Braised cabbage with no additives and with mushrooms, carrots and onions: calories per 100 grams

The basis of many diets is the cabbage. The most diverse and simple method of preparation is the fire, because it retained its nutritional properties and vitamins. In the braised cabbage the calorie content is minimal, and therefore it can safely include in your menu for weight loss. In addition, the dish helps to improve the exchange process and warns against vascular diseases. Unique product contains folic acid, calcium, potassium, glucose, vitamin e and V. the composition of the white beauty has beneficial effects on the kidneys, heart and blood vessels, and also stimulates the synthesis of bile.

Calorie vegetable

Braised cabbage contains more calories than fresh, except that which is stewed in the water. The exact figure can be derived, if you know the recipe. As a rule, during the creation of the dish add vegetable oil, onions, mushrooms and other products. Cabbage cabbage satisfies your hunger and does not cause heaviness in the stomach. To food was full, the advice of nutritionists is not limited to such a diet longer than a week.

Beijing is considered the most low-calorie variety, but because it is often added to salads, sandwiches and pastries. It is possible to add other types: kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Counting calorie cabbage

Before cooking, you need to take each component separately and calculate how many calories separately.

Here is an example, you take the carrot (150 grams). According to the table with an energy value of foods it is clear that 100 g of vegetable contains 33 calories. Then 150 g of 49.5 them will be (150*33/100).

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After each ingredient will follow a similar manipulation, you will see the total calorie content. To know the weight of the finished dish, you must individually weigh the container and at the end of cooking just to subtract its weight. Then total calories divided by the weight of the items to obtain a measure of calories per gram.

It is important to remember! Even given the fact that water has no calories, when calculating the total weight, it still counts. Once you calculate the calorie content of the usual recipe, then no need to do it constantly. Who have no time to sit on the calculations, you can use the total calorie:

  • cabbage, stewed with carrots – 40;
  • dish with mushrooms – 112;
  • product with tomato paste or tomatoes – 99;
  • braised cabbage with potatoes and onions – 124;
  • cabbage other vegetables vegetable oil – 50;
  • product without any additives – 40.

Given the caloric braised cabbage with vegetables note real dimiceli meals. The minimum energy value was noted in the dish without any additives such as oil on water, but the taste gets old quickly.

Is it allowed to add meat to the stewed cabbage?

After the issue with the nutritional value of food remains to clarify, how much will the calories in this dish? In fact, fat braised cabbage with meat, the caloric content will increase. However, during cooking, it is necessary to pot the more space is occupied by a cabbage.

In this case, the caloric value of the dish will be equal to:

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  • 102 calories when you add the chicken mince;
  • 150-155 – if a vegetable stew with chicken;
  • 145 calories – if cooking vegetables with pork;
  • 160 provides the beef.

Cooking pork requires maximum removal of fat.

How useful cabbage?

From time immemorial, it was considered a vegetable beauty, but because of it made mask for beautiful skin. Use cooked white beauties are no less useful: it is enriched with vitamins B2 (supports exchange of energy and skin elasticity) and PP (strengthens blood vessel walls). In addition, 200 g of vegetable ascorbic acid is present in the amount of daily allowance. On bowel movements it has a positive effect, not digested particles of fiber help cleanse the intestines.

Diet based on cabbage

Nutritionists are effective seven-day diet based on the eating of this dish. Power design the following:

  1. Breakfast – 250 g cereal, milk, tea.
  2. On the second Breakfast – any fruit and 250 g low-fat.
  3. Lunch – 250 g cabbage, berry broth.
  4. Afternoon tea – 300 g sour milk or low calorie yogurt.
  5. Dinner – 250g of cabbage, boiled chicken or fish, green unsweetened tea.

This diet allows you to lose up to three extra pounds without fasting and special restrictions.


We must not forget that vegetable is different and negative sides. It helps to increase the acidity, but because the vegetable is prohibited in gastritis with high acidity. For the same reason cabbage is not necessary to include in the diet of patients with ulcer, diabetes and poor kidney function. Contraindication to the use of a pregnancy. Bodybuilders and lovers of fitness when weight vegetable needs to be limited as it increases intestinal peristalsis and reduces protein absorption.

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