Bodyflex slimming exercises, slimming reviews, photo gallery before and after school

Most likely, many have heard the sad joke about how pretty girl recounts her graceful figure with slender legs and a slim waist, but complains that all this beauty, unfortunately, swam a large layer of fat. And, alas, often this is the sad truth and many girls does not even cause a semblance of laughter.

On what principle does the body Flex?

Deciding to take care of the body Flex, you need to give yourself a report that, at least run around the stadium or in the Park and not need, after all efforts have.

Called bodyflex breathing exercises, where the basis is aerobic respiration in combination with exercises that stretch (and it loaded) a particular muscle group.

By and large, this technique is designed for the oxygen supply of the body and a slight simultaneous load on the problematic muscle groups. In these methods (among them the body Flex) exercise is fairly low intensity, but as the main source of energy, providing the muscle work is the oxygen.

During exercise body Flex is used belly breathing (also called diaphragmatic breathing). Following the breath breathing is essential to hold for a few seconds, and when the breath in the body manages to survive a certain amount of carbon dioxide.

As a result, the arteries increase, and at the cellular level, the oxygen begins to be absorbed much better, thereby improving overall health and accelerating metabolic processes.

Important! Bodyflex (Body Flex) is a complex that consists of 12 exercises. At the heart of this complex are stretching the muscles and holding the breath.

What about the time it takes for lessons bodyflex every day, it proved to quite effective for weight loss can be a 12-minute lesson. But experts say that to perform these breathing lessons a very long time (more than an hour) — one hour is quite a lot, as instead of positive effect, it is possible to absolutely opposite result. Most often twenty-minute exercise is enough, but to increase it more than 30 minutes, usually not worth it.

You need to remember, starting with body-Flex?

During lessons bodyflex is very important to exercise every day. Exercise once a week, no effect for weight loss not give. Therefore one of the rules during the lessons bodyflex — this class every day.

Important! During the exercises bodyflex effect will be visible not earlier than after a few weeks of daily lessons.

Professionals recommend Flex to first achieve a steady reduction in the total volume of the body and to sustainable weight loss and then go to the correction of specific problem areas.

You need to understand that first you must activate the body’s metabolism, that is required to improve and accelerate the metabolism. And then, when the metabolism becomes activated, it makes sense to engage in problem areas, as with sluggish metabolic processes, in principle, there can be no weight loss. And reducing overall weight is the proof of the improvement of metabolic processes and substances, and readiness to change of the body.

During lessons bodyflex important optimism, positive attitude, patience, consistency and persistence — but in this case the possible positive effects of losing weight.

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What about food during lessons bodyflex, the professionals strongly do not recommend to sit at this time on any diet. But the power needs to be adjusted and to eat daily 2-3 times, and have small portions, but quite often (daily up to 6 times).

Important! It is best to do body-Flex on an empty stomach, so after the last consumption of food shall be at least 3 hours.

Exercises for lessons bodyflex

Starting manufacture of food products, you need to clearly understand what and why is done.

  • at the first stage it is necessary to achieve the initial reduction in volume and weight and restoring normal metabolism.
  • lessons are required to be held every day that the body «got used to the idea» that with unnecessary weight will need to say goodbye.
  • special breathing exercises and nourishes all cells of the body and the blood with oxygen, activating the processes of exchange that is required for effective weight loss.

Important! Even if visually noticeable decrease in volume, the weight can go quite significantly since the beginning leaves the swelling of tissues, and after, with regular exercise, body fat can vary by muscle, which is heavier. Because with lesser amounts of body weight may be slightly different.

During lessons bodyflex used 3 types of exercises:

  • Stretching;
  • Isotonic;
  • Isometric.

Stretching — this exercise provides the opportunity to increase the plasticity of the muscles. Thus, the stretching exercises make your body more supple and flexible. To perform these exercises it is important a good warm-up, as otherwise you can get injured.

Isometric exercises are also called static. During the execution of these exercises need to exert muscular effort in order to overcome the resistance. Isometric sessions increase muscle strength, but do not have any positive effect on the elasticity of the joints. In addition, static classes do not create positive effect on the improvement of the heart and lungs.

Isotonic exercises are performed to work the particular muscle groups during these exercises intensively working this group of muscles. During the execution of isotonic exercises muscles work actively and full length stretch. To perform these exercises, the body requires large amounts of oxygen, because the need of the organism for oxygen is greatly increased. Isotonic workout focused on exercises for specific muscle groups, improves blood circulation, and to increase the plasticity of the tendons.

Important! During lessons bodyflex important all types of exercises, because in any case it is impossible to give any one type of exercise!

