Body wrap for weight loss belly and sides: cooking popular recipes at home

The human flanks and the abdomen are problem areas that are prone to muscle weakness and the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. But the modern woman will never put up with the problem and will adjust their own figure, bringing it to perfection.

But not to pay for expensive treatments in the salon, a weak representative of the population resorted to the use of various tools, prepared at home for the fight against excess centimeters on the sides and belly.

In pursuit of the perfect figure of modern beauty are in constant search of new tools, often forgetting about a known successful recipes used by our ancestors. Procedure wraps to lose weight was a famous women of the ancient Egypt.

What is a wrap?

Under the wrap means the most simple and cheap procedure that helps the woman get rid of several unwanted pounds in the shortest possible time to correct the shortcomings of their own figure. The procedure available to everyone and does not require great physical or monetary investment. So wrap your abdomen and back at home is so popular among the lovely women of society.

The principle of the procedure is enclosed in the smearing problem areas of the body special composition prepared from the selected person ingredients. After applying the healing mass on the body, she is wrapped in cling film, which is wrapped up in a blanket to create a greenhouse effect. After completing twenty minutes of the film can be removed, and the remainder of the mixture need to rinse with water warm shower. After the procedure it is advisable to treated areas apply a moisturizer. This will allow difficult to get rid of unwanted fat, but to tighten and tone the skin, giving it an extra appeal.

Features and results of the procedure

There is a misconception that many homemade mixtures for weight loss, thanks to their composition components literally burn subcutaneous fat even after the first session wraps. But in reality, the active components have a noticeable pronounced draining effect and therefore a clear weight loss results will be noticeable only after a full cycle of treatments.

Many representatives of the beautiful half of society noted that the rapid and effective results of body wrap noticeable on the buttocks and legs, not tummy and sides. In the first place is due to the fact that in the lower part of a human body accumulates more stagnant fluids that are easily removed through the open pores. To enhance the effect of weight loss, it’s advisable to wrap in conjunction with physical exercise, lymphatic drainage massage, myostimulation and a balanced diet. Also the withdrawal of the ballast substance from the human body help to speed up the hot wrap procedure, but they are contraindicated for certain groups of women.

As a result of complex actions the woman can achieve the following improvements in weight loss and overall condition:

  • saturation of skin with vitamins and trace elements that are part of home-made cosmetics;
  • improve microcirculation of the body;
  • removal of oedema;
  • stimulation of lipolysis;
  • reducing subcutaneous fat deposits;
  • smoothing bumps on the skin.
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It is important that before the procedure the skin must be treated with a scrub. If desired, this composition can be done by yourself at home. Suitable for ground coffee and shower gel or sea salt with natural honey. Thanks to scrubs the skin efficiently prepared by applying a substance used in the wrap by extending and cleaning pores from sebum.

Wrap for belly and sides – technology and indications for use

Regardless of the procedure will be performed wraps in the home or in an expensive salon beauticians there are 4 main stages.

  1. Cleansing of the skin by taking a warm shower with a scrub that removes dead layers of cells at the same time as opening the pores.
  2. Clean leather depending on the selected home recipe is coated with mixtures of clay, mud, algae, chocolate or honey. Next, perform directly wrap film. Due to this significantly slows down the process of heat transfer and increases the waste accumulated in the body fluids. On top of the film is worn Bathrobe or thermochart. The tool rests on the problematic areas of your body starting from 20 minutes and more.
  3. At the end of the procedure, the remnants of the mixture are washed away under a warm shower.
  4. To extend and consolidate the effect use creams and lotions.

The number of procedures body wraps, belly and sides, is determined based on the neglect issues, in accordance with the deviations of the body from the norm. Course duration can vary from several sessions to several months.

The indication for the procedure is excess subcutaneous fat, various stages of cellulite, sagging skin, folds, generated in the process of natural aging or stretch marks after childbirth.

Wraps are contraindicated to women in a piquant position. The procedures should not apply excellent representative of society, suffering from the following diseases:

  • diseases associated with heart problems;
  • in the presence of any tumors;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • in case of detection of skin eczema, ulcers and other lesions;
  • with varicose veins.

Wrap based on vinegar cannot be used in the presence of wounds, scratches, sunburn or other mechanical damage of the skin.

Wrap with honey mustard

Under the healing effects of honey from the body is removed toxins and saturated the skin with beneficial trace elements. Thanks to the mustard significantly accelerates the blood circulation, leading to heating of the body and improve the action of the wraps. A mixture of honey and mustard is the most popular home remedy to deal with excess pounds on the belly and flanks.

