Calorie and use cooked cereals in the table are for 100 grams: correct application of various types in the diet

If you look at the table of food, the caloric content of grains an order of magnitude higher than the fruits. Given that cereals are referred to the products of plant origin, they have much less vitamins than in fruits and vegetables. Some people think that cereals are too high-calorie product, but because of their consumption limit. It is fundamentally wrong, because in cooking there is an increase in the volume of product doubled. Thus, the third part – porridge (nutritious food), and the remaining 2/3 water.

What is the benefit of croup?

All know that cereals are very useful, especially if we remember the teachings of the grandmothers: «Eat to grow big». In addition to great nutritional value and low caloric content in this product note the contents melanosome carbohydrates, which after cleavage release a lot of energy. It is necessary for the normal and uninterrupted functioning of the body.

A key advantage of slow carbohydrates – lasting feeling of satiety and a lower susceptibility to diabetes formation.

Cereal I advise you to use not only children but also adults and anyone who is exposed to excessive physical activity. From this point of view, high-calorie boiled cereal is considered a plus. In addition, the benefit lies in the rich range of vitamin-mineral complex, essential for the functioning of the human body.

What determines the calorie content of cooked cereals?

The calorie content of the product in a dry form different from cooked. During the processing of the grits will swell up, become heavier and will change the consistency, and therefore the caloric value of the cooked product will change.

Table of caloric content of cooked cereals

Type of cereal Kcal per 100 grams
buckwheat crisp 163
rice is crumbly 113
barley porridge 106
wheat porridge 90
oatmeal on the water 84
decoy on the water 80
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So, the caloric value of cereals will not be a defining moment to indicate the caloric content of the finished porridge. In addition to the features of preparation, the finished porridge is affected by the use of additional ingredients. For example, if you cook oatmeal with milk, her figure the calories will be higher than that made with water. When in porridge add the butter and sugar, the rate increases significantly.

Quite often, cereals are used as garnish for fish, meat dishes and vegetable Supplement, and therefore calorie meals in General will depend on cereals.

After reviewing the data in the table, we can conclude:

  • the most nutritious are kruglozerny buckwheat and rice;
  • the number of calories per 100 grams in the second place Golden rice and millet;
  • most low-calorie are wheat, oats and semolina;
  • diet porridge on the water is barley.

Correct ration formulation

The ratio of benefit and calories in different types of cereal makes you wonder about how to include them in the diet.

  1. Buckwheat is the most nutritious and enriched with calcium, iron, vitamins «In». It positive influences the functioning of cardiovascular and digestive system and stabilizes liver function. Due to the content of quercetin buckwheat becomes a preventive product against cancer.
  2. Semolina – despite the fact that it leaches the body of calcium. due to the presence of gluten, people with diseases of the stomach it is prescribed necessarily.
  3. Corn porridge – helps the function of the intestines and helps to strengthen teeth.
  4. Oatmeal is very good for digestion, and because it is often included in the diet of patients with gastritis, disease 12-duodenal ulcer, ulcer. This is due to the «wraparound» effect and a positive effect on the organs.
  5. Millet porridge – assists in excretion of excess salt and fat. It is enriched with magnesium, vitamin A and calcium, and is a huge help vessels, heart and skin.
  6. Barley porridge – lately the most popular form of slimming and the fight against allergies, and the prevention of anemia. In addition, barley is enriched with vitamin «V».
  7. Rice porridge contains starch and vegetable proteins, and therefore absorbed by the body. Its calorie content is the lowest.
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That is why, if you view the table caloric value of cereals per 100 grams, should take into account their benefit to the body, and only then to think what mess to include in your daily diet.

How to cook porridge?

Krupa to bring your body a favor, and did not add extra pounds, it is necessary to properly prepare and eat. When cereal used in the diet, cook it in water because milk will add calories.

Cereal should not be consumed simultaneously with meat products, and to add to cereal diet sugar or salt.

When you consider that cereals (dry) is a source of slow carbohydrates, eat it in Breakfast. Of course, does not exclude the preparation of porridge for lunch or dinner, especially if served with salad.

Adhering to these tips, you can easily maintain your figure and to eliminate the discomfort of the intestine and provide excellent feel.

Cereal diet

Calorie cereals with no additives is low, and it contains many useful elements that satisfy hunger. Therefore, based on this, doctors have thought cereal diet. It is a restrictive diet, recommended to everyone who suffers from obesity and has health problems. The diet is tolerated well, however, it is considered unbalanced, and because more than seven days to follow it is impossible.

Plus cereal diet consider cost-effectiveness. The essence is that to eat only porridge and water, and cooking cereals have no butter, milk and salt with sugar. Of course, it might not all like it, but, its caloric value is almost zero. Such diets are excellent: wild rice, millet, oats, buckwheat, red lentils. It is forbidden to use semolina, white rice, cereal. Every day for Breakfast consume 200 grams of porridge, 300 g of vegetables and 250 g of fermented milk products. Herbal and green tea is allowed without restrictions, as well as pure drinking water.

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Kashi still has not lost its importance in human nutrition. Vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals to support overall health and in particular metabolism. Calorie them is quite high to maintain strength throughout the day. With proper use, you can even provide a slimming and cleansing the body of toxins.