Calculation of caloric value of foods: how to determine calories of the dishes, the table per 100 grams

In order to clear extra pounds, it is not enough alone exercise. You need to pay attention to your nutrition: it needs to be changed so that present in the diet meals had optimal caloric.

To find out how many calories contained in a product, you definitely need kitchen scales. But don’t be scared if you have not yet. In their absence, to determine the calorie content of regular baking flour you can «by eye».

However, when you are going to buy a car, it is best that it was electronic. Then you will be able to more accurately know the weight of the ready meals and fresh produce. Be sure to store find out what error have scales. If the deviation is not more than two or three grams, it is considered valid.

Calculation of caloric value

To know what to compare it to, say, products from flour, you have to have the full table calorie ready meals and products. Then you will be able to control the calorie consumption during the day products.

In the table of caloric content may be missing meals, which are the basis of your menu. In this case, you may need additional information about the number of calories per 100 grams of product.

Limiting the intake of calories during weight loss, you will also need to keep a food diary. Although there is a more convenient solution — program counting calories. Diary you need in order to reflect the foods eaten by you in a day. In it you must specify the product quantity and the time when there was a meal.

Remember that different categories of products, including flour, are calories, so, on this basis, and need to make your diet during weight loss.

  • Low calorie (40-100 kcal). In this category it is customary to include dairy products — milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, and certain varieties of fish — Pollack, carp, cod. Also in this group include berries and fruits.
  • Moderately high in calories (100-300 calories). Such products should be considered a bold cheese, beef and lamb low-fat varieties, as well as rabbit meat, chicken and eggs.
  • High-calorie (300-900 kcal and above). Most of the calories contained in butter and oil, pork fat varieties and all nuts, halva and chocolate. This list can be attributed to cakes prepared with fatty creams and other similar sweets made of flour.

Remember that, as a result of thermal treatment, the weight of the products decreases. And here we observe the following: a reduction in the mass of products increases their calorie content. So you might want to learn how weight loss different types of products as a result of their cooking and frying:

  • meat – 40%;
  • poultry meat – 30%;
  • rabbit meat — 25%;
  • fish — 20%;
  • liver — 30%;
  • heart — 45%.

How the calories after cooking?

Keep in mind that when frying about 20% of the oil will absorb the product. The rest of it is in different quantities, burns, evaporates or remains unchanged.

Consider as example a situation, when preparing a small chicken weighing 200 grams. To us to cook it, you will need 30 grams of sunflower oil. Making simple calculations, it turns out that 20% of this amount is 6 grams. Given this, we need to fold this figure and calorie content of chicken meat.

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  1. chicken meat ( 200 gr.) : 116 kcal x 2 = 232 kcal;
  2. vegetable oil ( 6 oz.) : 900 kcal : 0,06 = 54 kcal;
  3. Total: 232 + 54 = 286 kcal

Now let’s try to figure out what a calorie is soup.

  • beef (bone-in): 400 gr. — 440 kcal;
  • fresh cabbage: 400 g. — 108 kcal;
  • Potatoes: 400 gr. — 240 kcal;
  • Bow R acity : 300 gr. — 123 kcal;
  • Carrot: 150 gr. — 56 kcal;
  • Bulgarian pepper 150 g. — 41 kcal;
  • Tomatoes: 150 gr. — 35 kcal;
  • Tomato paste : 50 gr. — 50 kcal;
  • Vegetable oil: 60 ml. — 459 kcal.

After a simple operation of adding up the caloric content of each of the above product, we get calorie meals will be 1630 calories.

Will do cooking the soup, and when he is ready, weigh it to determine its weight without the pan. In the end we will succeed 3650 gr.

Calculate the number of calories for 100 grams. borscht:

100 x 1630: 3650 = 45 kcal

Imagine that you eat a portion weight 250 gr. In this case, its calories for you will be 113 kcal ( 45 kcal x 2.5) .

The caloric value of boiled eggs

Familiar to every method of cooking hard boiled eggs does not lead to the loss of their useful properties. But from duration of the heat treatment of eggs depends how long this product will be absorbed by the stomach.

How to cook eggs?

To do this, take a small saucepan and pour boiling water. Using a spoon to quickly but gently put in water eggs. Keep in mind that water should be enough to cover the eggs not more than one centimeter. Then set off the timer and allow the eggs to simmer for 1 minute. After that, the pot should be removed from the plate and cover with a lid. Then again you need to set the timer, but this time they are boiled for 7 minutes. This method of heat treatment allows to prepare the egg, which protein is fully cooked and yolk is more dense.

