Calculation of calorie foods for weight loss, menu planning, table for weight loss

For many of us the problem of excess weight is not new, so if you ask people a question about what calories are, they will surely be able to give a more or less detailed response. Though many experience fear whenever I hear this word. They are not like their weight, who are themselves prominent places — the sides, stomach, butt, thighs.

And so there is nothing surprising in the fact that more and more people are interested in new diets, which are based on various formulas for calculating ideal weight. Therefore, it is well known that the most effective way to combat obesity is to reduce the nutrient density of the diet. But for this you must know how to count calories to after all the changes to buy a beautiful and slender figure.

What is this «beast» calorie?

About it many of us know, but only a few can say as they appear in our body. A calorie is considered the unit of energy resulting from the consumption and digestion of certain foods.

Gets their employees from carbohydrates. In that case, if the body is not enough of them or they simply do not exist, it tries to produce energy from proteins and fats, which are designed for entirely different purposes.

The results of these studies have established that 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates and protein — 4 calories. Everyone eats a variety of food made from different products and in different quantities. Therefore, when calculating the caloric content of a dish into account the weight of 100 grams.

The most calories are traditionally considered to be fatty, fried and smoked dishes. A minimum of calories the body receives when consuming fresh vegetables and fruits and dishes, which were cooked without using fats.

Why is it important to know how to calculate kilocalories of food?

Among us not many people are capable of, just by looking at the dish, determine its energy value. Most people this question is not even interested. And in vain. Because if you know how to determine the calories, it will allow you to:

  • create an individual menu of desired dishes under the framework of the established norms;
  • make changes in the diet the number of portions of food, not going beyond the daily requirement;
  • to support the process of losing weight without severe restrictions, using as a key factor in reducing calorie foods in General.

If you have a goal to get rid of extra pounds, you have to learn to determine the correct caloric level of the diet. Then you will know how to increase your body fat on the sides and the Pope, if you exceed the limit. Keep in mind that burning even one kilogram of excess body weight is a difficult task. This person is required to expend 7700 calories to cope with the temptation to eat it after the workout.

Keep a diary of weight loss

In accordance with the recommendation of the experts, those who are planning to start a fight with excess weight, you must first start a diary of weight loss. This needs to be done to all without exception, regardless of what power system you adhere to.

First you need to record in the diary the formula you will use for the calculation of caloric product, as well as relevant your characteristics: height, weight, bust, waist and hips, matching the date of the decision on the fight against obesity and its beginning.

You should also indicate in your journal the amount of food eaten per day. This information will help you to understand how much food was unnecessary and what you can effortlessly opt-in to observe the daily rate of calories.

Also in the diary it is recommended to specify and exercise. This will help you learn to use what you have the advantage of producing energy or its flow. Focusing on the results obtained, you will be able to make the necessary changes in physical activity, which will help you not to go over the daily limit of calories. As a result, you will be able to more quickly get rid of extra pounds.

Make it a rule every day to spend Checkweighing, and then the obtained results should be recorded in your diary. And this must be done as soon as you Wake up, before Breakfast. If you’re regularly throughout the day to control the number of calories that you eat, you will have the ability to self-organization, analysis of eating behavior that will help to adjust your diet.

Delivery and consumption: use counter

Easier and faster to determine caloric intake using available to everyone the table of caloric content of food. Although today there is a more simple and easy to use service — online calorie counter on the Internet. But keep in mind that the table contains inaccurate information about calorie foods. These results will vary depending on the method of heat treatment of the product manufacturer. Use the calorie counter will allow you the moment to obtain more accurate results.

In addition, you can use a special counting formulas and ready-made table of caloric content of common dishes by which you can easily determine the daily caloric intake. These tables contain information about the calories that are present in the composition of certain products, and they are based on 100 grams of the finished dish.

Permitted to develop your own diet for each day, and then, using a spreadsheet, calculate what should be the calorie content of foods. However, it is quite a complicated process and not everyone can get it right first time. Therefore, in order not to lose time unnecessarily, you can use the calorie counter.

You need to keep in mind that deciding to eat on the new system, which its main principle is the limitation of the entrance of calories, don’t expect immediate results. The first changes are visible only after 7-10 days. So after you determine the daily calorie allowance, you need patience and precision to follow the rules of the new system of power.

But do not expect that, after calculating the energy value of ready meals you in a few months will achieve your goal. You should make it a rule to regularly check for the labels of the products you buy in the store. Present to them the information will be very valuable and will help to calculate an individual menu for each day.

Expect to control the consumption of calories

Every person who has at least a General idea about diets, knows that the burning of the fat on the back, abdomen and hips will occur only if the body will get less calories than it requires to ensure his life, work and exercise.

  • According to statistics, to start the process of losing weight, the person who moves a little, should be eating a day not more than 1200 calories.
  • For the category of people who follow an active lifestyle, put your body to physical loads are allowed to increase the minimum threshold to 1800 calories a day.

Quite convenient to monitor the amount of calories expended by means of special counters of calories that resembles ordinary bracelets. Such devices are particularly appreciated by people involved in sports, which during the day has to perform different set of exercises.

Rules for effective weight loss

If you really want to lose weight, you should not confine the calculation of the amount eaten in a day calories according to the formula and specific exercises to increase their consumption. There are certain rules which you must follow, you are much faster to lose the extra pounds. This list of rules includes the following:

  • Pay particular attention to the Breakfast needs to be full and regular. It should account for 30% of the total daily diet. You will be able to lose weight if your first meal will consist of cereals, boiled eggs, lean boiled meat and vegetable salad.
  • You will not experience hunger and do not go beyond the limit of daily calories, if you will remove from your menu the most harmful products, and these are white bread, sugar, oil and all oily. Advisable to consume steamed or baked in foil the food.
  • Try to increase the number of meals to 5-6 a day your portions should be small. To eat in recent times is recommended not later than 18 hours. After this time, allowed to drink 1 Cup of yogurt and the same amount of tea without sugar.
  • Don’t forget about water balance, and for this you should daily drink 2 liters of water. Keep in mind that with each drunk a glass of water you get rid of the extra 40 calories. From this you can benefit when you need to change the amount of dietary energy.


Today there are many different diets, each of which has its advantages. However, all of them can replace one fairly simple power system, which is based on limiting the calorie intake. You just need to make the menu, taking into account characteristics of your body, trying not to go over the daily limit of calories. For greater efficiency this power supply system can be supplemented by rules, following which you can speed up the process of weight loss. It is important not only what food eats people, but how often he does it and in what quantities.

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