Birch tar to cleanse the body: instruction for use inside and reviews of doctors

Birch tar is a dark, viscous liquid having a pungent odor. The meaning of the word «tar» has Indo-European roots and means «burnt», «singed». Tar get during the dry distillation of birch bark. Birch tar is the end product, which is produced through pyrolysis of birch bark.

At home to perform this process quite difficult. Much easier and more economical to buy the drug in any pharmacy store.

Birch tar has a buttery consistency, strong smell and a unique composition. In the list of its components are items such as:

  • organic acid;
  • volatile;
  • xylene;
  • phenol;
  • toluene and some other elements.

Birch tar: the Treatment

External use

In the process of splitting betulina, the tar. It betulin is composed of phenol, benzene, xylene, toluene, organic acids and volatile.

In the treatment of such serious diseases as atherosclerosis, these substances are indispensable helpers. Known very effective method of treatment, which is based on the use of birch tar. What you need to mix 0.5 tsp. this means in one glass of milk (preferably warm milk). The resulting mixture should drink one Cup three times a day for a month and a half. It is desirable to perform an hour before a meal. For the year should go to 4 courses. The pause between them should be one month.

The substance helps to cure bronchial asthma, gangrene, sore throat. It also helps in the treatment of fungal skin infections. It should be noted that his periodic use has a positive effect on the condition of the hair – the hair is less fall out. If you take the drug in diseases such as inflammation of the rectum, scrofula, erosive proctitis and erosion, we can see a positive trend. And for patients suffering from itching, rashes and skin ulcers, there is a full and quick recovery. Bedsores, psoriasis and pockmarks are easily treated with birch tar. It also helps women deal with postpartum mastitis.

To remove corns on the feet, they must be treated with special ointment. It is made from saltpeter, sugar, and tar. Substances should be taken in equal parts. If stew corn (preferably to do it in broth made from birch leaves), the effect of the use of the ointment will be much better.

To combat different diseases of the skin suggest the use of ointment, which is prepared from fat and clean of tar, in a ratio of 1:1.

Eczema can also be cured with the help of this tool. What is recommended to make compresses or out of pure tar, or composition, where the tar water and crushed roots of sorrel. If eczema is weeping, then applied ointment of tar and lard (1:1 ratio). This ointment need to add raw egg. You need to treat all areas of skin that are infected with eczema.

Ointment consisting of 4 tablespoons of tar, 3 tbsp of honey, 2 liters of castor oil and egg white – is perfectly suitable for the treatment of psoriasis. The mixture should infuse for about 3 days and apply daily on the infected areas.

To combat local hair loss and dandruff, it is recommended to RUB or pure substance, or mixture of alcohol or glycol in the ratio of one to one. The solution remaining on the surface of the hair after treatment, can be removed with a cotton swab. RUB it through the day, one at a time with normal shampooing.

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To cure skin ulcers, it is necessary to use a special ointment, where in the composition are components such as butter, burnt the root of the strike and tar. All mixed in equal parts and applied to the skin.

As the reviews, tar helps with various skin diseases, for example, in the treatment of psoriasis, scabies, leprosy, dandruff, athlete’s foot and colored shingles. If you use pure tar at the same time as treatment with medication, it will make faster the healing process.

Tar water. Internal use

In the treatment of suffocating cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma it is recommended to use inside tar water. Tar water is perfectly copes with the outer skin diseases, internal ulcers, malignant erysipelas, cures phlegm. It has medicinal properties in diseases of the bladder, cramps, gynecological diseases, kidney stones, fighting worms, purifies the blood and drives the urine.

Also tar water promotes better digestion, it is useful to take for indigestion. It can ease the pain in the chest, to bring back the old appetite. This is a great remedy for fever, chills, purulent cough. You can safely give the tar water babies (on day 1 or 2 tbsp, 2 times), and adults need in the morning to take 100 ml of tar water. It should use only warm. The daily dose can be divided in half, in the morning and before bedtime.

Before the revolution, for the treatment of tuberculosis, the patient on the day the healers were given one quarter Cup of tar water, half diluted with milk. Dose of water, taking into account the strength of the stomach, trying to improve every day, and brought to as much as 3 cups daily, but without milk.

To make this remedy can be thus: 1 part of birch tar and 2 parts of boiling water is strongly stirred with a spoon for 15 minutes, then keep it for 10 hours. Then clear fluid you need to drain and store in a glass container.

This drug has also been shown in Oncology, it neutralizes all the side effects of chemotherapy and drug therapy. Tar, for oral administration, inhibits the formation of tumor cells in the fibroids, mastitis, adenoma, cyst of the ovaries. It is also a good preventive substance that can prevent the transition of benign to malignant.

The instructions also birch tar allows you to apply it as an antiseptic, immediately using it when festering for the treatment of cuts, burns and wounds.

