeeding it is recommended to eat boiled beef with vegetables;
  • beef liver good for prevention of heart attack, after the loss of blood and low hemoglobin;
  • students and office workers are recommended the beef because it improves efficiency and mental alertness, reduces fatigue, allows you to gain extra pounds on the background of a sedentary lifestyle.
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Contraindications to the use

Despite the fact that this meat is very useful, its excessive consumption can be dangerous. Daily rate to a maximum of 300 grams. Abuse can lead to such consequences:

  • immunosuppression;
  • male diseases;
  • increase of level of cholesterol;
  • the emergence of a sense of fatigue;
  • the development of cardiovascular, renal and hepatic diseases.

In a large number of diets for weight loss is beef. So, protein diet provides that basic food is boiled beef. However, she can accommodate a maximum of 14 days. Remember that this diet has contraindications, it is not recommended to adhere to in such cases:

  • in chronic renal and hepatic diseases;
  • in cardiovascular diseases;
  • during pregnancy;
  • diseases of the digestive nature.
  • obesity;
  • in the elderly.

Also in beef are purine bases, which can facilitate the accumulation of uric acid, which can cause joint disease or urolithiasis.

When buying beef you have to very carefully choose. For example, if you have purchased meat of an animal that had a poor diet and who had injected hormones or antibiotics for fast weight, its consumption is fraught with poisoning and other diseases.

The beef is very tasty and useful, but only within reasonable limits and only if you choose it correctly. It is also a product that can be used even when dieting due to its low calorie content.