Body wrap at home: recipes belly slimming and reviews

Body wrap is a cosmetic procedure, which today is quite popular and is used for effective weight loss. The most important advantage is that its implementation does not need to visit beauty parlors, paying for the wrapping procedure a lot of money, since everything can be done at home.

Weight loss with food film

There is an opinion that losing weight with the help of the food film is by reducing the amount of body fat. In fact, this view is incorrect.

The meaning of wrap food film for weight loss is to create a greenhouse effect which comes out fluid from the body. Effect after wrap with cling film, you will notice after the first session.

But, alas, the effect can be quite short, as the fluid in the tissues is quickly restored. To maintain the achieved effect, it is necessary to combine the wrap with a permanent performing physical exercises, observance of principles of healthy nutrition and massage.

Use a wrap cling film for weight loss and health improvement is obvious. It is the following:

  • Indications for a wrap of polyethylene are: eczema, dry skin, stretch marks, psoriasis, swelling. The procedure can help to improve overall health, prevent some diseases of the skin and speed up the process of weight loss.
  • Through this procedure, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, from the body toxins, in the tissues increases circulation.
  • With a wrap you can not only lose weight, but also improve the shape, namely to make less than the volume of such problematic areas, like legs, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
  • Wrap with cling film will help to smooth the skin, improve blood circulation in the tissues.
  • Wraps give you the opportunity to dry the skin, making the body more prominent, as well as to remove cellulite.

As with all cosmetic sessions, perform the wrap in some cases contraindicated. The most important contraindications are:

  • cancer of the disease;
  • pregnancy and nursing;
  • allergic to some component that is used to prepare a composition for wrapping;
  • the aggravation of diseases of the skin;
  • skin lesions, for example, abrasion or scratching;
  • fungal disease;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • heart disease;
  • gynecological diseases (in this case, the wrapping can be done on any area of the body except for the belly).

How to perform an at home body wrap?

The rules of the wrapping

In General, the duration of one procedure wraps is a couple of hours. To take food or drink some liquid during a session, and for half an hour before and half an hour after its completion is prohibited.

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To wrap was most effective and gave the body a benefit, cosmetologists are advised to follow some basic steps:

  • Before the wrapping procedure must be thoroughly clean skin. Why use an ordinary shower gel, lotion or scrub, diluted with coffee grounds. Through this procedure, the pores open, the skin is cleaned from dead tissue and anti-cellulite composition is deeper under the skin of the skin.
  • A further step is the preparation of a composition for wrapping and its application to problem areas. Typically, the blend is made from coffee, mustard or honey.
  • The mixture must be applied to the body in a thin layer, cover this place with plastic wrap, put on warm clothes.
  • Keep the composition on the skin need from 45 minutes to 2 hours, it depends on cooked mixture.
  • In the session you can lie down under a duvet, watch a movie or read a book, and it is possible to carry out light physical exercises that will significantly increase the result.
  • After the required period the film should be removed and take a bath.
  • Wiped on the body it is necessary to apply a nourishing or anti-cellulite cream.
  • The whole procedure of weight loss will require 12-15 sessions, which are desirable to accomplish through the day.

Wrap with honey

Wraps with honey effectively from the body to excrete toxins. Due to the unique composition of this product and content in honey active elements, he goes deep into the skin, enriches the cells with minerals and vitamins and nourishes them.

  • For preparing the honey composition to heat the honey on a steam bath to a temperature of 35-42 degrees.
  • Pre-clean your skin after apply the composition to the skin and leave for 1.5 hours.

Wrap with mustard

The mustard composition to perform the procedure is very effective. To make the mustard mixture should be in equal parts, mix mustard powder and honey, diluted composition in the same volume of water to the mixture obtained a homogenous concentration. You can pour a little olive oil.

Rather it is important to choose the proportions, as the high content of mustard can cause burns to the body. Duration with mustard mixture is not more than 45 minutes.

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Wrap with coffee

Coffee has a wonderful rejuvenating and toning quality, gives you the opportunity to get rid of the appearance of cellulite, reduce the volume of thighs, abdomen, legs and buttocks.

As the active component, you can use a fused thick coffee, 8 teaspoons of natural ground coffee or two vials of caffeine. In coffee you need to pour a little milk or warm water, mix well all the ingredients and apply the mixture on the problem areas of the skin. Keep the makeup you need for hours.

Wrap for belly

Many women today are concerned about the issue visshego belly, as well as the manifestation of stretch marks. The most effective is the belly wrap with clay.

To perform this procedure, you will need healing clay – excellent absorbent, absorbing all the toxic elements but at the same time, it enriches the skin with nutrients, improves metabolic processes in the body and bloodstream.

To make the clay mix is very easy: you need to dilute clay with warm water until pasty consistency, apply on the body in the abdominal area, wrapped in plastic wrap, put on warm clothes and wait about half an hour.

Feet wrap

To reduce the volume of the feet normally use the acetic composition. This product helps to remove appearance of cellulite and release excess fluid from the body.

To prepare this mixture, you will need to mix equal amounts of water and Apple cider vinegar, add some essential orange oil. In the body of the mixed composition is necessary to RUB massage movements, after to wrap the legs with foil, wear warm pants. The composition is removed in half an hour.

Wrap for the night

Night wraps is quite effective, because in this time the body is actively fighting with excessive weight. To complete the wraps, you can select the kelp, it is sold in any drugstore.

First, you need to mix pre-softened in warm water, algae and clay in equal proportion, add little water, a few drops of lemon oil and a pinch of cinnamon. To keep the composition on the skin no more than one hour.

Results and reviews thinner

Judging by the reviews, the result of body wrap at home is quite positive: in one session you can lose a few inches in problem areas, and to lose a few pounds. Beauticians advise you to do a wrap course, which consists of 12-15 sessions, they must pass through the day.

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In order to maximize the result from the wraps, you need to pay attention to proper nutrition, to arrange fasting days on vegetables, apples, yogurt, exercise and massage. Positive feedback about the wrap show, about the absolute safety and efficacy of the procedure.

‘ve been trying to get rid of cellulite on legs, but did not work out. But a girlfriend recommended wrap with food film for weight loss. Did various compositions, deposited them after wrapped in plastic. After two month the cellulite is completely gone. It is just amazing! I recommend to all!

Elena 28 years Evpatoria

After 20 pounds. Not so long ago decided to try to lose weight using cling film. Suffered, wrapped themselves, but for what is unclear. No change. Only time spent in vain. So does the film slimming, the question for me is ambiguous.

Maria, 35 years old Moscow

My dream was to get rid of unwanted pounds. I’m naturally a little chubby and all the while was like that. So it was a shame to look at yourself in the mirror: all girls like girls, and I like the bun. But, still, decided, enough, will begin to lose weight. I read the reviews, and made wraps with the aid of plastic wrap, a diet and exercise. Help, I was able to lose 12 pounds.

Faith for 24 years Kiev