You need to remember that the maximum effect can be achieved only by comprehensive use of all types of exercises and respiratory gymnastics.

Bodyflex face

This workout includes only two exercises that allow you to adjust the appearance, the shape of the neck and face.

  • «Ugly grimace» — jowl, working on neck muscles. First, you need to perform the breathing technique. Set forward of the lower jaw, pull the lips as if to want to kiss someone. Then stretch to the ceiling, lips, hands align and a little fold back.
  • «Lion» — both involve 40 facial muscles. First, you need to perform the breathing technique. Fold the lips in a circle, tighten them as much as possible stick out your tongue. Widely open your eyes and lift them up, as if want to look at your forehead. You should feel the tension of all the facial muscles of the face from chin to forehead. Count to 8 and let the face relax, breathe. Do the exercise 6 times.
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Tension in the neck will be very strong, and on the second day, you find that you have beat on it with a heavy object. But this is normal as never before these muscles in the exercises were not involved.

Include in the set of classes bodyflex for neck and face, to far back to push the signs of old age. And other exercises can help your body to get the desired shape.

Contraindications to body Flex

May be this opinion that exercises bodyflex fit almost all people. But this opinion is not true, because for these activities there are contraindications, and limitations. Failure to comply with contraindications to perform the complex training of body Flex can lead to quite significant consequences for the organism.

  • For bodyflex has a single rule: at any inflammatory processes and increased body temperature to practice in any case not impossible.
  • Absolutely contraindicated manufacture of food products during pregnancy (in any trimester).
  • If there is high intracranial pressure, it also must be considered an absolute contraindication (at least until a stable and full normalization).
  • Any serious load is contraindicated, and Flex in particular, during the glaucoma (this is quite a serious eye disease that can lead to complete blindness).
  • Contraindicated lessons bodyflex with cardiac arrhythmia in heart failure and any other significant irregularities in the cardiovascular system.
  • For lessons bodyflex absolute contraindications — hypertensive disease (high blood pressure).
  • Contraindication for doing polyplexes should be considered any bleeding, but is a contraindication, as a rule, is only temporary, and manufacture of food products, after normalization of the body, you can resume.
  • To do bodyflex is not necessary in the presence of any hernia is has completely unpredictable consequences.
  • To do bodyflex is not necessary during aggravation of any chronic disease — it will worsen the disease. During remission classes can be made only after full consultation with the doctor.
  • For lessons bodyflex contraindication should be considered taking certain medications, including hormonal medications, antidepressants and even certain birth control tablets drugs. If any prescriptions need to ask the doctor if they had any contraindications in case of prescribed funds to exercises bodyflex.

Important! In the presence of any disease, especially, which has a chronic nature, before starting your workout, body Flex, it is imperative to consult with your doctor.

Insights and reviews

Alas, no one is immune from the appearance of the treacherous inches and extra pounds. Fortunately, most of the fight against unnecessary pounds can be quite successful.

Naturally, in each specific case it is better to help different methods, but the positive effect can lead only consistency and perseverance. Invented American mother of many children bodyflex may be able to help achieve this goal. But during the struggle with excess weight it is necessary not to forget that a lot will depend not on the miracle, and from desire and from persistent and purposeful progress towards the task.

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In the case of classes bodyflex importantly, what mood, what do not need additional equipment, which requires a little time, and even that is a constant topic of discussion with my friends. But the effect is sure to be — the thing to look for obstacles and see the target.

Facial gymnastics is actually a cool thing! Somehow, we are improving the body, but not see that our face is also made up of ligaments and muscles. No cream will be able to help as these exercises for the face! Initially, the load is minimal, and some muscles almost do not react to movement, but the more engaged, the more effective the result.

Lena Rivne

I didn’t know about the body Flex. But after the operation was forbidden to perform a lot of exercise. I began to notice that gets better and the body became less fit and supple, I decided to lose weight. Once a girlfriend I recommend breathing exercises. I began to read the reviews about the body Flex, watch videos and interested.

For three months, picked up the optimal set. But recently I saw a program where a woman talked about facial exercise and its positive effect. I do not have to face significant age-related changes, but still concerned about deep nasolabial folds and fine wrinkles. Now I use the body Flex not only for weight loss, but also for individuals. Can opinion to say that after training I feel much chipper and, after exercise, improves the complexion and accelerates blood circulation. And I was able to lose weight!

Marina Krasnodar

Bodyflex and reviews about it

About bodyflex slimming reviews I can not say anything, but the Flex for the face, really helps. My friend, 38 which constantly carries out a complex of such exercises. The effect is very noticeable, you can really lose weight. Most importantly, exercise regularly no less than once in 3 days.

Vika Moscow