Boiled chicken breast and its caloric content: 100 grams of boiled skinless, grilled and baked

Supporters of the dietary and healthy diet try to include in your daily diet of boiled meat. For this approach low-fat varieties, e.g., poultry. White meat poultry has always been considered a dietary. It usually cooked the meals for children and the elderly, the sick.

This part of the birds were considered most useful for the body for many reasons. What is the caloric value of boiled chicken breast and why it is often included in the dietary menu?

Chicken white meat

The meat in the chicken is different from all the rest of the birds. White is considered to be part of the loin with a small bone. According to your taste it may seem harsh and dry, but this does not prevent him from being a popular diet product. In fact, chicken breast is a tasty and healthy product when properly cooked.

Adhering to the diet, it is recommended to eat no more than 400 grams of white chicken meat in a day without the skin. Moreover, it is desirable to eat it boiled without added salt.

This popularity white meat chicken is due to the large content of saturated fat. It supplies the body with the necessary protein without the fat and bad cholesterol. Tasty and properly cooked chicken is eaten, the children and athletes, active people, as well as supporters of healthy eating. There are many recipes with which chicken is soft, juicy and tasty.

High-quality protein found in chicken white fillet, well-digested. Low caloric value of the product made it one of the basic dietary dishes. The loin can be bought in any supermarket, which is also an important advantage for the modern man.

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Chicken breast caloric value in 100 grams

As a diet of boiled chicken breast is the ideal product. Loin low calorie, but this figure may vary depending on the cooking meat. The best and most helpful with the least calories obtained boiled product. In the process of cooking of the fat digested, they fall into the broth. It is recommended to cook chicken breast on the third broth, merging the first two. If preparing breast of poultry, then you don’t have to worry about the purity of meat. This soup is quite high in fat and meat also why nutritionists recommend to abandon the rich broth.

Raw fillet portion has 115 calories, if with the bones, then it will be 137 units. In the skin of the bird contains more fat, so it should be removed before cooking. Skin-on chicken breast per 100 grams will have 165 calories.

In the process of cooking the broth takes on some calories, so boiled breast without skin 100 grams of product contains 95 calories, of which:

  • proteins with 29.8 g;
  • fat — 1.8 g;
  • carbohydrates — 0.5 g.

Protein in a breast that contains most of the low caloric content of the finished product. This makes it an ideal product for losing weight, athletes.

How many calories are in grilled and baked fillet?

The number of calories depends on the method of cooking any kind of meat, including chicken breast. It is believed that most calories contain fried sirloin, it 197 calories per 100 grams. The calorific value increases due to the oil on which cooked meat, and oil. For this reason, the fat content of the breast increases. The dish turns out juicy and flavorful in this form, but harmful to health. It will help to gain extra pounds.

Many people like to bake meat in the oven, but this method of preparation requires the right approach. Nutritionists recommend to bake chicken breast in the «sleeve.» Cooked this way the fillet will retain all its useful properties and is delicious, juicy and flavorful. For meat you need to add spices and bake in the oven. In baked chicken breast without skin contains a little more calories than boiled meat — 119 units.

Can also be cooked in the oven meat another way. It should pre-boil and then bake in the oven. The number of calories of boiled meat without skin, baked is only 110 kcal per 100 grams of the finished product.

Chicken in the diet

Due to the lack of fat, chicken breast is considered the most valuable for supporters of a healthy diet. It is attractive for another reason, it has many vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body:

  • vitamins a, C, E, H, PP, b group:
  • nicotinic and ascorbic acid;
  • carotene;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium;
  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • magnesium etc.

If you properly prepare chicken white meat, it is difficult to recover. Low calorie will not allow you to Deposit fat cells. Due to the low energy value when used in fillet the body will be forced to use existing fat stores. This is the secret of many designed diets, using which you can quickly lose weight. Eating white chicken meat, the body becomes saturated and at the same time consumes the stored fats.

If the meat has dietary properties, it has health benefits. Low cholesterol in the meat helps it to be easily digested. If its regular use normalizes metabolism, strengthens the immune system. It is considered that chicken meat is a wonderful preventive product in cardiovascular disease. It helps to strengthen the nervous system, hair and nails, has a positive effect on metabolic processes.

When purchasing chicken meat, it is desirable to choose small pieces on the bone. It must be without defects, damage and breaks in a clean and high-quality packaging chilled.