Calorie consumption in different types of activities: list, table and form

Each of us must have heard about the caloric content of food and how high in calories affect our body. Let’s see, what is a typical calorie as high-calorie affects our body, and find out what types of activities we spend the greatest number of calories.

The eternal problem

As a rule, for many women and men excess weight is a serious problem they want to solve as soon as possible. For this they hit the gym, run in the mornings, in General, begin to lead an active lifestyle. However, arriving home, they see a fridge full of food and cannot resist the temptation tight and eat.

Such an outcome may lead to very different results from complete failure is to excessive of obesity, to correct that will be very difficult. Therefore it is worth to remember and about the right low calorie diet that will provide your body with energy, and thus will not allow him to «store» the excess substance.

In the Internet there are many calculators of a calorie, by which we can calculate our daily need for food. The trick is to expend slightly more calories than we consume.

How does it happen?

Our body, consuming the food digests most of the contained substances. All of these substances can be divided into three groups: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. All of these substances are broken down in the body and transferred to molecules that carry energy in the body. If the amount of food energy exceeds the amount required, it accumulates in fat, why we get fat. Fission of one gram of protein and one gram of carbohydrate, we get the same number of calories and 4.1, and the breakdown of one gram of fat is 9.3 calories stands out.

By the way, the same weight of fat and muscle are very different in volume: one kilogram of fat is three times more than one kilogram of muscle. That’s why people of the same weight can look different, and have different sizes.

Whether to play sports?

No doubt, exercise will improve your figure, tighten it, will help you lose weight and makes you beautiful. But sport is sport strife. When Cycling, for example, spent an hour almost five times fewer calories than Jogging at a moderate (fast pace). In order so not to miss, and there is a table of calorie consumption. With it you can calculate and figure out what kinds of activities and how many hours per day you have to do to lose the coveted weight.

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To calculate how many pounds you will lose if you sit on a diet with a specific caloric content, and dealing every day with some different activities, you’ll need to subtract from your daily calorie diet daily calorie consumption. If you got a negative number, know that you are on the right track. However, overdosing is also not necessary.

If you have excessively large negative number, you must either increase caloric intake or reduce calorie consumption, because this lifestyle can Deplete your body. This figure, which you receive, should be divided by 9.3, and then you get the approximate number of grams of fat you will burn during the day.

To begin to eat properly and actively burn fat should be gradually changing your diet and daily routine. Because the body not used to sudden bursts of activity, and may be very tired in the first day of your new life. Gradually reducing calorie diet and increasing the time for energy consumption, you will be able to lose quite a lot of mass and pull the figure.

There are several basic groups of activities that require any energy. The first group daily work, spending the least energy:

  1. A sedentary job that does not require high muscle activity. A day with this job consumed approximately 2,400 calories.
  2. Sedentary job with little muscular activity. So, for example, do teachers, or salespeople in stores. The day they burn about 2700 calories.
  3. Work standing up with a slight muscle strain. This, for example, the doctor or the cook. On average, the hours I spent 3100 kcal per day.
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The second group is various work that requires a lot of energy:

  1. The work associated with serious muscle tension. For example, the coach in the gym, or mechanic. On average consume about 3500 kcal.
  2. Hard work. If you are an athlete, loader, or working in the shop, then eat around 4 thousand calories a day.
  3. Very hard work. Are you a miner or a bricklayer? Then this exhausting work takes you a day to 5 thousand calories.

Table activities

The following is a coveted table calorie intake. To find out how much energy you consume per hour if the selected activity is to multiply the number in the right column on your weight in kilograms. You should summarize all activities and even sleep. For this I recommend to create your daily schedule with accuracy to the minute: how much time is spent in sleep, how many different household items, how many on active rest or sports.


The number of calories per kilogram of body weight

Running the stairs 12,9
Skating 11
Running 16 km/h 10,7
Polo water 8,7
Swimming (crawl) 8,1
Cycling 20 km/h 7,7
Training in the gym for strength 7,4
Running 8 km/h 6,9
Cross country skiing 6,9
Swimming 2.4 km/h 6,6
Climbing 6,5
Football 6,4
Ashtanga yoga 6
Walking sports 5,9
Basketball 5,4
Diving 5,1
The Bicycle riding 15 km/h 4,6
The walk 5.8 km/h 4,5
Charging 4,3
Window washing 4
Downhill skiing 3,9
Walking 6 km/h 3,9
Gymnastics 3,4
The walk is 4.2 km/h 3,1
Swimming 0,4 km/h 3
Fencing 3
Cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner 2,9
Household chores 2,9
Walk the dog 2,9
Walking 4 km/h 2,6
Sex active 2,1
Driving 2,1
Washing dishes 2
Fast typing on the keyboard 2
Washing floors 1,9
Singing 1,7
Computer 1,4
Taking a shower 1,3
Office work 1,2
Wiping dust 1,1
Cooking 1,1
Sex passive 1,1
Work sitting 1,1
Card games 0,7
Board games 0,7
Taking a shower 0,7
Sleep 0,6
Reading books in a sitting position 0,4
Easy kiss (single) 0,4
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«Monday lose weight»

Many women and men think that the extra weight they possess is an innate tendency to be overweight, which is almost impossible to get rid of. In fact, although the innate characteristics play a role in weight gain and fat percentage, but the main problem is not this. The problem is the reluctance of people to change. In other words, the problem is laziness and lack of human motivation to action. You should clearly understand the purpose of your weight loss, seek him, and not to stop. Remember: the main thing — to act, and then it will gradually become a habit, and a hard struggle with excess weight will become a good habit to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, I want to say that no matter how far a goal to reach it always. And even bbw really become a beautiful Princess. The main thing — hard work and desire. Watch your health and be happy!