If you use the tar inside, marked improvement of metabolic processes, normalization of pressure and strengthening the heart muscle. Optimal use of tar water three times a day:

  • Sutra take on an empty stomach;
  • in the afternoon – 2 hours before eating;
  • in the evening before going to sleep.

Side effects

Though tar has, in General, positive feedback, but we must remember that any personal intolerance to the remedy. Before you begin tar to treat serious illness, it is imperative to consult a doctor. It should be noted that tar has minor contraindications.

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Some people who want to quickly get rid of skin problems, it could trigger allergic reactions, so it is advisable before the use of tar, it is necessary to make a preliminary test for allergies.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, because the composition is benzopiren and other carcinogens.

Also the use of drugs, where the composition of tar is prohibited in acute skin eczema and kidney disease.

Birch tar from parasites

Popular ointments like Wisniewski and Wilkinson are made on the basis of tar. But directly the birch tar has long been known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

To prepare antiparasitic drug, you will need the following ingredients: pure tar, which you can buy in pharmacies, and normal honey. To use this tool you need a course consisting of 12 days. Make tar-honey mixture you need inside, just before bedtime. To eat or drink is prohibited.

On the first day of use you need to mix a drop of tar with 1 tsp of honey and drink before bedtime. After daily added to a spoonful of honey more drop of tar. The greatest number of drops 8. Thus, the last 5 days will need to add 8 drops to a spoonful of honey. If the taste will be very nasty, you can eat 0,5 spoon of melted honey. The need to use clear every day.

This cleansing of the body should be performed once a year in autumn or spring.

It should be noted that the tar can be mixed with honey or milk. You can also add a piece of bread or Apple.

Cleaning of birch tar: recommendations

Judging by the reviews, is the cleansing of the body bears a huge favor man. It noted the following useful properties:

  • the normalization of microflora and motility of the stomach;
  • increase urine output of toxic substances (by increasing filtration of the kidneys);
  • increases the breakdown of fat deposits and their exit from the human body. The same applies to cholesterol;
  • reduces the amount of toxic inflammatory mediators.

How to make lye water for cleansing the body?

Tar water is birch tar, which is diluted with boiled water. In order to do this it is necessary to observe a ratio of 8-1. This indicates that boiled water will need 8 times more than birch tar.

This mixture is stirred well with a wooden spoon and allow to infuse for two days. After it is drained. This is required in order to mix left film and residue. Tar water is kept in the fridge.

Make it a required course, consisting of 3 approaches, each for 12 days. Between courses it is necessary to pause for 12-14 days. Make the tar water should times per day 1-2 tbsp

To minimize possible side effects, use need clear instructions and prevent overdoses. Doing a cleanse can only be achieved using pure birch tar, which you can buy in the pharmacy stores.

Where to buy and the price of birch tar

To acquire this tool or in the pharmacy or on specialized Internet sites. The price of tar may vary, but generally costs around 150 RUB. for a bottle of 40 grams.

The tar: reviews

As a rule, the authors of the reviews reach use of these recipes by reading different sites about folk medicine, where tar is recommended to drink without specifying contraindications. The maximum that indicate banned lactating and pregnant women and people who have individual intolerance.

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But, reviews show that «cleansing» is not helping. Most people are «broken» only by opening the vial. Yeah, he smells pretty bad, and his technique is a little one associated with something pleasant. Even eat plain bread with tar pretty hard.

In addition, the product can be strong gag reflex, which also greatly contributes to the popularity of this drug. Those who still managed to eat bread with tar, then write in reviews that on the second day symptoms of poisoning – diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. At the same time about the disappearance of the pimples, few writes. And the extra weight, especially when his lot remains in place.

In General, you should not give birch tar excessive use. This is a great tool for anti-inflammatory and stimulating baths, oily, insect bites, seborrhea. But do not try to cure this drug all existing disease.

I still remember how grandma always used tar. She had painful joints, but at the time I didn’t understand. I strongly disliked the smell of this smell. Now I am already at an advanced age (I am 65) and joints started to ache. I remembered that grandma was doing and began to use it. Yes, the smell since then has not changed, but the healing power has not diminished. Now my feet are «like new».

Vika Moscow

My skin problems were able to help only coal-tar soap. That only did not try – it is useless. Skin is oily all the time inflammation! Now everything comes back to normal, recently purchased the soap – the results are already noticeable. I want to try to cleanse the entire body, hope that the effect will be even better!

Lena Mariupol

Perhaps tar and useful, but only for outdoor use. Inside, I would not dare to take it. In the tar are toxic substances. Of course, maybe the concentration needs correct, I do not know! But doctors do not suggest, and I would not risk. So, rubs, lotions, Yes, but inside is terrible.

Marina Kiev