Caloric fried eggs

Take a pan, pour the oil and beat into it the eggs. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the yolks. To cook eggs you need no more than one or two minutes. After that, the pan should be placed in a heated oven and continue to cook the eggs for another three or four minutes. When the protein will change its original color to white, the eggs are ready to serve.

Eggs cooked this way have a high calorific value is 358 calories.

Scrambled eggs is more nutritious product than hard-boiled eggs. And most of the calories supplied to the body from protein. Given this, people who adhere to diets, it is unacceptable to include in your diet fried eggs. They can only raw or boiled eggs.

Each of us from childhood familiar with the dish, which is made of mixture of eggs and milk. All, of course, learned the omelet. However, it is also prepared by the method of roasting. It may be cooked in many different ways. Often in addition to traditional ingredients in the recipe are present and additional: ham, cheese, shrimp, onions.

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Calories – 184 kcal.

The calorie content of fried potatoes

Fries many thanks and love the fact that it is very simple to cook. But not everyone knows how to cook this tasty dish. Riding skill is considered when the potato is soft and crumbly inside, and the top is crispy Golden brown. Few will refuse the opportunity to eat such amazing potatoes. But all lovers of this dish is to remember that it is very high in calories, so it is recommended to limit consumption of fried potatoes. And for once allowed to eat no more than three or four medium potatoes.

For this dish you first cut the potatoes. Wash it in cold water, dry on a towel or in a colander. Then it is salted and spread on the heated frying pan, adding there butter or vegetable oil. Now you only have to stir it periodically and to check the readiness.

Calories – 192 kcal.

Boiled potatoes

Those for whom it’s important to eat a low calorie diet, it is best to use the potatoes boiled. This dish is not only very useful but also easy to prepare. And here you can use different methods of cooking: peel, slices and whole. When cooking sweet potato is known as batata, it is not clean, then it retains its original color. Potatoes with a high concentration of starch simmer. Otherwise it will fall apart, and inside will be raw.

In the composition of the potato contains a lot of amino acids, which are rich in plants. If your daily diet will be 300 grams of boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, you will satisfy the need of the organism for carbohydrates, phosphorus and potassium. Young potatoes are rich in different vitamins. However, keep in mind that as you increase the duration of storage of potatoes decreases the amount present in it vitamins.

Calories – 82 calories.

The calories fried mushrooms

Among us there are many fans of this well-known product. Some used to eat mushrooms collected personally, others have to be content with the purchase mushrooms. Among all variations of cooking mushrooms, the most popular are fried. However, before you once again to cook this delicious dish, is to think about how caloric it is.

First and foremost it is important if you watch your figure. The most nutritious are the wild mushrooms, the most famous of which are the boletus mushroom and white mushroom. Ideal for baby food suitable grown in artificial conditions mushrooms: honey mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and champignons.

The leader in caloric content are dried mushrooms and salted mushrooms: first, the average is 210 calories, the second is 201 calories. The following caloric are marinated, and then fried mushrooms. The lowest percentage of caloric have freshly boiled mushrooms. The traditional method of heat treatment allows to deduce from them the most part of calories.

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Mushrooms are ideal for those people who adhere to a diet. A large part of accounts for water, in addition to which it contains carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and organic acids. Also they are rich in vitamins and minerals — phosphorus, zinc, iron and potassium. Often eating these mushrooms, you bring great benefit to the body because without these substances is indispensable to the normal functioning of the immune system.

The positive effect from the use of these mushrooms affects the figure. The content of phosphorus, the fungi can compete with fish. However, they are not very calorie — the figure is only 27.4 kcal. Mushrooms of this type are great for salt-free diets because they have very little sodium.

All of the above information about calorie foods will be very useful to those people who are going to go on a diet. To diet can make such a menu, so she was not only varied and delicious but also low in calories. So, if you have a table calorie foods, you will not be difficult to not only heal your body, but also to get rid of excess weight.


In the quest for a method of weight loss, many people most often start to change their diet. However, we need to know what products I should avoid and what should form the basis of the diet. And do not do this without the table of caloric content of products, which allows you to make a diet of those foods that provide the body with necessary nutrients and at the same time will not lead to the accumulation of additional fat. Moreover, the diet involves not only enable the menu only low-calorie foods, you can eat high-calorie, for example, products from flour, the main thing is to limit their number to a minimum.