The formulation of the composition, very simple, and consists of thick honey, melted on a steam bath and mustard, slightly diluted with water. Mustard is better to prepare in advance of the powder in the volume of 2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons crushed mustard grains. Also added to the mixture a pinch of salt, half a teaspoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of olive oil. All the ingredients are efficiently mixed and diluted with water to the consistency similar to sour cream.

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For the proper use of wraps based on honey and mustard, it is advisable to follow the following simple rules:

  • the first stage uses the minimum amount of mustard, which increases with each subsequent procedure is will depend on the individual susceptibility of the person;
  • each problem area requires a separate procedure, to avoid overloading the cardiovascular system;
  • the procedure lasts no more than an hour.

After applying the composition to the stomach and hips, a problem area is wrapped 2-3 layers of food wrap and keep warm with a thick blanket or warm clothes. When you feel the increase of heat, will not result in burning can be stated that the proportions of the composition, prepared at home, picked up correctly. After the end of the session the remains of the makeup wash off in the shower, and the skin smeared with cream with a calming effect. Usually the course consists of 15 sessions within a few days.

Vinegar wrap the sides and belly

For vinegar wraps will need sheets of plastic wrap, comfortable to ware and warm clothes or blanket. For the procedure great normal vinegar, bought in a store. Six percent vinegar diluted in equal proportions with water, after which obtained mixture is impregnated sheets. A wet cloth is wrapped around the stomach and sides, and over it is wound several layers of tape covered with a blanket.

Initially, the person can feel cold, which is replaced by a feeling of heat, accompanied by sweating. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to drink a Cup of hot raspberry tea. The duration of the first procedure does not exceed half an hour, and all subsequent sessions gradually increase to 2 hours. Debris washed off under a warm shower without soap. On clean skin to apply any moisturizer.

The full course consists of 15 sessions conducted twice a week. According to women using this procedure the result can be quite noticeable on the sides and belly.

Fruit wrap at home

Thanks to the acids contained in fruits, significantly accelerates the process of cell regeneration. After several sessions the skin becomes more elastic and smooth. Body wraps for weight loss on stomach and sides using Apple, orange, strawberries, mangoes, banana nourishes the skin with various vitamins, and it becomes less responsive to external stimuli.

To prepare homemade mixtures for weight loss, you can use any fresh fruit. Increased caution is needed when using lemon. To prepare fruit puree you can use a meat grinder or blender. To enhance the effect of the composition is added to olive oil or sour cream. The composition is applied to the problem of fate and turns into a film for 45 minutes.

Other homemade recipes for weight loss laterally

Truly effective means to deal with excess weight on the sides is the recipe part, which includes honey, cinnamon, ginger, grapefruit oil and blue clay. No less effective are the wraps with olive oil, ground pharmacy kelp or chocolate with cinnamon. Popular recipe based on olive oil and ground coffee in arbitrary proportions.

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Before beginning the procedure for weight loss it is important to take a warm shower with scrub thoroughly with a sponge after massaging fully problem areas. After that, the belly and flanks are lubricated by any trained staff and turn into a film in several layers. To the composition were not from the edges, the film is wound with a margin of 5-10 cm then a man covers himself with the blanket on half an hour to all home components of the mixture began to act. To achieve positive results, it is important to spend at least 10 procedures.

Professional advice

To achieve quick and long lasting results in the fight against excess centimeters on the sides and belly experienced cosmetologists are advised to adhere to certain rules.

  1. When homemade mixtures for weight loss it is important to use only natural ingredients.
  2. Cream against cellulite and other beauty tools, best used in the morning.
  3. For doubling the effect of the wraps we need to adopt a warm bath with the addition of grains of sea salt. Water treatments help to completely open the pores, through which it would be better to withdraw the accumulated fluid.
  4. Traditional body wraps for weight loss with a further pack may be alternated with equally effective way of fight against excess centimeters. After covering the body structure, you can lie down in the bath with hot water.
  5. If at home preparing a cosmetic clay-based, then you need to only use ceramic or glass dishes, and plain water from the tap to replace the melt or mineral, and herbal decoctions.

Today, there are cold and hot wraps each option has its own impact on weight loss. Cold option involves the use of mixtures of room temperature, which tightens pores, stimulating the release of toxins through the excretory system of the human body in a natural way. In turn, hot packs dilate the pores, that go through the ballast substances accumulated in the body. But whichever option was chosen, most importantly, pre-test allergic reactions to the components included in the homemade cosmetics for weight loss.